November 2015




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Jan. 17th, 2015


[Stark Tower.]

[Locked to the contents of Stark Tower and various spider children in weird shapes and sizes: Peter, Martha, Bruce, Harry, so on.]

Someone bring me up to speed on what is occurring in my basement?

Jan. 14th, 2015



[After awakening from all the sedation and things.]




Jan. 11th, 2015


Tony S (+ Steve R & Sharon C & Bruce B), Martha J

[At the end of this, from a cab headed to Stark Tower.]

[Locked to Tony S + Steve R & Sharon C & Bruce B]
Mr. Stark. Please, help. Harry injected himself with an unknown serum. We've been holding him, but the mild sedative I administered caused him to begin experiencing seizures. I know Doctor Banner isn't here anymore, but I didn't know where else to send Harry. He can't go to a regular hospital. He's violent when under the serum's control, and he has excessive strength and is resistant to injury. He's dangerous, sir, but it's not his fault.

Peter's on his way to you, with him. I've been consulting with a doctor named Martha Jones. I'll see if she can come to your location. I'm sorry, sir

[Locked to Martha J]
Ma'am, the patient I was telling you about had an adverse reaction to sedation. Can you get to Stark Tower in Marvel? Please



[After a while of trying to contact other people in her world, and then Tesla who always seemed good for wine and research, she gets nothing. Just like there was barely any help during the Christmas invasion. It's not the worst things have ever been, but it still earns a sigh.]

Any other worlds in need of a medical doctor? Spotless medical qualifications and the ability to save the world sometimes. Presence of aliens preferred.

Jan. 6th, 2015



Erm. Happy New Year?

Dec. 26th, 2014


public, jane f., spencer r.

Our London should start actually celebrating Christmas a few days after Christmas.

[Jane F.]
The socks are cuter than I imagined they would be. You've gotten your gift socks down to an art.

[Spencer R.]
And I didn't get you a thing. If you keep getting me coffee, though, I can definitely find a job for you at UNIT.


Dec. 23rd, 2014


narrative and journal to Rose T, Clara O

narrative behind the cut: Okay, so Martha Jones had never loved Christmas. )

[Later that evening, she wrote this quick journal entry to the other companions.]
These grinches are erratic.

Dec. 20th, 2014


Doctor Who Crew

[Doctor Who Crew]

So, Santas attacking at malls. Does it sound familiar to you ladies?



Are there any others here who work in the government?

Dec. 14th, 2014


Jane F

[After this]

Tell me something good that happened recently.


Doctor Who crew, Aubrey R

[Doctor Who crew]
[After trying to reach the Doctor.]

Is he gone?

[Text to Aubrey R]

I ate all the chocolate ice cream. Can u bring home more plz?

Dec. 10th, 2014




Darcy's back, and you're gonna be in trouble...(hey la)

Seriously though, this crap is still weird.



I'm not sure I'll ever get used to not being with my family during the holidays.

Dec. 6th, 2014


Mass Effect: Martha J & Jane F & Bruce B

[It was a bad few weeks, to say the least, so the chance to go to the Citadel again already took a heavy weight off his shoulders. For a short time they would be absorbed into the futuristic world full of exciting advantages and advanced species. So after giving them a head's up, Bruce packed his backpack with notebooks and a change of clothes just in case, but they weren't going to be there long. He was sporting a full beard again these days, but it was reasonably groomed. He led the other two to the door he used to know like the back of his hand, and stepped into it without any hesitation.

The Citadel had a very specific feel to it, since it was a space station and had a controlled atmosphere. They stepped out of the hotel and into the Lower Wards, in a corridor not far from Chora's Den. It wasn't the nicest part of the Citadel to start in, but it was the least likely place for strangers to get questioned. Throbbing music came out of the Den, in true nightclub fashion, and Bruce gestured for them to follow him past it.] This is the seedy part, sorry. We're going to head into the Lower Markets and make our way up. Prepare yourself because this area's busy. [He smiled at them, because no time like the present to throw themselves head first into the culture. The Lower Markets were full of busy energy and the various alien species bartering and selling their wares.]

Dec. 5th, 2014



So I saw Gotham. What other interesting "doors" are there out there to see?

Dec. 1st, 2014


martha j, jane foster, selina k

[Locked to Martha Jones and Jane Foster]

How about planning a trip to the Citadel? I promise advanced technology you wouldn't believe and amazing alien races.

[Locked to Selina K]

[Started and stopped a million times, but finally.] Still okay?

Nov. 25th, 2014



It is exactly one month until Christmas, and UNIT has put itself on Code Orange already.

Sometimes I don't know what to do with them.

Nov. 23rd, 2014


Martha J

[Martha J]

Staying out of trouble?

Nov. 18th, 2014



Two questions:

What the hell is this, and who the hell are all of you?


Darcy L - Public Journal

Lets play a game of what's worse. I'll start.

What's worse:

1. Swiping left when you should have swiped right?


2. Swiping right when you should have DEFINITELY swiped left?

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