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Jun. 9th, 2014


[Lydia M]

Did I have another dream?

[After panic]

[Scott M]

Have you seen Lydia? - Also are you okay? Did anything weird happen to you?

May. 20th, 2014



I've been through a few doors, out exploring mostly. The worlds are different, full of filth of one type or another. I haven't been too impressed. At least magic has worked in most of them.

May. 17th, 2014


Allison A

[Locked to Allison A]
[On her way out the door, after this, and sometime after this.]

You need to tell Scott that your not!nightmares are getting worse, okay? Promise me, promise me, or I'll wear something completely out-of-date and hideous to your eventual wedding.

May. 4th, 2014


Log: Open to Teen Wolf minus Stiles

[Scott sent out a locked post to everyone from his door except for Stiles, asking them to come to his house immediately, that it was an emergency. He couldn't answer the messages after that, too busy trying to wrap his head around what was happening. He went through the motions of picking up his house, although it wasn't too bad off, outside of having his and Stiles clothes and clutter in the living room. Except now Stiles was gone, replaced with something he didn't recognize. He didn't want to tell them all separately, just in case, at this point he was nervous about everyone. The door to the house was unlocked so people could walk in.

Scott himself was waiting for them, still a little shaky from everything that happened before. He hadn't known whether to include Jackson and Peter on the list, since they were all on shaky grounds, but at this point it seemed necessary to have all hands on deck. Especially since he had no way of knowing if Stiles was going to target them. He didn't look good, mostly from worry, paler than usual and he hadn't gotten sleep in a long time. He waited for the others to arrive.]

May. 3rd, 2014


[Loki and Text]

[Text to Lydia M from Stiles' phone.]

[It's a photo. A familiar, finely-boned hand covered in gore.]

[Locked to Loki.]
And so you are free.

Apr. 30th, 2014


[Teen Wolf lock]

Police report came back. They had my car checked over and yup. Someone cut my brakes.

If it was one of you, heads are going to roll, I guarantee it.

Apr. 29th, 2014



[Drawn on the touch screen, an image appears. )]

Apr. 28th, 2014


[Lydia M]

[Delivery to Lydia M, at her home, late Monday afternoon.]

[The flowers are extravagant, obviously, because he doesn't know how to do anything low key. The card tucked in among the blooms is handwritten in Jackson's tight scrawl and reads, quite simply:]


[There is no other note, nothing to really indicate that he sent them other than his handwriting, if she still recognizes it.]


[ public ]

I guess at this point I should just be able to roll with whatever happens in Beacon Hills.

Apr. 26th, 2014


Allison Argent

[Locked to Allison]
I just left Jackson in the middle of the street. Tell me it's okay to have left Jackson in the middle of the street. I mean ~of course~ it's okay, but tell me anyway.

Apr. 25th, 2014


Teen Wolf: Jackson & Lydia

Who: Jackson & Lydia
What: Picking Jackson up from the hospital
Where: Beacon Hills Hospital
When: Now
Warnings/Rating: Jackson being an ass
Status: Completed!

[For some reason, Jackson had been expecting it to be more difficult to check himself out. The bandage wound around his head, still stained with his blood, hid the fact that the wounds were almost healed. Even if he felt a bit woozy from the impact, even if his muscles still ached, he was fine. So he checked himself out and got out of there as quickly as he could, and he was still shrugging on his button down over his under shirt when he stepped off the elevator to the lobby. Like hell he was gonna let Lydia see him laying in a damned hospital bed. It had been over six months since they had seen one another, and he wasn't going to fuck it up yet again.

The tendons in his neck stood out as he leaned against a pillar to wait, arms folded over his chest, his presence garnering more than a few looks given the blood his shirts were covered in. He'd change later. At home.]


[TW Texts.]

[Some 2-3 hours after Lydia's post. Around the same time as Jackson's call for help.]

[Individually sent text to everyone who tried to contact him in the last couple hours.]

Hey, sorry. Missed your text


[Teen Wolf lock]

[Locked to those in the Teen Wolf door]

[After this.]

[Hastily typed.]

Someone wantto come help me explain why the injuries i came in with are healing? anyone?



Sore wa... nanda?

Did anyone else hear that?
Was it just me?

Apr. 18th, 2014



[As Jackson W]

So now we have magic journals to deal with. What else did I miss while I was gone?


[Stiles Stilinski]

[Text to Stiles S]

Pink or green?

Apr. 10th, 2014


Who: Allison and Lydia
What: We start with a nightmare.
Where: Lydia's house
When: After this
Warnings/Rating: Nightmare haunting?

The exposition got;dr - Allison is having a bad night, yo )

Apr. 9th, 2014


[Journal - Public]

While unexpected, still not the weirdest day I've ever had in my life. Not even the weirdest day this week.

Apr. 7th, 2014


[Beacon Hills Hospital]

Who: Stiles and Lydia
What: Hospital visits. So dramatic. So traumatic. So much fun.
Where: Beacon Hills hospital.
When: The day following this, i.e. a few hours later.
Warnings/Rating: Pending? I don't think anything harsh. It's Stiles and Lydia. They're cute teenagers.

The entire ER staff knew both Scott and his best friend on sight, so they all collectively rolled their eyes and accepted the half-truth. )

Mar. 31st, 2014


[Beacon Hills High.]

[After/during the texts and subsequent call.

It is quite literally a dark and stormy night at the high school, which is completely dark and abandoned. Every single cliché available is on site: the unoccupied silence, the periodic thunder, the spattered shower building up to a downpour, the landscape lights out and the windows already glistening. Even neighboring streetlights are out.

The only light immediately available is from two sidelights of Stiles' abandoned jeep, parked askew into the handicap spot with the driver's side door hanging open, and flashing its emergencies in periodic ticks of orange floods. The orange light is like a heartbeat, outlining everything before the darkness returns. Beat, orange lighting up the wet lawn and glistening sidewalk. Beat, orange: the unoccupied classroom windows, spattered with rain and shadow. Beat, orange: the padlocked doors and soaked bricks. Beat, orange, darkness.

Nearing the school at the right angle, one can see the source of the problem: a downed streetlight, a long candycane of metal, has fallen from the edge of the parking lot and landed on one of the buildings. No classes are going to be held there tomorrow, but since it only caught the edge of the roof, it simply looks strange and tilted there in the silhouette of the emergency light, not catastrophic.

Beat, orange, darkness. Thunder. Beat, orange, black, beat, orange--a sudden white hot piece of lightning cuts out of the sky, and a spotlight taking up the whole property in one eye-watering flash, and in the ensuing silence following the thunder, the sound of Stiles banging on the metal door of the basement sneaks through the pause.]

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