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Fic: Two Snapes Are Better Than One 
26th August 2007 14:48
Originally posted at LJ on June 27, 2006

Title: Two Snapes Are Better Than One
Author: [info]scribbulus_ink
Characters: Snape/Lupin, Snape/OMC
Rating: NC17
Warnings: incest, oral sex, voyeurism
Kinks chosen: incest
Word Count: 3,779
Summary: It's Remus' birthday, and he wants to watch.
Author's notes: AU, not HBP-compliant. The OMC in this story is a character from the RPG I'm in: Severus' twin brother, Serenus. I've kept specific references to in-game events and background out of the story, so all you need to know to follow it is that Severus and Remus are in an established relationship, and that Severus has a twin from whom he was separated at birth, but they didn't find one another until after the war. I blame dedicate this story to [info]lore and [info]arionrhod, who turned into vile enablers when I told them I was tempted to write Severus/Serenus incest for this month's challenge.

Remus pushed away his plate, now empty save for a few cake crumbs, and breathed out a satisfied sigh as he leaned back in his chair. It had been a good birthday, one of the best he'd ever had thanks to Severus, who had started the day on a promising note by waking him up with leisurely lovemaking. Things had only got better from there, culminating in dinner with Serenus, who had brought a chocolate cake he'd made himself and decorated with marzipan tombstones and skeletons.

Now Remus was in the mood to end his day in the same delightful way it had begun, and as he studied his two dinner companions, a naughty, wicked, delicious idea was forming in his mind.

On his right was Severus, his partner, his mate. The man both he and the wolf adored beyond measure. Severus had tied his hair - which he had let grow well past his shoulders at Remus' behest - in a topknot to keep it out of his way while he ate, and Remus itched to untie it and see it fall in a heavy, dark curtain around his face. Severus sat ramrod straight, his features schooled in an expression of aloof hauteur as he ate the last few bites of his cake with finicky precision, as if letting a single crumb go astray would be unacceptable. The familiar frown line appeared between his eyebrows as a few crumbs did go astray, and Remus was tempted to stroke it with his forefinger as he often did.

On his left was Serenus, his mate's twin and someone Remus considered as dear to him as a brother... albeit a brother he freely admitted he found sexy and desirable. The differences between the pair went far beyond the fact that Serenus kept his hair cut short, and his wardrobe wasn't nearly as austere and dominated by black as Severus' was. Unlike Severus, Serenus leaned back, one foot propped on the edge of his seat as he swiped his forefinger along the side of the cake and brought it to his mouth to lick away the rich chocolate icing. Every line of his long, lean body spoke of relaxation and comfort, and his features - identical to Severus' yet somehow different too - reflected his apparent contentment. His dark eyes were not guarded as Severus' were, revealing rather than concealing; it wasn't difficult for Remus to discern what he was thinking or feeling.

Not having grown up together, the twins had developed an unorthodox relationship since they first met nearly three years ago; they were capable of picking up on each other's stronger emotions and short-handing conversations, which illustrated their fraternal bond, but at the same time, they often displayed intimate behavior that wasn't quite brotherly, holding, caressing and even kissing each other like lovers rather than siblings. Remus didn't mind. He encouraged it, in fact, because he found it arousing to watch.

In fact, he mused as he glanced back and forth between them, he rather thought watching the two of them make love might be the hottest, sexiest thing he could ever witness. He imagined the two of them, their slender bodies and long limbs entwined, both of them moaning and whispering to each other in deep, silken voices as they moved together in an undulating rhythm... His toes curled, and he shifted in his chair as his trousers grew uncomfortably tight.

"What are you getting squirmy about?" Severus asked, raising one eyebrow haughtily. "Are we boring you?"

"We ought not talk business at the table," Serenus said, sending Remus a contrite look.

"I wasn't bored. I was thinking about the two of you having sex," Remus blurted out, any slight embarrassment he might have felt over the admission overwhelmed by amusement at the identical gob-smacked stares they were giving him. He spread his hands and shrugged, smiling wryly. "It's no secret I find you both attractive," he said.

And it wasn't. He had never hidden the fact that while he loved Severus with all his heart and soul and was unswervingly loyal to him, he also found Serenus desirable and would welcome him into their bed if he wanted to join them. He wasn't in love with Serenus the way he was with Severus, but he did love Serenus, the familial bond he felt enhanced by the spice of attraction.

"And it's my birthday," he said in his best wheedling tone, turning on Severus with the wide-eyed, pleading expression he knew Severus found difficult to resist. "Surely I'm entitled to get what I want on my birthday."

He was mostly teasing; he doubted the two of them would agree to make love while he watched, but maybe... just maybe...

The twins exchanged looks across the table, and Remus watched as their mutual shock changed into speculation, hope flaring within him at the sight.

"Well, you know I'm not fond of bottoming," Serenus said, his tone dubious.

"And I won't bottom with anyone but you," Severus added, fixing Remus with a stern look.

"There are plenty of other things you can do besides penetration," Remus pointed out, turning up the charm a few notches now that he knew there was a chance he might talk them into it. "I wouldn't ask either of you to do anything you aren't comfortable with. Really, I'll be happy just to watch you both naked and touching."

Another look was exchanged across the table, a longer one this time, and Remus found himself holding his breath, anxiously awaiting their verdict.

"Naked touching, eh?" A slow, mischievous smile tugged at Serenus' lips. "I think I can handle that."

Severus shrugged negligently. "If you don't object to it, neither do I."

It was, Remus knew, as close to a rousing endorsement of the idea as Severus would ever give, and he grinned as he shoved back his chair and leaped to his feet. "What are we waiting for, then?" He beckoned to them, all but bouncing up and down in excitement. "To the bedroom!"

He bounded up the stairs, taking two at a time, and raced into the bedroom to prepare it. With a flick of his wand, he sent the clothes scattered about flying into the wardrobe, and he lit all the candles placed around the room for the times when they wanted an intimate atmosphere. By the time Severus and Serenus entered the room, he had doused all the lights save the candles and turned back the bedcovers, and he was repositioning the arm chair, moving it from its usual place by the window to a spot where he had an unobstructed view of the bed.

"Shouldn't there be rose petals scattered on the bed, too? Or maybe floating down from the ceiling in an endless shower?" Serenus asked, slanting an amused look at Remus.

"I'm surprised he didn't just strip us and drench us in massage oil," Severus said tartly.

"Maybe next time," Remus said, grinning cheekily at them both.

Severus let out a derisive snort at that, but he didn't waste any time moving toward the bed, drawing his wand and placing it on the bedside table. "What do you want us to do?" he asked. "This is your fantasy. If you have any requests, speak now or forever hold your peace."

"Whatever you're both comfortable with," Remus replied as he settled into the armchair and tucked his legs beneath him. "I'm here to watch, not direct."

"I suppose that means we get to indulge ourselves." A predatory light shone in Serenus' eyes as he prowled across the room to join Severus. "What do you say, little brother? Shall we play?"

"Let's." Severus' thin lips curved in a smirk as he reached for his twin without hesitation, winding both arms around his neck and pulling him close for a kiss.

Remus watched raptly as their mouths met, and they deepened the kiss, offering a tantalizing glimpse of pink, wet tongue; it was nothing Remus hadn't seen them do before, but it was different this time. They wouldn't be stopping with kisses, and that made it all the more arousing.

He followed the path of Serenus' long, slender fingers eagerly with his gaze, watching them slide along the curve of Severus' neck and the line of his jaw, watching them comb through Severus' hair gently, the dark locks twining around them. A soft moan reached his ears, and he knew it must have come from Severus, knowing as he did what a sensual indulgence Severus found having his hair combed to be.

But Severus wasn't idle either; he slid his hands beneath Serenus' jumper, pushing it up and offering Remus a glimpse of skin as Severus caressed Serenus' lower back, massaging the indentation of his spine and teasing with fleeting strokes beneath the waistband of Serenus' trousers.

Their breathing was already accelerating, and Remus could see a flush rising in their faces that had nothing to do with embarrassment or reluctance; he could see their arousal, could smell the thick, heady scent of their desire for one another, and it made his own body start to burn as well. He leaned forward as they began to undress one another, his lips parting, and he began to pant softly as they bared their bodies to each other and to him.

Serenus chuckled as he made his way down the endless rows of buttons on Severus' jacket and then his shirt beneath. "My God, how does Remus manage this all the time?"

"Generally, he rips it open," Severus replied, a trace of smug satisfaction in his voice. "We've both become adept at mending spells out of necessity."

"Mmm..." Serenus smiled wickedly, as if he liked the mental image Severus' words gave him. "Well, I can't do that, but I can do this." He parted the folds of fabric and slipped his hands beneath, pushing it open, and Severus drew in a hissing breath as Serenus began sliding his hands up and down Severus' chest in slow, soothing strokes. "And this." He bent his head and began nuzzling Severus' throat; Severus tipped his chin up, and Remus echoed Severus' moan as he watched the wet slide of Serenus' tongue from the hollow at the base of Severus' throat to the tip of his chin.

"An acceptable substitute." Severus' voice was low, already dropping into the deep, husky tone that signaled arousal, and Remus clutched the arms of his chair in a white-knuckled grip as that voice made heat pool in his belly.

Serenus chuckled again and began trailing kisses and licks down Severus' neck to his shoulders and chest while Severus shrugged out of his jacket and shirt and let them fall to the floor - and then he swooped down to lap at one flat, dusky nipple, and Severus grabbed his shoulders, fingers digging in as he clung to Serenus, a startled cry escaping him. Remus was delighted to see the pleasure suffusing Severus' face as Serenus caught Severus' nipple between his teeth and tugged, lightly at first and then harder as Severus gasped and arched his back in response, silently demanding more.

Remus had never seen Severus' reactions quite like this. Usually, he was so intent on driving Severus mad that he didn't watch Severus' face closely, paying more attention to the signals Severus' body was sending. Now, though, he could see the way Severus' features were relaxing the way they rarely did outside of the bedroom, the flush of arousal bringing color to his cheeks, the heated gleam in his dark eyes as he watched Serenus, seeming to take as much pleasure from watching as Remus was. It was a welcome glimpse at a side of his lover he rarely got to enjoy while he was a participant in the lovemaking, being too caught up in the activity himself, and he was doubly glad he had asked for this gift.

It was fascinating to watch Serenus, too. He was amazed to see the easy-going demeanor he was accustomed to seeing from Serenus being shed right along with the rest of their clothes; the Serenus he saw now was hungry and aggressive, matching Severus' intensity in equal measure. As soon as they were both naked, their clothes piled in a careless, messy heap on the floor, Serenus wound his arm around Severus' waist and steered him to the bed.

Remus moaned as he watched Severus climb into bed and arrange himself in a languid sprawl, one arm thrown over his head and his hair fanned out, an inky spill on the pristine white pillow. His cock was flushed and leaking, leaving damp patches on his stomach that gleamed in the golden candlelight, and Remus suddenly felt parched, wanting nothing more than to lick him clean. Severus stretched out his other arm to Serenus, beckoning, his expression imperious, and that made Remus smile. Only Severus would be haughty and demanding when naked in bed and about to have sex with his own brother.

Grinning, Serenus pounced onto the bed and settled atop Severus, releasing a hum of pleasure as he claimed Severus' mouth again, and Remus' eyes nearly rolled back in his head as Severus wrapped his long legs around Serenus' waist, the muscles in his lean flanks flexing, his heels pressing against the small of Serenus' back. Remus moaned, his body tightening at the memory of Severus' legs wrapped around him, knowing the exquisite pleasure Serenus was feeling at that moment. Severus ran his hands along Serenus' upper arms, caressing the firm biceps as their kiss continued and deepened, both of them eagerly devouring, and Remus felt his own hunger rising, his memories getting tangled up with his present experience.

"Mmm... Love you." Serenus murmured the words against Severus' lips.

"God, you're as soppy as Remus," Severus groused, but there was no heat behind it, and Remus saw the way he smoothed his hands over Serenus' shoulders gently in response.

Serenus laughed and nipped playfully at his bottom lip. "Fine - I'll just get back to business, shall I?"

"Please do."

But Severus' grumbling turned into a gasp and then a heartfelt groan when Serenus wasted no time moving down Severus' body and closing his mouth over Severus' cock, drawing it deep. Remus leaned forward, licking his lips as if he could taste the salty tang of Severus' flesh, and his breath caught in his throat as he watched Severus' back arch off the bed, his graceful fingers twisting and clenching in the sheets. Severus' skin was bathed in a sheen of sweat, and he threw his head back, exposing the long line of his throat, making Remus keen softly with the overwhelming need to taste and lick and bite. He could see the tension in every line of Severus' body, could see Serenus' cheeks hollowing as he sucked with obvious enthusiasm, seeming to delight not only in the pleasure he was giving Severus, but in the experience as well.

Slipping his hand between Severus' legs, Serenus began kneading his balls gently, and Remus nodded, knowing that was a good idea, and sure enough, Severus groaned and spread his legs, panting and trembling in the way that meant he was nearing release. Remus tensed, watching Severus avidly, his own body quivering as he silently urged Severus to let go, yearning to see him - all of him - in the throes of orgasm.

Severus hovered on the edge, taut as a bowstring, his fists clenching and unclenching as he strained toward that elusive release, and Remus strained with him, wanting it, and then it hit, and a raw cry escaped Severus' throat as he came, his hips surging up. Serenus lifted his head and licked his lips, managing to look devilish and smug at the same time, as if he were quite pleased with himself, and Severus collapsed, going limp beneath him, and breathed out a long sigh.

Gazing down the length of his body at Serenus, his eyes half-lidded, Severus held out his arms. "Come here," he said, his voice deep and lazy with satiation, and Remus shuddered at the familiar post-coital tone.

Serenus complied quickly, snuggling against Severus' side and offering a kiss that Severus accepted, and Severus wound one arm around Serenus' shoulders, caressing the back of his neck tenderly before sliding his hand up and sifting his fingers through Serenus' tousled hair. Splaying his other hand on Serenus' chest, he rested it over Serenus' heart for a moment as Serenus leaned close until their foreheads touched, and Remus forgot his own raging arousal long enough to enjoy watching the moment of affectionate connection between the two brothers.

And then Severus' lips quirked in a tiny, evil smirk, and he trailed his fingertips down Serenus' torso; Serenus' eyes widened, and a soft moan escaped his parted lips as Severus curled his fingers around Serenus' cock, stroking it slowly. Remus drank in the sight of them, their bodies entwined just as he had imagined earlier, and the sight was even more beautiful than he thought it would be.

Severus' expression was solemn - as usual - but somehow content, and the lines of his body were relaxed, a contrast to Serenus' tension as he rocked his hips and thrust into Severus' fist, seeming to grow frustrated with the leisurely pace.

"Please, Severus..." Serenus buried his face against Severus' neck, and Severus gasped and tipped his chin up as Serenus bit down lightly.

"If you insist."

Even at a distance, Remus could see the wicked gleam in Severus' eyes as he began pumping his fist harder and faster, trying to drive Serenus over the edge. It didn't take long, and Remus bit his lip, a whimper rising in his throat as he watched Serenus catch his breath, the tension in his body coiled tight - and then it snapped, and he came with a wordless cry, his face suffused with ecstasy.

Easing back in his chair, Remus tried to calm down, feeling his own cheeks flushed and his own cock achingly hard, but as much as he wanted to join them, he had promised he would only watch, and he didn't want to risk unsettling Serenus by springing an unexpected threesome on him.

"He looks flustered, don't you think?" Serenus drawled, his voice as deep and sultry as Severus' in the aftermath of orgasm, and Remus tried to suppress a shiver.

Severus rolled his head on the pillow and regarded Remus with heat in his dark eyes. "He does, yes."

"What should we do about it, hhm?" Serenus propped himself up on one elbow, and Remus found himself on the receiving end of two intense gazes, making him feel like he had somehow managed to change from predator to prey.

"I think the birthday boy deserves one last present."

Reaching for his wand, Severus performed a simple cleaning charm on both of them, and then he rolled out of bed, unabashedly naked, and stalked toward Remus' chair with a predatory gait. Grinning wickedly, Serenus followed, and Remus' breath froze in his lungs at the sight of two naked Snapes bearing down on him. He couldn't move, couldn't breathe; he could only stare at them, wide-eyed and hungry, and he didn't resist when Severus captured his hands and drew him to his feet.

"You hold him," Severus instructed, releasing Remus' hands and gesturing for Serenus to stand behind him. "I'll take care of-" He stroked the hard length of Remus' cock straining against the confines of his trousers and smirked. "Pressing business."

Remus nodded mutely and let himself be moved and maneuvered, happy to let them do whatever they liked to him; he just wanted to be touched and held and to find release, and if it came at the hands of both of them, so much the better.

Following his brother's instructions, Serenus moved to stand behind Remus and wrapped both arms around Remus' waist, sliding his hands beneath Remus' jumper to caress the quivering muscles of Remus' stomach. Bending his head, he toyed with Remus' earlobe with his tongue and teeth, and Remus moaned and leaned back against him as his knees turned to water, letting Serenus support him.

And it was a good thing Serenus was there, too, he thought muzzily as Severus dropped to his knees and unfastened Remus' trousers, easing down his trousers and underpants and letting his cock bob free, flushed and aching for attention. A groan rose to Remus' lips as Severus wrapped his fingers around the base of Remus' cock and drew it into his mouth, sucking and licking with eager greed like it was his favorite sweet from Honeyduke's.

Serenus skimmed his hands along Remus' heated flesh, pushing his jumper up until his fingers found Remus' nipples, and he tweaked and tugged them relentlessly, and Remus sagged against him, rolling his head back and forth against Serenus' shoulder as he was swept away by the sensual onslaught. He was already aroused from watching them, and now to be caught between them like this - it was almost too much pleasure for his mortal body to contain.

Severus stroked and squeezed Remus' thigh and then slid his hand up to cup and knead Remus' balls, and at the same time, Serenus bit down just beneath Remus' ear, sucking hard enough to leave a mark - and that was it. Caught up in a maelstrom of lust and need, Remus abandoned himself to the storm, and he chanted a litany of "yes yes yes" as he came, spilling in Severus' warm, welcoming mouth.

Lightheaded and drowsy in the wake of his release, he let them undress him and herd him over to the bed, and he crawled in and collapsed in the middle, closing his eyes and breathing a sigh of contentment when he felt a warm body snuggle against him on each side. One of them pulled the covers up while the other gently smoothed sweat-damp tendrils of hair back from his face and kissed his forehead tenderly.

"Did we break him?" Serenus asked, amusement lacing his voice.

"Hardly," Severus replied. "He'll wake us at dawn, wanting to do it again."

Two long bodies nestled against his, two arms were draped across his waist, coccooning him in a warm, safe embrace, and two cheeks were pillowed on his shoulders, and Remus felt sated and happy and utterly at peace.

"Love you," he murmured. "Love you both."

"Love you too," came Serenus' soft reply.

"Soppy idiots, both of you." But the tartness in Severus' voice was tempered by affection.

Smiling, Remus let himself drift off to sleep, convinced that this was indeed the best birthday he'd ever had.
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