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22nd May 2008 15:25
Title: Hair
Artist: [info]fanlay
Media: Pencil, Photoshop
Characters: Severus Snape, Sirius Black
Rating: NWS
Warnings: None
Themes/kinks chosen: Male to male fellatio
Artist's notes: Wanted to try a different style, any feedback would be most appreciated. 

22nd May 2008 09:37
Beautiful. Their dark bodies give me an aura of intimacy. Don't know why.
22nd May 2008 09:41
No matter what style, your art is always awesome. I love their so-expressive-hands and Sev's cute tongue :) However, I somehow miss his white skin and the blushes :)
22nd May 2008 10:08
So much tenderness is conveyed in that slow sweep of the tongue, on the hands clasped in Severus's hair. Beautiful.
22nd May 2008 10:27
This is beautiful! Wonderful work here. I really liked the soft coloring (sp?)
22nd May 2008 10:35
Intimacy definitely is the right word! Your other art is rather stark, and while this piece is still very very intense, it also has a completely different atmosphere to it that I don't quite know how to describe. Either way, I love your art :)
22nd May 2008 10:55
Holy crap that's gorgeous!
No matter what your style is wonderful. *drools*
22nd May 2008 12:00
Absolutely gorgeous. Sirius looks completely undone and Severus seems to be enjoying his work-ever the perfectionist.

I think it's a bit dark for my taste but on the other hand it makes the shirt contrast nicely against Sirius's skin.
22nd May 2008 12:12
NEAT! That is such a cool style. Beautiful as usual, especially Sirius' fingers and his treasure trail and HIS SHIRT (but you know how I feel about half-clothed smex.) I like that even with the more monochromatic style you can still see the different skin tones and shadows.
22nd May 2008 13:34
egon schiele!
22nd May 2008 14:17
Well I like all your work. This is an interesting experiment, but I love your use of color so much I think I prefer the usual style.
22nd May 2008 14:44
They both look one the right side of gaunt, having just enough energy to burn for this and then they'll have to rest up for more! Thank you for sharing with us.
22nd May 2008 15:25


But guh, it's hot! I love your use of light. :-)
22nd May 2008 15:53
Ah, I really like this. Something about the minimal touches of gold light on the shadowed bodies makes it feel like dawn - it's like you've implied an entire environment. I'm also rather partial to how you've cropped it, because the missing top of... er... Sirius'? head seems to strengthen that impression. No, god, don't ask me to explain that intelligently :p. The nose makes me think that's Snape up there, but then the lower figure has the Snape-ish hair, so I'm having a bit of confusion.

Yum for the subtle abs, the shirt half yanked off, and for the darker brownish flush around the genitals. Oh, plus, the balls pushed up, and the stretched arse, more yum :).
22nd May 2008 16:22
Oh, gods, that is hot! Really beautiful work!
22nd May 2008 17:59
Nnnnngh. HOT!
22nd May 2008 18:29
I love the colors, here, the way the shirt is so stark and almost like negative space defining the bodies. Beautiful rendering, as well. The way you finish the hair is just exquisite - shining and soft at the same time.
22nd May 2008 20:11
Oooh...god. The details. The look on his face, and the fingers...god, the fingers are going to kill me. Gorgeous.
22nd May 2008 20:12
very nice, indeed! i really like your style, it reminds me of Egon Schiele ♥
22nd May 2008 22:47

Oh, God, the fingers *dies*

23rd May 2008 06:03
Oh my....murrr, very pretty.
23rd May 2008 07:57
VERY GOOD,you are a very talented artist
23rd May 2008 18:33
Wow - there's a sort of glow to their skin, like from moonlight or lamplight? Makes it seem very intimate indeed. The way you've drawn the anatomy of the penis/balls is perfection itself. Fantastic job!
24th May 2008 17:39
great transverse perspective! darker bodies without background let me concentrate on action and details (which are very good :D) Nice work!
24th May 2008 18:30
It's got your usual desaturated palette which along with your delicacy of line gives it that misty, ethereal quality that I associate with your art.

The contrast between the dark, modelled figures and the flat white background is fascinating.

The subtle touch of gold light is like Sirius' bliss made visible; it gives the piece the quiet promise of dawn.

Their hands are perfectly expressive, and Snape's concentration is so in-character.

Your art is always brilliant and this is a fascinating addition to your style.

27th May 2008 19:31
Excuse me while I go die quietly in the corner. GUH! GUH! GUH!
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