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Nov. 2nd, 2015


log: eddie/muerte at the funeral home

Who: Eddie & Muerte
When: recently
Where: Muerte's old funeral home
What: helping along a lost soul~
Warnings: sads. talk of death. cute stuff too.

She tightened her fingers around his, waiting for that slip of his presence into absence, hung on while the tidal wave of herself and the damaged, lingering souls of Gotham washed over her. )

Oct. 28th, 2015


quicklog: robinson park; ivy, kitty, and eddie

Who: Pammy, Selina, and Eddie
What: Selina and Eddie are making a visit to Pam's kingdom.
Where: Robinson Park.
When: Not long after the destruction.
Warnings: None yet?

[As for as monuments of Gotham went, Robinson Park was doing better than others. It was still standing, so there was that. Several of the larger trees had toppled after having their ancient root structures fractured by the blast that radiated up from inside the Earth. So now those trees laid on their sides, and the roots stood tall, perpendicular, clotted with so much soil and the little squirming things that lived in the soil. These things were uncomfortable exposed to the air, and it made Ivy sad because she knew what that was like, being overexposed. She'd felt it in the city, she'd felt it surrounded by buildings and lights, granite crushing down upon even when it was just standing there. She hadn't liked feeling surrounded by things so strange and just wrong, like a fish out of water, and maybe that's how these little squirming bug things felt now that their homes were torn up and totaled.

Ivy still didn't know the nature of why this had happened. Earthquake, she assumed. Which seemed weird for this coast, but Gotham was weird anyway. Still, for the most part, Robinson park was in a good state. One of the massive trees that fell, it managed to completely blockade one of the park's main entrances. It wasn't impossible to crawl over, it would be the same as crawling over a barked-over taxi cab… but Ivy didn't really see what the worry about the park was anyway. Selina made it sound like things could get bad. In destruction like this, there would be looting, she knew. But there were no shops here, nothing to take. There were still many small animals living in the park, nowhere else to go for them, but most of the birds had abandoned the place entirely. There was grit and dust in the air everywhere in the city, but the air in the park itself seemed strangely clean. Supernaturally refreshing, a true oasis. Every breath of air was cool min on the throat, every smell tropical citrus.

On that fallen tree blocking the main entrance, Ivy sat. Cross-legged, studying the busted root structure with a contemplative, studious expression. She wore tired old lace, cream smudged with dirt and moss. It had probably been a pretty dress once, something a bridesmaid would have worn proudly in the 80s. As it was now? It looked like Ivy had been wearing the thing for weeks, there were all kinds of rips and tears, and it didn't look near warming enough for exposed nights in a park, but she didn't shiver.

She contemplated a caterpillar, held him up on the tip of her index finger. Her hair was a bit of a mess too, like it couldn't decide how red it wanted to be yet, so it settled on pieces of auburn in shafts of more demanding light.]

Oct. 25th, 2015


quicklog: gotham general hospital, red robin & superboy

Who: Red Robin & Superboy
What: After the rescue work
Where: Hospital rooftop.
When: Late, late at night.
Warnings: None likely.

[It had been a long day. A long night. Every spittle, slow drip bit of time all in between was blood, bodies, broken bones, screaming, dirt, and rubble. This was just like Cataclysm all over again, and it felt as overwhelming as it had the first time a massive earthquake demolished Gotham. Tim didn't do helpless well, his mode became kind of robotic as he scavenged for the living with the help of of Superboy, who hurried the survivors to hospitals both in Gotham and around the surrounding cities. He performed CPR on dozens of people, he pried rubble and granite loose from trapped bodies until blood ran from the tears in his black gloves. He told each and every person that it was going to be alright, but he wasn't sure that he believed it. In the times in between, the spare ones when he was able to draw a breath and think for a second about anything outside of an adrenalized moment, he thought about Stephanie. He thought about his stepmom. He thought about how tired he was of losing people. Every. Damn. Time. This is what Gotham had become for Tim, a mass grave.

It was late when most of the rescue work was finished or under control. His comm had gone fuzzy, busted due to his altercation with Damian when Tim had taken a hard kick to the head. Facial contusions beneath that domino mask? Highly likely. Concussion? Potential. Largest concern? The rumbling in his stomach. Tim's face hurt, and his body hurt, his freaking heart hurt as he stood on the roof of Gotham General Hospital and watched so much of the city burn. It would take days to put out the fires completely. He was out of touch with everyone with his comm down, and he didn't know what to think while he looked out over the skyline. Even when he'd packed up to France for all those years, he'd never felt so alone.]

Oct. 21st, 2015


[dc: news]

[The Upper East Side is snapped up before anyone really even knows what happened shortly after Selina Kyle brings a neighborhood to heel next door. In the aftermath of the earthquake, this sort of shift in the balance isn't exactly unexpected. Things are going to be unstable for a while, and the power vacuums will eventually be filled by the toughest and most audacious.

How did the new guy establish himself? He went directly for the two men who had declared themselves kings of the neighborhood, pulling them from their cushy safehouse stacked with looted goods and dragging them bloodied out into the street. This after tearing though all their goons to get to them single-handed, probably the more impressive feat.

Once out in the street, he did something so unspeakable to the two men that it grows more severe and insane with every retelling. With no news media to verify, the details are mixed. In one version, these jumped up 'kings' were drawn and quartered by brutes pulling chains. In another, they were slowly hung over hours. Who knows, though? It may be that their deaths were clean and direct, just public enough to scare everyone.

Whatever actually happened, people are scared of the new guy. The demonstration was enough to bring the gang that had followed the dead men firmly into line, and to create a small army for the new boss. Fear has since pressganged more men into service.

Under new leadership, much of the looting and violence has slowed to a few isolated spurts. Make no mistake, however, that it is chaos keeping people in line, not order.

The new guy is consolidating his power in the district, and his men are sent out on weird errands. Some clear rubble, some patrol for trouble, and some kill the foolish upstarts who try to stake their claim on a city block and start a fresh republic. The message is clear - get with the program, or die in a highly public fashion.

The strangest thing of all? They say the guy who took the Upper East Side with this garish display of fear and violence was the Joker.

But isn't he supposed to be dead?]


[Gotham: Selina & Robert]

[Selina killed three people before breakfast.

Carefully selected, and not a lily-white soul among them, and it was a necessary evil. Holding the East End, it was all that mattered, and her focus was pinpoint. The only way to hold a territory in this destroyed Gotham was to be respected. Oh, she was lucky; the girls loved her. The girls she'd been feeding, clothing and patching up her entire life, and she was one of them, and they trusted her. They were loyal, and the low-level thugs she took in after the bridges were destroyed, their families housed and fed now, they were loyal, too.

But it was the people who weren't loyal, they were the problem. And, so, three people died before breakfast. Selina sitting there, presiding and with a coffee cup in hand. Murders, rapists, pedophiles, and she chose them well. But, and even still, she couldn't help but think of just how much Bruce would disapprove. But Bruce wasn't here, and Gotham was feasting on itself, devouring itself, and there was no other way.

She had over a hundred-thousand now, give or take, that belonged to her. She wanted to double it by the end of the week. But there was time to breathe, perhaps. Perhaps it was weakness, but she wasn't going to think about it too long. Instead, she propped the door to her room over the clinic, the view outside the windows one of destruction and chaos. She sat on the sill, denim and grey, a black suit jacket tossed onto the mussed bed, and her hair too clean and shiny for the situation at hand, her lush lips sinful red. But controlling a territory? It was about appearances, and the kitty cat was very good at faux exteriors.]

Oct. 20th, 2015


quicklog: gotham ground zero; feat. harry, gwen, damian, & babs

Who: Harry & Gwen & Damian & Barbara
What: Harry & Gwen are trapped in the rubble, help is on the way!
Where: Gotham.
When: After Damian did a no-no.
Warnings: Language maybe? Blood mentions probs.

[The clothing store had been nice, which wasn't something that Harry had ever thought to associate with the likes of Gotham. He knew that there was money in the city, there was money everywhere, but still… it'd been a pleasant surprise. And wasn't that greatest irony of it? Just when Harry had begun to think that maybe Gotham wasn't the horrible place that he'd always imagined it to be, the foundation literally crumbled from beneath their feet.

Now, in the dirt and the concrete rubble, it was a lucky thing that they hadn't been crushed to death. Maybe it was the blow to the head that kept Harry from going full-tilt freakout, but the horror of the situation hadn't really set in yet. Nobody knew that he'd come to Gotham, Harry had his doubts that anybody even knew that Gwen had decided to move here, so now they were just going to have to die here like nobodies.]

We can't die here. Not in Gotham. [He tried to joke, because ew, but there was too much worry in his voice to make for comedy. Harry groaned, it was a pained sound, partly because Gwen touched his injured arm in that moment, but also because the realization that the two of them were essentially buried alive… it was hitting him. Gwen was doing her best to pull the heavy rubble away from Harry's pinned arm. The brickwork was heavy, and it had been keeping the lower part of his arm numb due to its weight, but when she lifted the weight of the stone away, blood and feeling flew back down his hand and fingers in a deep, unforgiving throb. Even though Gwen was being as gentle as she could, Harry screamed through teeth clenched tight.]

Don't! Don't! [He begged her not to move anything again, and simultaneously hoped more than anything that she wouldn't have to if she'd already pulled the entire thing clear away.]

Oct. 18th, 2015


[dc: news]

[Certainly the location of one masked vigilante is not high on anyone's list of priorities in the aftermath of the explosion and subsequent earthquake, but rumor flies fast in a disaster area. A pair of volunteer rescue workers claim to have pulled a man from the rubble of a donut shop near the epicenter of the explosion. He was wearing the Hood's helmet, but it was badly crushed, and it had done something pretty terrible to his face. They claim to have brought him home to let him rest up and figure out whether to keep a dangerous vigilante under their care, but, thank god, the guy was gone on his own power by morning. They were able to get back out there and keep helping people. And no, they haven't seen him since.]


[narrative: jason todd]

Who: Jason Todd
What: Where is Jason Todd?
Where: ?
When: ?
Warnings/Rating: Bad news bears.

And anyway, where was Jason Todd? )

Oct. 14th, 2015



[He has no idea how his phone has managed to reappear, spotless, amid the rubble he's still trapped beneath, but he doesn't question it. It's inconsequential. He calculates the time he was out, roughly, from the blood around him, how it has coagulated. Dazed, uncomprehending, he tries for a lock and fails.]

Barbara joker his body


Gotham Update

[With only the warning of a single madman in Gotham, the bombs set in Wonder City go off and start a terrible chain reaction. The underground architecture falls like dominoes, causing mazes of tunnels to collapse and a terrible manmade 7.6 earthquake shakes the city for under a minute.

Buildings topple, streets split open and power starts to go out. Chaos and death fill the city. It only takes hours for the US government to declare Gotham a No Man's Land, blowing up bridges that haven't already been destroyed by the earthquake and vowing to stop anyone who tries to leave the city.]

Oct. 12th, 2015


[Gwen & Harry: Gotham]

[Gwen had been staying at the Manor since Jason helped her escape from The Morgan (and from HYDRA). Wayne Manor was huge, and it totally made the opulent penthouse she'd grown up in look tiny. Her mom's money, which Gwen had always considered crazy vast, was nothing compared to this. This was like Mr. Osborn, and even spending her childhood with Harry hadn't prepared Gwen for this place. It was removed from the city, and there was all kinds of grounds that the Osborn Estate didn't have, since it was in the middle of Manhattan. She kind of liked it, but it was quiet. Jason was off with his family, trying to find Damian, and Gwen was kind of glad Harry was coming to visit; the distraction would be nice.

She had no idea bombs had been set under the city, or she would've totally come up with a Plan B for a safe hiding place.

But, unfortunately, she was completely and totally unaware. So, she slipped into a pleated grey skirt and layered tees in grey and white. Knee-high boots over thigh-high socks, and she left the Manor.

She called a cab to take her to Gotham's version of downtown, and she sold one of the bangle bracelets her dad had given her. Then, she found a trendy store and propped open a mundane looking door in the dressing room, before going back out into the store. She totally needed clothes, and she figured shopping was a good distraction as she waited for Harry. Okay, so her eyes were still puffy from crying, and that had nothing to do with her now-healed shin. It was hard to lose nearly everyone, and the timing kind of sucked, and being homeless kind of sucked, and she was doing that hopeless thing Peter hated (past tense) so much. Maybe (hopefully) shopping (and Harry) would help.]

Oct. 9th, 2015



[Dick, Steph, Tim, Donna, Superboy, Jason.]

[Gravely, even if she's clearly trying to sound conversational:] Everyone say hi to our new computer helper, Donna. She's at my rig, so if you need intel, ask her. Donna? We'll come up with a cool superhero name for you later.

I'm at the location Damian sent me. I have Joker's body. Death by strangulation, no doubt Damian's work. [...] The entrance to the underground tunnel has been opened and since there's fresh prints and disturbed dust, I think it was recent. I think he went down there. [...] Who's here? Who can help out?


Gotham: Damian W

Who: Damian Wayne
What: soul-searching and destruction on a massive scale
Where: beneath Gotham, in Wonder City
When: after this & this
Warnings/Rating: some violence, mention of gore, and dire consequences

And, boy, wasn't that just the way of Gotham? In desperate need of a laugh. )

Oct. 8th, 2015


[Quicklog: Hotel → Gotham]

[Getting out of the Morgan wasn't as easy as Gwen expected, and that could be blamed entirely on the injured state of her shin. She cursed (literally and loudly) her lack of webs, and she cursed the fact that her suit wasn't anywhere she could find. She had a vague recollection of taking her bag to Gotham, but she must have left it at Wayne Manor, because she didn't have it with her. While ultimately convenient (since she was headed there, anyway), the lack of webs made her spider thing kind of super useless. Okay, okay, so it was mostly super useless anyway, since she'd been reset to zero when she was "born," but she was pretty sure she could manage to get from one building to the other without the use of her injured leg, if she only had the webs. But she didn't have them, and she totally had to improvise.

And improvising, in this case, meant waiting for Jason to create a distraction (she hoped that was Jason that sent the HYDRA agents running), and then run for it as fast as she could manage (which wasn't super fast).

By the time she made it into the hotel hallway, there was blood in her shoe, and there were tears on her face, but she'd sustained no new injuries. She didn't even sit down, because she was kind of worried she wouldn't get back up if she did, so she leaned against the wall and tried to catch her breath. She tried to convince herself that everything would be fine. HYDRA would lose interest in her, and she could go back home. Not that it felt very much like home without Peter and Flash, but at least Harry was going to visit her in Gotham. It wouldn't be so bad, and she was determined that the situation should be a temporary one. She'd managed without Flash before, and she'd lived through a lot of Peters, and it would be fine - even if it felt like the world was ending.]

Oct. 5th, 2015


Louis D, Daniel W, Penny R, Trystan C, Cerise S, Marta F, Seven M, Joseph W, Peggy C, Luke H, Clem M

[After this, the post is deleted.] [Locked separately to Louis D, Daniel W, Penny R, Trystan C, Cerise S, Marta F, Seven M, Joseph W, Peggy C, Luke H, & Clem M (all including Sam A)]
Who are you?

[In-person: Sam A/Cris M]
[From their booth, he just taps his iPad with two fingers.] Done.


narrative: dc, pamela.

Who: Pammy.
What: Powers? Check. Crazy lady wandering Gotham in her PJs? Double check.
Where: Egyptian and then Gotham streets.
When: After tiny!plot ended.
Warnings: None.

Choking. )

Oct. 4th, 2015


Dickie Narrative - Then a phone call

Who: Dickie - Phone call to Babs
Where: His house in Gotham City
When: Nowish
What: Being a kid was weird - his kid being a bigger kid was weirder
Warnings: Nah

Stuuuuuufffffff )

[Phone Call - Babs G]

Ring ring!

Oct. 1st, 2015



[After this. His handwriting is loopy & affectionate.]


Batman you did better than I could have ever dreamed!


[News: Gotham] (cut for violence)

Reports start pouring in fast. )


Gotham U: Damian W

Who: Damian Wayne (& the Joker's gift)
What: some innocent fun :)
Where: Gotham U bell tower
When: not long after this
Warnings/Rating: mentions of homicide. Like I said, innocent fun!

It was nothing but a prank, the official emails reported. Nothing to be worried about. )

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