November 2015



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November 1st, 2015

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An old amulet, the face nearly worn off. Claim it and I shall return it to you.

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[As Jeze.]

Photographs. Two men and one young woman. Two blondes, one beginning to have salt in their hair.

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Locked to Mingmei

Mingmei! I think I have something of yours!

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Public: Anon / Clementine M

[Anon: Public]

I have your [...] religious symbol.

[Clem M: as Irene A]

What is it you lost?

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News: Marvel-ish

[The news stories didn't run nationwide in Canada, over the weeks that followed from the accident. Mainly they ran in Quebec, mainly in the local township francophone papers, and one small story in Le Soleil and the Quebec Chronicle when the accident first happened. It was all very strange, a man shot, a serious car accident on a remote highway. No one had seen the shooter, and no one had seen the blonde woman flee from the scene into the forest. Lucky for her

Meanwhile, in one small township in Eastern Quebec, a woman had wandered in, checked into a motel in the middle of the night, and began making small talk at the local cafe the following morning. She was obviously from the region, if her accent was any indication, and she settled into the motel nicely while she made friends locally. She even found a part time job.

However, within a few weeks, as fast as she'd appeared - she disappeared. Simply upon receipt of a package that just had her room number on it, she'd disappeared overnight from the motel.

For a few days, the small town talked about it, and then someone was caught having an affair and the news became much more interesting around the local haunts.]

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Locks and a Public Anon

[Public: Posted Anon]

Uh, Superman?

[Bruce B - From Sharon C]

Hi, Bruce.

[Gwen S - From Sharon C]

Gwen? Are you still here?

[Peggy C - From Sharon C]

Hello, Aunt Peggy.

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[Jason T.]

I know you're out there. Why didn't you contact me? I looked for you, I was worried. You ass.