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Nov. 1st, 2015


News: Marvel-ish

[The news stories didn't run nationwide in Canada, over the weeks that followed from the accident. Mainly they ran in Quebec, mainly in the local township francophone papers, and one small story in Le Soleil and the Quebec Chronicle when the accident first happened. It was all very strange, a man shot, a serious car accident on a remote highway. No one had seen the shooter, and no one had seen the blonde woman flee from the scene into the forest. Lucky for her

Meanwhile, in one small township in Eastern Quebec, a woman had wandered in, checked into a motel in the middle of the night, and began making small talk at the local cafe the following morning. She was obviously from the region, if her accent was any indication, and she settled into the motel nicely while she made friends locally. She even found a part time job.

However, within a few weeks, as fast as she'd appeared - she disappeared. Simply upon receipt of a package that just had her room number on it, she'd disappeared overnight from the motel.

For a few days, the small town talked about it, and then someone was caught having an affair and the news became much more interesting around the local haunts.]

Oct. 27th, 2015


Marvel Update

[Hawkeye is seen around town doing crime fighting things as he does. This is not a big surprise. What's surprising are his sweet new pair of boots. They are cool and he is keeping them.]

Oct. 21st, 2015


[dc: news]

[The Upper East Side is snapped up before anyone really even knows what happened shortly after Selina Kyle brings a neighborhood to heel next door. In the aftermath of the earthquake, this sort of shift in the balance isn't exactly unexpected. Things are going to be unstable for a while, and the power vacuums will eventually be filled by the toughest and most audacious.

How did the new guy establish himself? He went directly for the two men who had declared themselves kings of the neighborhood, pulling them from their cushy safehouse stacked with looted goods and dragging them bloodied out into the street. This after tearing though all their goons to get to them single-handed, probably the more impressive feat.

Once out in the street, he did something so unspeakable to the two men that it grows more severe and insane with every retelling. With no news media to verify, the details are mixed. In one version, these jumped up 'kings' were drawn and quartered by brutes pulling chains. In another, they were slowly hung over hours. Who knows, though? It may be that their deaths were clean and direct, just public enough to scare everyone.

Whatever actually happened, people are scared of the new guy. The demonstration was enough to bring the gang that had followed the dead men firmly into line, and to create a small army for the new boss. Fear has since pressganged more men into service.

Under new leadership, much of the looting and violence has slowed to a few isolated spurts. Make no mistake, however, that it is chaos keeping people in line, not order.

The new guy is consolidating his power in the district, and his men are sent out on weird errands. Some clear rubble, some patrol for trouble, and some kill the foolish upstarts who try to stake their claim on a city block and start a fresh republic. The message is clear - get with the program, or die in a highly public fashion.

The strangest thing of all? They say the guy who took the Upper East Side with this garish display of fear and violence was the Joker.

But isn't he supposed to be dead?]

Oct. 18th, 2015


[dc: news]

[Certainly the location of one masked vigilante is not high on anyone's list of priorities in the aftermath of the explosion and subsequent earthquake, but rumor flies fast in a disaster area. A pair of volunteer rescue workers claim to have pulled a man from the rubble of a donut shop near the epicenter of the explosion. He was wearing the Hood's helmet, but it was badly crushed, and it had done something pretty terrible to his face. They claim to have brought him home to let him rest up and figure out whether to keep a dangerous vigilante under their care, but, thank god, the guy was gone on his own power by morning. They were able to get back out there and keep helping people. And no, they haven't seen him since.]

Oct. 14th, 2015


[marvel: news]

[In the early hours of Wednesday morning, 'Zoya Abdulova' is found dead by her security team in her Manhattan penthouse at the top of an expensive, luxurious hotel. She died of a single gunshot wound to the head.

There are signs of a struggle, including overturned furniture. The bed is completely flipped over, and her dead body is lying half-on, half-off the flipped mattress. Police are quick to state that they have several suspects, but no evidence, trace or otherwise, has been found. No skin under the victim's fingernails, no blood or fingerprints. The bullet that killed her is remarkable, an untraceable thing with no signs of rifling from the barrel that fired it.

The intelligence community murmurs about the hallmarks of the death, and the unusual amount of disturbance at the scene for a killing attributed to this particular assassin.

By evening there are reports that 'Zoya Abdulova' may in fact have been a false name, and an unidentified source claims there were documents left on the victim's body that pointed to her work with the former Soviet government. The Russians quickly refute this, and state that this individual had absolutely no ties to their intelligence machine. But rumors persist, backed up by the victim's striking resemblance to a famous Cold War photograph from the 1950s of a pair of dashing, infamous intelligence operatives. The photo is of a man and a woman, known only, and collectively, as 'Dyatlov.']


Gotham Update

[With only the warning of a single madman in Gotham, the bombs set in Wonder City go off and start a terrible chain reaction. The underground architecture falls like dominoes, causing mazes of tunnels to collapse and a terrible manmade 7.6 earthquake shakes the city for under a minute.

Buildings topple, streets split open and power starts to go out. Chaos and death fill the city. It only takes hours for the US government to declare Gotham a No Man's Land, blowing up bridges that haven't already been destroyed by the earthquake and vowing to stop anyone who tries to leave the city.]

Oct. 13th, 2015


News: NYC (Marvel)

[She shows up on Tuesday afternoon at the NYPD, dropped off in front of the building by an unmarked vehicle with no license plates. Upon review of security footage, nothing of the driver is visible due to the darkly tinted windows.

Dressed in generic green scrubs (the sort that could be purchased at any mass retailer), she stands briefly at the steps to the building before collapsing to the concrete stairs. Blinded and with her tongue removed, it's easy to piece together where those parts are. But she's not blonde, not in the slightest. Dark brown hair and tanned skin that had seen plenty of summer sun, the girl's college-aged and there's signs that she had once been in shape. But she's not anymore, no. Sunken cheeks and bird-thin limbs, she exhibits signs of dehydration and malnutrition. Whoever was holding her was not taking very good care of her at all.

But the most interesting thing about the girl is the message that's been carved into her back.




Big, bold letters carved deep into the dermis. They're already healing, done several days prior, but they're still angry and red, and where the scabs have been scratched off by desperate fingers, blood seeps to stain the skin.

The girl isn't up for answering too many questions, but when given paper and a pen, she can write. Her penmenship is messy, uneven and difficult to read, but the single word comes out quite clear.


Over and over it's written, and further attempts to get information out of her, including an identity, prove futile.]

Oct. 5th, 2015


[marvel: nyc local news]

[A short, ten second mobile phone video goes viral this morning.

The video is supposed to be recording the unremarkable damage to a white sedan, caused by a fender bender on the side of the road. It's interrupted almost immediately by the masked Daredevil, clearly visible in black and red material (though no proper suit and no weapons), landing on the roof of the sedan and sliding down it, feet first and full-length, into traffic. He flips over two more moving vehicles, both of them taxis, and then launches himself through an empty school bus that happened to have a few windows down on either side.

The astonished viewers (who are yelling in surprise in the background of cars honking) lose sight of him in the violet light of dawn as he pursues someone down an alley on the opposite side of the road. Both are lost before anyone thinks to pursue. The video ends with a pan back to the hood of the white sedan, which now has a smear of blood on it.]

Oct. 1st, 2015


[News: Gotham] (cut for violence)

Reports start pouring in fast. )

Sep. 30th, 2015


[News: Gotham]

[For the past three weeks, while Gotham's vigilantes have been experiencing the charms of Gotham U, the mob has been making inroads. After all, no one's been around to get in their way, and no one's been offering the citizens of the city any kind of out. By the time the month comes to a close, the Falcones have reclaimed all lost ground. They have their hands back in all the political pots, and they've dug their fingers into GCPD deeper than ever. The Egorovs are back in business, and the Maronis are working on getting their grubby little fingers in all those new charitable institutions that have been popping up.

There's an open call, whispered along the streets, for rogues and villains to join the Families in their efforts to take the city back for once and all.]

Sep. 29th, 2015


DC Comics Update

[Okay, so everyone knows the rule of three when it comes to telling a joke. The third prank? It's kind of a doozy. A few hours before dawn, the old Gotham U Clock Tower is lit up by two giant industrial spotlights below. They reveal that someone has painted green eyes and a big, red smile on the tower. 3, 2, 1 and then the surrounding speakers start to play a laugh track that loops endlessly.

But, the fun doesn't stop there! The clocktower's hands whirl and the Joker's voice plays over the loudspeaker as the laugh track continues:] Ahem, ahem. Attention students of Gotham University. Class is cancelled for the day so that everyone can enjoy extracurricular activities. Find all five bombs on campus by sundown or the whole place will be blown SSSSKKKKKYYYY HIIIIIGGGHHHH. Heheh! Have fun!

Sep. 25th, 2015


[News: Marvel]

[Sightings of the Devil of Hell's Kitchen increase tenfold.]



[With Intel there's no possible way she should have unless in possession of Fury's bad eye (or a magic bracelet that was psychically connected to him for a while) Peggy starts cleaning up current SHIELD ranks like a scythe through wheat. There are fifty arrests overnight in New York alone. Many are violent, but Peggy isn't there in person. She's moving behind the scenes, from underground, mixing metaphors and kicking some political butt. No one has her exact location at present.]

Sep. 22nd, 2015


Gotham University News

[Early Tuesday evening, three police cars and a SWAT truck show up to the Freshman dorm at GU. Someone is being made an example of. From the fourth floor, there are loud protests from one of the female students trying to argue her way out of the inevitable arrest. "Some guy just died!" "There's a murderer out there!" "Your priorities are messed up!" "I didn't do anything wrong!" "I know my rights!" "Am I being charged with a crime?" Etc etc.

Regardless, a tiny nerd girl (Donna if you're nasty~) is removed from the building in handcuffs, along with any electronic devices she had in her room. The police make sure that they have made enough noise to get the building's residents' attention, answering any questions with vague reassurance that the immediate threat has been dealt with.]

Sep. 21st, 2015


DC Door Update

[Everyone knows the prank where you fill a bunch of cups full of water and put them down a hall, right? Well, think that, except instead of water, the cups all have about three tablespoons of sickening green Joker Venom in them. The boys floor is covered from one side to the other with these cups on Sunday night. One dumb kid actually drinks the stuff and dies laughing. Slow, painful, howling laughter.]

Sep. 17th, 2015


(unintentionally) public.

[Bruce tries to lock the invitation to Gotham only, specific Gotham onlys, but unbeknownst to him it fails.

The invite is simple. A party, on the grounds of Wayne Manor. Friday night at 7. Music, food, and booze (Ed made him put it in) are promised, but feel free to bring your own, kids.]

Sep. 14th, 2015


[news: marvel]

[Periscopes and shaky youtube videos come in hot from a subway station late in the evening, just after the commuter rush. There were still good-sized crowds gathered on the platform when everything with with a screen in the vicinity flashed bright blue and started screeching at top volume. Every cell phone, every screen displaying track times, every tablet, every laptop. Any and all electronics were unresponsive while the hostile takeover was happening, including the station's CCTV cameras, meaning that there are only eyewitness accounts to testify to this terrifying disturbance.

When it ended, the power in the station went out. What videos there are show crowds of people running up the stairs and back onto the street, panicked under the scarlet glow of emergency lighting and the sound of sirens.

A number of people were injured in the stampede, but there were no deaths on the platform. The same goes for the trains that were near the station, which suddenly increased in speed for roughly the fifteen second period that the electronic disturbance was marked. There were thankfully no collisions, but some people were thrown when the cars jerked forward, and some fell during sudden stop a few moments later, as miles of track around the station all shut down at once.

The stalled subway cars led to train delays of many hours, well into the evening. As of early the following morning, authorities still have no explanation to offer. The most popular answer from conservative pundits? An act of mutant terrorism. The police insist they are still investigating, and ask the public not to rush to judgement, or to hasty action. They are collecting the devices of those who were in the station, but there doesn't seem to be any trace left behind by whatever caused this.

The sound was loud enough that it could be heard on the street. A few people, out of range of the disturbance, managed to record snatches. What little there is to decipher generally sounds like a loud burst of feedback. A few audio analysts swear they've found, in the layers of sound, a human scream.]

Sep. 13th, 2015


DC Door Update!

[What's a college campus without a good prank? Ever heard the one about a cow that can't go down stairs? In the dead of night, the cry of a nice moo-moo being lead upstairs of the dorm can be heard. By the time it's four stories up, whoever brought it up there can't be found, but there's a pretty big knife duct taped to the wall with graffiti that says "PUT ME OUT OF MY MOO-SERY."]

Sep. 11th, 2015


DC Comics news: Gotham U/Agedown Plot start]

[It happens while they sleep (or while they do not), in those dreary moments where the deep black, smoggy sky begins to hint at shades of pink and orange. Just before another Gotham morning arrives, some residents suddenly find themselves not in their own beds or on rooftops peering over the city or surrounded by the glittering lights of money being gambled away, but in the dormitories of Gotham University. Each in their own room. And, regardless of how young or old they should be, they now all are incoming freshman, just beginning their first year at university. No one, really, remembers who they were before beyond the memories any 18 year old has. Gone are years and years, erased by the hotel’s need for balance. You see, one rogue too little to be any rogue at all, and the whole world goes off kilter. So, adjustments are necessary, and many, even those who might not call this city their home, pay the price.

Gotham filled to the brim with teenagers? Oh, this is bound to be interesting at the very least.]

Sep. 9th, 2015


[News: Marvel]

[The roaring can be heard for miles, resulting in grab-and-dash panic, and the accompanying tremors are felt for blocks, well away from Kips Bay and into Manhattan. The river overflows its borders, and cement cracks in fissures leading away from the water. There are sightings of something large and metal rising from the Bay, and Hulk sightings are reported throughout the day and into the evening, with tales becoming more and more grandiose as the day wears on.]

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