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Aug. 24th, 2014


Jack C, Amelia/Clem/Shane/Graham, Sam/Neil/Louis

[Jack C]

Jack, I hear your city, the one you were trying to sell me on, is getting trashed. You okay out there?

[Ex-Woodbury: Amelia, Clem, Shane, Joey]

Any of you caught up in the Gotham/Marvel mess?



Aug. 17th, 2014



[Relatively anonymously. Unless you know his handwriting.]

It was [...] hellish in New York the last few days. So, thank you to the people that made the cure possible. I know it probably couldn't have been easy.

Aug. 15th, 2014


shane a, sam a, zombieland ladies

[Locked to Shane Alexander]

[A smaller and slightly rougher version of this]

[Text to Sam Alexander]

- I'd like to ask you something if you have a moment.

[Locked to the women who were in Zombieland]

I was wondering if any of you were interested in having a drink. I don't know about anyone else, but I could definitely use a drink.

Jul. 31st, 2014



'Regards'? Your sarcasm needs work.

Jul. 23rd, 2014


quicklog: neil & maggie

[Neil didn't go back through to Gotham, not just yet. When he wasn't in the Pirates door he was wandering the hotel, or ducking into doors at random, all on his own since Sam had never showed. He wanted to find someplace normal or relatively thereabouts, just in case, since Gotham was risky and he couldn't spend the rest of his life on a pirate ship, tempting as that sometimes seemed. Sea and sun and booze, but once he'd found the door it was easy enough to go back and forth and he'd managed to stay sober remarkably well.

Clothes he'd borrowed from another door. Well, 'borrowed' as in 'stole without the intention to give them back', but hey, semantics. Maggie said she'd needed clothes, so he got her clothes. And he was trying really, really hard not to think about why she didn't have clothes of her own, or why she'd warned him not to freak out. Success varied. It was a brother thing, that protectiveness, and he knew he probably wasn't going to like whatever had happened to her.

Tucked under his arm, in a bundle, were her clothes, and he walked out into the hotel.] Maggie?

Jul. 20th, 2014


Neil D, Donovans

[Neil D]

You need to come meet me. I don't know which door and I'm not walking through like this.

[Donovan family]

Sound off: which doors are you all in?

Jul. 19th, 2014


luke h, wren h, evie s / clem m/ maggie d / bucky b

[luke h, wren h, evie s]

I'm out, and I'm fine.

[clem m]

Holding up?

[maggie d]

Do you have a safe place to stay?

[bucky b]

Thank you, again.


Who: Maggie Donovan
What: Narrative, coming-to.
When: Immediately post TWD boot-out.
Where: Sons of Anarchy
Warnings: References to rape, violence.

The world didn't give a crap if you came at it as a group, you stood a better chance of sneaking in under the gaps alone, and she was alone right here, right now )

Jul. 16th, 2014


Amelia T, Alexanders, Maggie D, ETA: Joey A

[During this.]

[Locked to Amelia T]
the fuck are you and the kid?

[Locked to Alexanders+]
we got out

[Locked to Maggie D]

ETA: [Locked to Joey A]
need you to find Cal

Jul. 15th, 2014



[Public: post Woodbury]

Where the hell is everyone else?

Jul. 10th, 2014


public, donovans, alexanders


Need a job. In Gotham.

[Group Lock to all Alexanders(+Iris) and (in a rare extension of caring) all Donovans too.]

We all in one piece?

Jul. 5th, 2014


Donovan Lock,

[Locked to the Donovan Family]

Are you all still here?

Jul. 3rd, 2014


[Alexander/Donovan family: minus Sam and Neil]

Sam's fine. door hopping, back next weekend.

[Ford C]

I'm gonna be at the garage late. you need anything, I'll bring it back after work.

Jun. 22nd, 2014


donovans, sam a., ella d.

[Written, not typed, in messy script.]

[donovan lock.]

Hey. I'm alive. What's going on?

[locked to sam a.]

[Heavy pen press.] Hi.

[locked to ella d.]

Sorry. How'd you get through the hotel thing? How's Beth?

Jun. 10th, 2014


[TWD: Prison break]

[Solitary was in the dead center of the prison.

From the East, C Block led into offices before turning into the cafeteria and, then, the infirmary. The cafeteria was teeming, a result of officers holing up in the nearby kitchen, a trapped food supply for the undead that had lasted months into the endemic.

From the West, an unfenced and gaping A Block led to B Block, where the undead had been feasting on the bloated corpses of prisoners and corrections officers until weeks earlier, when their supply had run out.

Solitary was in the center, a long row with two locked gates at either end, and a breach in the stones that led to the infested area near the prison's center yard. From there, a near-herd of dead had poured in, and they were currently ramming a door that bent inward and inward with each slam of bodies. And it was clear why they were frenzied; the entire space smelled of copper and fresh blood, and there was a layer of it leading into the door that they were battering.

C Block's courtyard had, at some point during an evening filled with hotel madness, been breached. One small corner, just a fence bent in when the watch was relaxed overnight as a result of bodies being swapped. Slowly, as the sun rose, the undead that paced outside the courtyard moved closer and closer to that maw, and they opened it wide, and they lurched toward the door that opened onto C Block's common area.]

May. 5th, 2014


twd, prison; joey/maggie

Summer was coming on thick and cloying. The journals functioned as a kind of calendar for those that were stuck in a world without access to television or radio or civilization. The days could bleed together, sticky and tough to stomach, ultimately scabbed over by loneliness so that a week felt more like a month in the end. The journals were a window to the rest of them. Them, Joey had come to think of the others as similar but separate. They were all cast into the same circumstance, but everybody else seemed to have an upper hand while those that were stuck at the prison were quite literally stuck. He'd stopped looking for a way out of the zombie apocalypse and acceptance was beginning to take root. He'd told Ella that he wouldn't give up, and he wouldn't stop trying to get out of this place, but even when he'd said it, it'd been a lie.

The only thing to do was push forward, to persevere, and to make sure that those around him were well. Shane and Graham seemed to always be out on supply runs, and the prison was quiet in the afternoons when everybody seemed to be waiting with wringing hands to see if as many people came back as had left that morning. Joey'd never been able to sit around and wait for things to happen though. He'd spent most of the morning out in the yard, gathering sun in the dusk of his skin and repairing a part on his bike. He came back in and cleaned off, swapping his grease-streaked clothes for a fresh t-shirt plucked up from a dwindling collection.

"Hey, you.." He thought the blond woman's name was Maggie, but it seemed safer not to go there in case he was wrong. "You're on laundry duty," he said while rubbing a dry rag over the wet sop of his hair, then tossed it onto the small mound of bloodstained, dirt smeared, grease-streaked cotton and denim that had accumulated in the prison over the last couple of weeks. She didn't seem to be doing anything, might as well make herself useful. Normally, Shane would have been the one delegating all of the shit that he wanted people to do while he was gone, but Shane wasn't here. And as gruff as Joey's tone was, it was about ten times nicer as any way his brother would have said it.

May. 3rd, 2014


Donovan Lock

[Locked to the Donovan family]

I just wanted to let you know that I'm going to be moving to Metropolis sometime next week. A [...] friend has helped me get a flat there and a job to go along with it.

Come visit sometime?

Also, Alexander is back. I want to tell you but

Apr. 23rd, 2014


[locked to donovans+sam a]

[Initially he's intending on locking it just to the Donovans after this but then he adds Sam, on second thought, doubting he'll get a response.]

I'm going down to the police station to make sure Ash is alright and to make a statement. Not that there will be any need, everyone in town seems to know who did this and why, if the papers are to be believed.



[Locked to Donovans]

Everyone check in?

Apr. 21st, 2014


TWD: log, Maggie, Shane, open to others

Who: Maggie D and Shane A and open to anyone who wants to wander in.
What: Introductions and the 411 on how to live in zombie-land.
When: First light.
Warnings: Shane's mouth.

She had a motherfucker of a crick in her neck. It had been a couple months since she'd slept in her car. There had been no hits on the google-alert she'd set up for the boys (they'd get themselves into trouble, she knew it, but where they got themselves into trouble was the difference between settling in and getting the warm fuzzies over San Fran or hitting the road, burned rubber and a cleared out rental apartment in the rear-view) in long enough to get comfortable. Bed-comfortable. Pillows, blankets, the kind of stretch-out and sleep that came when the only thing bugging her had been making the receipts in the bar add up right.

When Maggie came-to, the light was clean, bright. It had heat in it, not much but the damp mugginess associated with thunderstorms and the kind of day a dog would lay down and pant over. The wheel had grooved ridges into her cheek; she wished for coffee, a split-second of scoping out the next spot to get some before the night-before ground itself into reality with the gun lying across the passenger seat, blunt and ugly and real.

The sedan wasn't making a lot of noise as it drove up the track toward the prison. Low-profile, but the sun glinting off the windshield, picking out the pale paint made it a beacon as the tires crunched over dirt. It was being driven slowly, like the woman behind the wheel had her hands wrapped tight around the wheel not because she was being dropping speed to idle, but because she was waiting for another thing to come out. The prison walls were apparent from a while away but close to, they were cracked cement and safety, her heart slowing in her chest. One of those walls was a hell of a lot more than her car window in between her and one of the things.

The car nudged forward, right up to the gate.

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