November 2015




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Sep. 19th, 2015


Deliveries left for Mikey C and Clementine M; Text to Wren H

[Left for Clementine M - at the Fire House]

Homemade Coffee and Vanilla Soap Scubs With a note: Hope you enjoy this one! First batch from the new apartment kitchen - ought to use it for something! Thanks again for all your help! - Evie

[Left for Mikey C - at the Fire House]

Manly Beer Soap and a little something extra just because - Homemade Aftershave too. And a note: I'd tell you I'd bottled pirate smell, but that sounded less appealing once I thought about it for a minute. Thanks for all your help, matey. Arrrgh. - Evie

[Text to to Wren H]

Image 1 and Image 2.

We're making progress! I got creative. And a big discount on fabric and the landlady gave me a bunch of rugs.

I made you some more conditioner.

Sep. 11th, 2015


wren h., mikey c.

[text to wren h.]

Bonjour, ma petite danseuse.

eta: [locked to mikey c.]

Hi. It's Luke, Wren's husband? I wondered if you had a second.

Aug. 24th, 2015



[text to clem m.]

when you done bein rugged and shit? our dog misses you

[text to declan m.]

you're missing all the fun shit dude


Cute picture of a pug underneath the cut )

where's the dog modling agencys tho

Aug. 18th, 2015


Mikey C; Jason T; Flash T; Damian W

[Locked to Mikey C]

Did you see that thing about the phone? Why has no one told me about the phone before?

[Locked to Jason T]

Do you know how many of these guys keep their webcams enabled?

[Locked to Flash T]

Sorry I've been AWOL from FF. I have a project I'm working on, and I'm kind of flaky sometimes when I get focused on working out scripting problems. How are you doing?

[Locked to Damian W]

Hey. That wasn't my fault [Nope. Just some cursor blinks. This is weird. Peace out.]

Aug. 16th, 2015


locks: Mikey C, Clementine M

[Mikey C]

I just noticed the craziest thing.

[Clementine M]

No more motel hell. :)

Jul. 29th, 2015



[locked to donna c.]

u + me + coney island = this weekend?

[note for clementine m.]

[A doodle of a peach and GEORGIA written on top on a green post-it. Left on her pillow at the house.]

[locked to evie s.]

[A picture of Daisy and Cap in matching firefighter helmets, both fit to size.]

Jul. 25th, 2015


Dispatch: Marvel NY

[Around six thirty am, Saturday morning. Got to love the early starts.]

FDNY, this is dispatch. Who's open for a call?

Jul. 9th, 2015


Mikey C; Flash T; Mingmei S; Public


Does anyone know if a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster exists in some door? I would very much appreciate directions.

[Mikey C]

Leo's gone. [...] Does that mean you're going to leave soon, too?

[Flash T]

[Nothing on the journal, but Donna's crafted a whole bunch of lvl 60 gear for him~]

[Mingmei S]

I'm going to be setting up some investor meetings soon. If they get to the negotiation point, would you be willing to join me?

Jul. 5th, 2015


Evie Narrative!

Who: Evangeline "This is Fine" Sablier
Where: Hell Costco
When: On the 3rd of July
What: Did you hear me? COSTCO. ON THE THIRD. OF JULY.
Warnings: COSTCO on the THIRD of JULY

This is fine )

Jul. 1st, 2015


Mikey C, Declan M, Evie S

[Group lock to Declan M, Mikey C & Evie S]

Boys, say a real sweet how-do to Evie. She'll be making sure y'all ain't living like unwashed heathens come working days.

Jun. 20th, 2015


Early Saturday: radio call (Marvel 911)

[The voice is dark with sleep, throatier]

Good morning, NYC. We got ourselves a 10-38 with a 10-70 this morning. Going to need you to get yourselves out to 632 East 9th Street.

Jun. 10th, 2015


tmnt siblings

[locked to the carrolls]

[While waiting to be seen in the ER. Big bro is concerned.]

soooo leo lets not visit here for a while ok? donnie where are you???


Roosevelt ER, Marvel: Clem, Dec & Mikey

[After the last injured person was dragged out of the rubble of Stark Tower, the men and women of Engine 26 had their own looking after to do. Which explained why they were all roped off at the ER of Roosevelt Hospital in Hell's Kitchen, being treated real careful for smoke inhalation and burns, coughing up fumes and all acting like there wasn't nothing worse than a papercut between the whole damn bunch.

Clem was done being fussed at, and all she wanted was a real long shower and something cool and sweet to drink, but the nurse that fussing with stitches at Clem's temple was saying the doctor wanted X-rays, just to be real sure she wasn't concussed, and Clem groaned and hopped off her hospital stretcher (after threatening real loud to call Penny) and went looking for folks to fuss over while she waited for someone to put her right damn back where she'd escaped from.

Her blues had been replaced by FDNY sweats in grey, and she padded on bright yellow socks with traction dots on the bottom.]

Jun. 5th, 2015


[Marvel: Gwengeance - NYC (Post 2 of 2)]

[A good 15 minutes after Tony calls for help, JARVIS in Stark Tower issues a general distress alarm and the building goes into lockdown.

Fire breaks out on the lower levels, and anyone already in the building is locked where they are as a several highly-trained teams, in successive waves, attempt to get up to Tony Stark's lab, storming each level one at a time.

JARVIS issues informational calls to NYC law enforcement and fire dispatch. Local heroes are also connected with those on site. Known heroes who volunteer help on the journals are issued a phone number of instructions that guide them to earpiece comms, if they don't already have them.

JARVIS, broadcast NYC-area comms:]

Be advised that an unknown hostile force had opened fire in Stark Tower.

Jun. 1st, 2015




I met a man today who said he was locked up in Arkham before hell opened up. He knows fairies, met them when he was a child and learned how to draw circles for them. He told me half of his fairy friends died in Arkham, the others barely escaped with their wings attached. Then he reached into his pocket to show me one of them. There wasn't anything there, of course, but I pretended to say hello anyway.

May. 26th, 2015



I went to sleep in Seattle. GPS shows I am now here in New York City?

Is this normal?


public, leo c.

[Not trying to be anon at all.]

batlady?? lady!bat?? [...] chick who happened to be batman who was afraid of flying??

[locked to leo c.]

[After seeing a couple of posts on the network.]

you ok???

May. 11th, 2015




Yankees or Mets?

[Private to Muerte]

Woouuuldd you like to go to a birthday party with me?


Mikey Carroll

[Note left on Mikey C's locker at the firehouse]

[It's a folded printout of Michelangelo's David's parts. Beneath, in familiar handwriting.] Need a new bandaid for that scraped elbow, Michelangelo?

May. 9th, 2015



uuuuuhhh so i can't get out of this place?

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