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Brotherly Love (James Jr/Albus Severus, NC-17) 
9th May 2008 23:54
Title: Brotherly Love
Author: [info]emiime
Characters: James Jr/Albus Severus
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: See pairing. Also, the boys are teenagers here.
Kinks chosen: Fellatio
Word Count: 1025
Summary: James and Al get up to no good.
Author's notes: That's right, utterly pornographic, no-redeeming-value next-gen Pottercest. I…have no excuse for myself. Also I've been writing way too much Remus/Sirius lately, so, uh, please excuse my characterization. *hides*

Their parents were finally gone, Lily was spending the night with one of her friends from school, and James and Albus had the house to themselves for the whole night. Life didn't get much better than this.

After they'd eaten the dinner their mum had left and put the dishes to soak in the sink, Albus turned to James and grinned.


"So, what?" James crossed his arms over his chest and leaned against the counter. Albus scowled at him. He hated when James did this, played it cool when he wanted to do it just as much as Al did.

"You know what," Albus sighed. He, too, folded his arms over his chest, and he waited.

"Three…" said James.


"One!" And they raced up the stairs, shoving each other out of the way, hanging on each other's clothing, until they reached the bedroom they shared. James stuck out his arm and shoved his brother back and reached the bedroom a fraction of a second before Albus did, and he threw himself onto his bed, grinning broadly.

"You lose," he announced.

"You cheated," Albus whined.

"I'm not the one who's in Slytherin," James retorted, and he shimmied out of his jeans and pulled his shirt over his head. "Come on, strip off! Mum and Dad will be back eventually!"

Albus undressed, grumbling the whole time, then joined his brother on the bed.

"All right, cheater," he said, "What'll it be?"

"Suck me off," James said, and he leaned back against the headboard as a grin spread over his face.

"Aww," Albus whined, "I thought maybe we could just jerk each other—you know—" He made an obscene gesture in front of his crotch, and James laughed.

"Yeah, but you lost the race," he pointed out, "And so I get to choose. You can jerk yourself after, if you want, but for now, you're sucking me off."

Albus groaned. "All right," he said finally, and he knelt between his brother's legs. "Don't come in my mouth, though. Warn me, yeah?"

"Yeah, all right. I will. Get on with it, you arse." James thrust his prick up towards Albus's face.

Albus still didn't move. "Because last time, you didn't warn me."

"I will! Fucking hell! Would you just do it, or do I have to pin you down and—"

"I'm doing it, I'm doing it!" Albus settled his face close to his brother's erection, sighed, and took the tip of it into his mouth, swallowing a few times to get the taste of James's precome out of his mouth.

He put his hand around the shaft, then, so he could keep control—James had an unfortunate tendency to thrash about at the least opportune times—and began sucking in earnest, balancing himself against the mattress with the other hand. The sooner he finished James off, he thought, the sooner he'd get to come himself—and maybe he could even convince James to give him a hand, the selfish twat. Albus rolled his eyes. And he was the one who'd been Sorted into Slytherin. Ha.

James spread his legs a little further, settling into the mattress and sighing as Albus's lips worked over the head of his cock, and Albus flicked his gaze up so that he could see his brother's face. James had one hand behind his head, the other playing across his nipples and the sprinkling of dark hair between them, and he had the most self-absorbed grin on his face that Albus had ever seen on anyone.

All right, maybe it was a bit nice for Albus to know that he was the source of that grin, that good feeling, but he still thought that James was an arse and a cheater who didn't deserve to be sucked off in the first place.

He went about his task, though, moving his lips up and down James's shaft and working his tongue over the head of James's cock. He actually didn't mind sucking it—oh, girls were his first choice, probably, though he'd never been lucky enough to get his mouth anywhere near their private parts, and besides those were kind of a mystery. But pricks he knew, and his brother's prick he knew as well as he knew his own—better, maybe, because he'd never got to see his own this closely before, nor taste it, nor smell it.

And James did have a nice prick, in Albus's (admittedly limited) experience. It was a bit longer than Albus's own, but mostly the same otherwise. James had more hair at the base than Albus did on his, too, but Albus figured that must be something that happened when you were seventeen. Maybe. He hoped.

James began to moan and thrash about and Albus transferred the hand that was on the bed to James's thigh to hold him down. The first time they'd tried this, James had jerked so badly that Albus had got poked in the eye with James's prick. Not an experience he hoped to repeat.

"Fuck—okay, Al, coming—" James grunted, and Albus picked up his head and jerked James's cock until James gave a great shudder and a moan and spurted a few ropes of come over Albus's hand. Albus wrinkled his nose, but he kept moving until James shivered and pushed him away.

"Enough. Bloody hell, Al. Enough."

"Yeah, all right." Albus moved to the end of the bed to attend to his own erection, feeling self-conscious after what he'd done, turning away from James. He ran a hand down its length and over his bollocks, then back up, and then he began to jerk himself in earnest, hunched over, trying to come as quickly as he possibly could.

He was almost there, and then there was a hand on his shoulder and his brother's voice in his ear.

"Let go, Al, and let me help you with that."

Albus turned, his brow creased, but he didn't let go of his cock.


"Yeah." James sat behind Albus and reached around him, putting his hand over Albus's on his cock. "What the sodding hell are brothers for, anyway?"
10th May 2008 01:25
Hah, awesome :). This is the first purely next-gen Pottercest I've read! Yay! Because it was only last night that I was thinking how much I'd like to see some; hurray! I've seen Harry with AS, but not the two brothers together. Nice! Come to think of it, I don't think I've seen Harry with James Jr, and that also seems like something I'd like :).
10th May 2008 01:35
Yay, thank you! I don't think I have actually seen any next-gen Pottercest yet, myself.

And if I may shamelessly pimp myself whilst satisfying your quest for Harry/James Jr fic, I wrote Jamie's Reward, which is Harry/James Jr, and also Sons and Lovers which is a James Sr/Harry/James Jr threesome. Yes. You read that right. Heh.
10th May 2008 02:01
Oh yay! I'm going to go read those right now.
10th May 2008 01:40
Oh I dunno, I think it has some redeeming value. It's HOT! *g* It's also the first next-gen Potter-cest I've read, too (niche market you think?) and now I'm wondering just how close all those kids really are. ;)
Dirty and delicious and wrong, just the way yummy porn should be at times.
Nice one, hon!
10th May 2008 02:01
Hahahaha, well, glad it served some purpose after all! :D Definitely niche market; I can't imagine much of a call for this pairing. I only wish I could have fleshed them out a bit more, but, well, LMOM. *frownyface*

Glad you liked! ♥
10th May 2008 03:44
First Albus Severus/James Jr for me, too. Yay! Immediately clicked when I saw the pairing. *g* I loved how you wrote them - they're such boys! And this was hot, yes.
10th May 2008 13:42
Yay! Thank you so much!
10th May 2008 08:08
Very hot. Fabulous last line.

This may not make sense, but I think I like it best because it's sort of convenient for them-not like they are both necessarily flaming poofters, just more like 'hey, Al, I have an itch, help me scratch it.' The way Al doesn't want James to come in his mouth, and then is a bit embarrassed to wank in front of him after. Anyway, I definitely think we need to see more between these two and James/Teddy or maybe all three or . . . ;)
10th May 2008 13:48
Thank you so much!

No, it totally makes sense--it was definitely meant to come off that way. :D And omg, yes, James/Al/Teddy threesome... *wanders off, plotting*
10th May 2008 10:02
Hee! This was fun. I like that it's just sort of a game to them, not some big romantic or angst-inducing thing. :-)
10th May 2008 13:49
Yay, thank you! Haha, yeah, I didn't have time to do anything more than make it a game, since I was kind of rushing to deadline. *cough*
10th May 2008 13:01
Aw, how sweet. James redeems himself at the end. ^^
10th May 2008 13:49
:D Yup! He's a Gryffindor, after all!
10th May 2008 14:04
hehe.... yeah, and Albus was exhibiting loner emo Slytherin behavior. XD
10th May 2008 14:39
Hahaha, yes! Good thing his brother loves him.
10th May 2008 14:44
hehe! yep-yep. ;)
10th May 2008 13:33
Okay, now WHY isn't there more Pottercest in the world?! I love the brotherness of it, which really, is not surprising from you, since you do Weasleycest so well, but that really makes the fic for me, the arguing and racing and cheating and brotherness, just, a;skldjg. Also, Al's POV voice was just cute and hot and made of win. ♥ !
10th May 2008 13:51
I seem to keep writing Pottercest for this comm! Which is not a bad thing, actually. I'm glad you liked the brother-aspect of it, as that's really what I was focussing on. Oh, and I think I love Al a little now. *snuggles him*
10th May 2008 13:44
I swear I was just making jokes the other day about Pottercest. From my lips to God's ears errr..... or something like that.
So. Fucking. Hot.

"Let go, Al, and let me help you with that."
I had to lean back in my chair and soak that line in. That was perfect! I knew James and his Gyrffindor heart would make him do the right thing.

I like James with dark hair, he's written with red more often and I always imagined those dominant genes winning out and he has black hair like Harry. I was surprised that Al didn't have glasses in this. If he looks exactly like Harry he would have glasses too, right. Maybe an idea for the next installment of Pottercest *hint hint*
10th May 2008 13:55
Heeee, yay! So glad you liked!

I like both the boys with dark hair. I mean, Punnett squares, people. Fairly sure those apply in the Wizarding world as well. Lily can have red hair, whatever, I don't care, but genetically, the dark hair is so so so much more probable than red. It actually bothers me (I'm so obnoxiously picky!) when I see art or read a fic where either of the boys has red hair.

And, did I really manage not to give either of them glasses? *gasps and rereads* Oh, I fail so hard! I was rushing to deadline, so apparently I slipped there, but rest assure that in Emi-world, they both have glasses. (I know, I know, this surprises exactly no one!) *uses glasses icon to make up for it*
10th May 2008 14:44
I did hear the wizarding world has gone amuck with cases of myopia.

I totally agree with the Punnett squares! I also like James Jr. having blue eyes, like Mr. Weasly or hazel like James. But really the eyes I could pretty much accept anything. It's the hair I care about.

Did you read the Teddy/James were Teddy had wire-rimmed glasses?
10th May 2008 16:25
*nods* Pretty much everyone should have glasses of one form or another. I would even like Snape if he had glasses.*

Ooooh, blue eyes and black hair, YUM. But yes, mostly the hair that matters!


*This is a lie.
10th May 2008 16:42
I figured that had to be a lie because he does have glasses a time for two in things.

Here is the link I think this is the one. http://community.livejournal.com/hp_springsmut/112767.html

I am cramped for time. I do know that it is at least Snape free and the sex at the end is *guh*.
11th May 2008 01:08
Ooh, yay, thank you for the link! *runs*
10th May 2008 14:10
Mmmm, brotherly love. It might not be redeeming but it's a perfect little nugget of hotness! Lovely bit of deviance for my day, as it were. ;)
10th May 2008 14:38
Icon win! :D And thank you!
10th May 2008 14:47
Mmmmmm. It would be really wrong of me to lick the screen, wouldn't it? :P OMG, the hottest part of this is how non-chalant they are about it. Hey, just a thing brothers do? Yeah, I'm good with that. :D
10th May 2008 16:23
Wheeee, so glad you liked! :D
10th May 2008 16:55
*g* Rather nice to read some totally angst-free 'cest -- that's sufficiently redeeming in my book!
11th May 2008 01:09
Glad to hear it! :D
10th May 2008 19:48
Whew! That was... well, that was good!! James and Albus... I never thought of that one! Okay, so I will now. Emi and Auntie will be in the Special Hell together. Oh well, at least I'll be in good company!
11th May 2008 01:10
Wheeee, thank you! Special Hell will be awesome--all the best people will be there!
13th May 2008 13:55
What are brothers for?
Obviously something like this.

Oh, I loved Jamie's Reward so much!
13th May 2008 15:31
Yay, thanks so much!
22nd May 2008 11:12
I just love the way that what's uppermost in their minds is that they're short of time. Nothing wrong at all with sibling fun, but parents make such a fuss dontcherknow. I thought the competitive/affectionate brotherly thing was just so well done.

Looking forward to the DH movie...
(what do you mean, this won't be in it? Don't they do any audience research?)
22nd May 2008 16:05
Heee, thank you so much!

And, damn, I would be first in line for the DH movie if this were the epilogue! XD
15th June 2008 11:47
I love how it's light-heated and sweet, while simultaneously being incredibly hot as well. ;)
16th June 2008 16:45
Thank you!
19th September 2013 15:22
Just in case you still get messages despite a deleted account - wonderful!
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