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Art: Fantasy, R, NWS 
28th July 2008 21:16
Title: Fantasy
Artist: [info]ships_harry
Media: PS
Characters: Fred and George Weasley, Argus Filch
Rating: R
Warnings: The warning is the theme :). And Filch, who I always suspect is a warning all of his own.
Themes/kinks chosen: Flagellation
Artist's notes: Oh Filch, you cartoon villain, you. This was all [info]nehalenia's idea - I can claim no credit or blame. No, okay, I leapt on the suggestion :). Including the one of having Filch not the *only* one into it, and having one twin kinda shocked by that. So - Fred is a perv, and George is unhappy about it. Would've been darker if I'd had it the other way around... But I decided it was mean enough to have them manacled so that one had to haul the other up. Yay!

And yes, I'm going through another phase of overusing this brush.

Art preview:

28th July 2008 04:53
Oh my, it's sickeningly delicious. Yum!! ^_^
28th July 2008 15:21
Yay! Thanks :D. (Doctor Who bum for the win, too!)
28th July 2008 06:43
His face may look unhappy, but other parts of him are rather happy, methinks...

Filch is such a perv. And so's Fred, of course.
28th July 2008 15:22
I think Fred is somewhere between getting off and being pretty much humiliated in front of his brother.

Which, um. Makes me happy... :)
28th July 2008 07:08
Nnnngh. Delicious.
28th July 2008 15:22
Thanks! :D
28th July 2008 07:43
I agree - Argus is a warning all to himself! :)

I couldn't stop looking though.
28th July 2008 15:22
I hope Filch didn't traumatise you too badly ;).

28th July 2008 08:27
Wow, that turned out kind of terrifyingly hot! I'm disturbed that I can't look away from Filch's tackle. With the veins. Whoa. And the boys...nnnggh! Dripping cock = *swoon* What I love best tho is the almost monochromatic palette, that gives the piece a dank, dungeon-like atmosphere, but also highlights the only real color, which is the twins' hair. The expressions, the ginger body hair -- too many good things to mention on this.

I also love the title with the large and fancy F. It makes me think that you might give us more entries for a perverted alphabet. ;-)
28th July 2008 15:25
It makes me think that you might give us more entries for a perverted alphabet. ;-)

Oh my god, you have to stop with the suggestions that make me drool!

I'm glad you caught the twins' hair :). I wasn't sure how saturated to go with that colour - I think I could've gone a bit brighter, but this isn't too bad.

Filch has a very large cock. God, you know, much as I like the idea that he's thinking of just jerking off over the whip marks (which he totally is, and then probably rubbing it in, and then doing some more whipping), I kinda want him to fuck Fred in front of George.
28th July 2008 08:36
OMG, Fred/George/Filch! I've only seen this threesome drawn once before (only it was the other way around, with Filch being manacled), so yay. :D It's deliciously pervy. Fred and George look so hot and omg the chains and the whip marks and the come-dripping cock. Guh. And Filch has such a lecherous expression. :D I love this!!
28th July 2008 15:26
Oooh, I haven't seen them before! Do you have a link, or can you remember who drew it? I'd love to see :).

Yay for chains :D. Thanks, yay!
28th July 2008 09:44
Awesome drawing. The colors are fabulous.
28th July 2008 09:47
Oh, WIN! I wanted to see more of this theme!! WHY IS FILCH'S COCK SO AWESOME LOOKING??!! a;lksjdg. Also, omg twins punishment, and one likes it and the other is all omg why do you like this?? WIN WIN WIN! ALSO, they BOTH totally like it, George just needs some more convincing. *nod*

♥ !!
28th July 2008 11:41
You are so amazing.
28th July 2008 11:51
WOW. It's disturbing but utterly gorgeous. Amazing how you did the scars and bruises, plus the expressions on the three's faces. And gods, their cocks are perfect. And the so appropriate word at the upper-right corner completes the creepy feeling. This is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. Wow.
28th July 2008 13:09
Oh my--that is disturbing and hot and just wow. I keep going back to stare at it. Filch looks delightfully wicked and I love Fred and George's expressions as well, and the colors and the whole feel of the piece--It's just dark and yummy.
28th July 2008 15:42
Ooooh yummy! Is it terrible that I love seeing Weasleys tortured in such a deliciously nasty manner? (At least Filch isn't naked. ;))
28th July 2008 16:25
Allow me to replay the happenings as I viewed this art.

I was on the phone with [info]torino10154 because she is off on the beach somewhere and I just got a lovely gift from her. So we're chatting away and I think "I should check my flist". *chats & scrolls through flist* . I see you, most talented and clever artist, have a new post up. I glance at the header, but didn't pay much attention, then I click on the pic. *still chatting* I see what it is and think "Oh nice Fred and George, Filch meh" I've seen worse of Filch. *still chatting* Then I say out loud.

"I shouldn't look at my f-list while I'm on the phone, [info]ships_harry has a new daily deviant up. It's Fred George and Filch."

Torino says "Ewwww, you should have said just Fred and Georfe"

I reply "It's not so bad. Fred and George are hot and Filch isn't even touching them," *looks closer* o_O "OH GOD! He has his penis out!!!!!"

Yes I said penis and I didn't even notice it at first! It's the color of his skin and clothes it didn't jump out at me (and maybe because I was drooling over Fred and George). Fred and George are yummy and the Filch think makes it creepy, I love it.

BTW I love your hump_day_smut last week. I didn't remember to put a comment. Not only was the art very beautiful and the Slughorn chair perfect, but the bit about sitting in it feeling like a hug made me cringe and laugh at the same time. How very talented to give such duel emotions when viewing a piece. The cleverness that is very you.
28th July 2008 17:10
The dripping cock is just... Guh.
This is simply disturbingly hot. ;)
28th July 2008 21:53
fabulous, dripping with atmosphere and other good stuff!
I hate Filch, but I love what you've done with him!

Subdued palette works so well with digital, I am finding. More proof right here. and the texture is wonderful... it doesnt look like overuse of brush to me. Only you know how you made it, *g*
29th July 2008 12:12
This is so yummy I'm giggling. I love the bewilderment that's lingering on both twins' faces, even after what's clearly been a good chunk of the night! The whipmarks, mmmmmm. And Filch's expression! I love your choice of sepia tone for this!
29th July 2008 18:07
There seriously needs to be more scorchingly hot Filch art! Your Filch is quite fetching, too. In that ugly-sexy kinda way we Snape fen crave. I love that you left this in sepia tone, dearest :-)
29th July 2008 21:57
OMG, that is so wicked and hot! Fabulous!
30th July 2008 11:40
Gods. That is just way too hot! I love the whipmarks! *wants to touch* Gosh, what's not to love about a delicious guy strung up and whipped like that? Yeah, so it's Filch, but at least I know where he's coming from! (Pun utterly unintended!!!)

Love the looks on everyone's faces, too. And the colours and the title in the picture!
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