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Dec. 23rd, 2014


narrative and journal to Rose T, Clara O

narrative behind the cut: Okay, so Martha Jones had never loved Christmas. )

[Later that evening, she wrote this quick journal entry to the other companions.]
These grinches are erratic.

Dec. 20th, 2014


Doctor Who Crew

[Doctor Who Crew]

So, Santas attacking at malls. Does it sound familiar to you ladies?

Dec. 6th, 2014


Quicklog: Doctor & Rose

[Christmas was looming on the horizon, and while he and Martha joked about it, the Doctor was too savvy and world weary not to side eye the date a bit. Maybe the future would prove that history didn't matter much, it rarely did that, but it could happen. At the same time he wanted to take the chance to get a break with Rose. In theory getting all his people together to have adventures was entertaining, and it was that, but he no longer took all his time with Rose for granted. When they were traveling before, he didn't let himself think about what would happen when they stopped. And now they didn't have to. So he whisked her away on a surprise.

Rose liked dressing up, he remembered that, and historical meetings. He thought for sure that she'd enjoy the Elizabethan ear, he told Martha as much, so now was his turn to make up for lost chances. The TARDIS shook and hummed as it moved to the right date, and the Doctor grinned ear from ear at her as it came to a stop.] How would you like to see a play by Shakespeare live? [Maybe they could meet the man himself, if he was around, the Doctor would make sure once they got there. But at the least the visit itself would be fun.] You know where the dresses are. Unless you'd like a toga? Romans? Nah, not there, terribly rude to women. [Donna was not impressed.] Sistine Chapel? You name it and we'll go there.

Nov. 14th, 2014


rose t, martha j, clara o, kitane z

[Locked to Rose, Martha, Clara, and Kitane]

Right then, let's go somewhere. Get to the TARDIS!

Everyone this is Kitane, I met her at the restaurant and promised an adventure. She doesn't know how to get to our door, so that's step number one.

Rose, pick a place. Or we can do Russian Roulette, let the TARDIS pick, probably not a good idea she's always getting me into trouble.

Nov. 7th, 2014



[Anon? What's that?]

Thank you for the gift of a headache in the wake of your departure. I'm still enjoying it as we speak. Bleeding ear? Also a nice touch. Remind me to put you on my Christmas card list.

To the lovely lady who assisted me later and brought me water... Thank you. You're a sweetheart.

Nov. 6th, 2014



To the nice woman I sat in the booth with discussing the feelings of first loves, it was nice to talk. When in Rome, it's nice to not be wandering alone.

Doctor, Clara, Rose--you all better be well!

Oct. 10th, 2014


public }

Doctor. What have you done this time?

[She doesn't know where she is or how she got there, but she's sure it's the Doctor's fault.]

I had plans.

Sep. 16th, 2014


public as Martha J.

Doctor, if you can bloody read this, this is close to my London but definitely not my London. So. Come back anytime to fix your mistake.

At least I won't be stuck as a shop girl in the 1960s. Or household help in the 1910s.

[...] So. There are lots of other worlds on this thing, yeah? [Resists commenting to the Tom Riddle reference.]. Well, I enjoy a good cuppa if anyone wants to swap stories.

Sep. 15th, 2014


Quicklog: Doctor/Rose

[It could have been ten seconds later or ten months later, time was wibbly that way, but the Doctor knew what he did was try and get there as quickly as possible. The TARDIS knew how important it was to him, so while they might've taken a long way around, he still felt the expedience. It was funny how long time felt when he was in a hurry for once. They finally made it to Earth, Earth 2014 it said, London, and he was on his way out the door. Except then he stopped and had the ridiculous urge to find a nice pinstripe. Listen, it'd been a long time since he actually cared about what type of tie he was wearing, but it was happening. Foolish, yes, but he was an old fool that way. Or maybe he was nervous it wouldn't work. This could all have been a trick.

In London, the TARDIS arriving made a great deal of noise. Strange to anyone who'd never heard it, but someone who knew the sound of the engines wheezing, it was a sign. The Doctor stepped out of the deceptive blue police box, thick rimmed glasses on his nose that he didn't need in the least, and both of his hearts were pumping. He left the journal back in the TARDIS so for now he was simply putting his hands in his deep coat pockets, the collar popped up, trying not to look overly anxious. She said she'd be there. If she wasn't there he'd wait probably for a few decades, no problem, and then find out who was having a lark on him.]

Aug. 28th, 2014



[Public voice post, as Doctor]

[Fast talking, mostly to himself.] Multi-universe convergence spot, that's a new one, or at least feels like a new one, could be an old one. Why a hotel? I suppose it nods to the temporary stay, but where's it all generating from. Or for. What's the purpose? Other than a brilliant nick of time, thanks for that. Bit rude not to ask though.

[As if remembering this was broadcasting somewhere.] Hello I'm the Doctor.

Mar. 22nd, 2014


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