November 2015




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Nov. 25th, 2014


[Locked to Bruce W.]

[Assuming Bruce has seen the news.] The Commissioner is fine. Shot hit him in the arm. Went to give his condolences to the dad of one of the officers who got killed, and he got shot for it. I don't know what your [...] kid is planning, but it's not exactly doing the Bat any favors.

[...] I don't know the names of your [...] family to share with them, but I sure hope you guys have a plan.

[Locked to Barbara G.]

Ms. Gordon.


eddie n, john b, dick g

[Locked to Eddie Nigma]

Is this one of those Batfamily only allowed things, or can I see if he's too afraid to fight an Amazon? Because I will stomp that kid right into the pavement.

[Locked to Dick G]

How you holding up there, Short Pants?

[Locked to John Blake]

This Gotham stuff is insane, are you okay?

Nov. 21st, 2014


john b. (+ jim g.), eddie n., jason t.

[locked to john blake & jim gordon.]

The mobs are talking about moving on Gordon. Egorov and Maroni are looking for retaliation on a large scale. I don't know who the exact targets are yet but it's safe to assume that they'll go after law enforcement, anyone who's associated with [...] me.

I'm sor

ETA: [locked to eddie n.]

I want to see if the heads of families are willing to talk. Maybe I can get them to call off this Bat hunt until Damian is caught. Selina thinks it's a terrible idea. What do you think?

ETAx2: [comm to jason t.]

Beep beeeeep.

Nov. 14th, 2014


barbara g, john b

[Phone call from the GCPD]

Ring, ring.

[Text to John Blake]

- Kid, I need you, drop what you're doing.

Nov. 7th, 2014


public, dc heroes, dick grayson

[As Anon]

I was wearing something incredibly small and tight, we decided to say to hell with it in a booth, and rudely interrupted by the hotel.

[As Donna T]

[Locked to DC Heroes/Batfam/JLA (everyone, okay)]

Everyone get out okay?

[Locked to Dick Grayson]

Well that was fun.

Nov. 6th, 2014


bats/birds/allies, iris m., eddie n.

[locked (individually) to dick g., jason t., john b., jim g., barbara g.]

Checking in.

[locked to iris m.]

How was your night?

[locked to eddie n.]


Oct. 15th, 2014


bruce w, john b, barbara g, dick g

[Locked to Bruce Wayne]

Blake said he's one of yours, that true?

[Locked to John Blake]

Hey kid.

[Locked to Barbara Gordon]

Hello sweetheart. How's my baby and her baby?

[Locked to Dick Grayson]

How's it going, Grayson?

Oct. 4th, 2014


[Public, as John B.]

[Several cursor blinks. John is not great at the whole small talk thing.] So. Door travel? How does that work?

[Jim G./John B.]


Sep. 16th, 2014


quicklog: bats/blake batcave.

[There was no afterglow of victory, not for Bruce. Vacation loomed on the horizon but Selina was still recovering, regaining his strength, and in the meantime he found it best to keep himself occupied. The busier he was, the less time he had alone with his thoughts. The only exceptions made were his trips to the hospital, where he was left with nothing but everything he was trying to avoid, but here, in the Cave, there were so many distractions. He was wired in to nearly every inch of the city, surveillance both visual and audio, databases, pages upon pages of information, police reports and schematics abound.

At the moment, he was working on upgrading the Batsuit. He had a number of prototypes and old suits, and maybe he didn't need to make changes, but it was something to do.

It was quiet, for the most part; the monitors hummed in the background, and various news reports marched on more as white noise than anything else. Bruce wasn't expecting visitors, but if he should have one, he'd know.]




Dear Gothamites and DC door people, stop me if this sounds inappropriate, but considering victory of some kind was achieved, who would be interested in getting a drink?

Also I'm Donna Troy for people who haven't met me yet.

Sep. 14th, 2014


dc: john b./selina k., robinson park

[This Gotham shared a lot of similarities with the one he was familiar with, but there were some differences he couldn't quite put his finger on. John Blake, hands in pockets and the "journal" tucked away there safely, moved through, habitually scanning everything in front of him as he moved. It was an instinct he wasn't willing to part with, and definitely not being in a place he could conceivably know little about.

But a part of him was eager to find something that was distinctly familiar, futile an effort that might be. At this point, he was still tempted to convince himself he was asleep.]