November 2015




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Aug. 28th, 2014



[Public voice post, as Doctor]

[Fast talking, mostly to himself.] Multi-universe convergence spot, that's a new one, or at least feels like a new one, could be an old one. Why a hotel? I suppose it nods to the temporary stay, but where's it all generating from. Or for. What's the purpose? Other than a brilliant nick of time, thanks for that. Bit rude not to ask though.

[As if remembering this was broadcasting somewhere.] Hello I'm the Doctor.

Aug. 24th, 2014


[Bruce W, public, "Gray"]

[Bruce W]
[She hasn't heard from him in a while, and with everything going on...]


[The shelter she's been staying in has been attacked again, and it's no longer fit for anyone to stay there. She and several other women are hiding at the moment.]

[...] Has everyone in Gotham been able to find safe places?

[Still Anon.]

Last time we spoke, you seemed to know the people we were inhabiting at the mall. Are you [...] in Gotham?

Aug. 23rd, 2014


Isaac F, Shane A, Graham A, Amelia T

[Locked to Isaac F]
I ain't going out in this. You can be fussed all you want.

[Locked to Shane, Graham and Amelia]
Man from the building's coming to board up everyone's windows, and he says they're doing the same to the front door and lobby. Best be here, if you want to hide inside. I got a feeling they ain't opening those doors again once they're closed up tight.

Aug. 18th, 2014


[Iris M, Clementine M]

[Locked to Iris M]

Still in search of employment?

[Locked to Clementine M]

Let's talk and be adults, yes?

[Address of the club along with his phone number.]

Aug. 14th, 2014


Clementine M

[Locked to Clementine M]

Where, oh where has my Clementine gone?
Oh where, oh where can she be?
I'm beginning to think she lied to me,
What will the punishment be?

Aug. 6th, 2014


[Alexanders+, Bruce W, Hatter, Public (as anon)]

[The day after her release from the hospital. Not that that's common knowledge. The hospital actually did a decent job of keeping it quiet.]

I'm not certain who was there that night, but I know there was more than one person. So I wanted to say thank you to everyone. I really appreciate it. I don't know if I can ever repay the kindness, but I hope someday I can.

[Bruce W]
[...] Thank you.

[ETA #1, after this. Pressing hard enough to be fairly bold.] I took some things from the penthouse. I figured I should let you know.

I'm alright. No more red. I'm sorry I didn't answer you sooner.

[Public, Very Anonymously]
[Printed as neatly as possible, which is tricky due to one of the cuts that runs from the inside of her right wrist over the round base of her thumb. The printing looks different than the easier, looser letters she uses to write to those she knows.]

I've seen other people do this here before, though I'm not sure how well it works.
I need a job. I don't have a lot of job experience, and I [...] am not able to interact with the public.
Typing? Filing? I know it's a long-shot, but I thought I'd try.
I'm also going to need a place to live eventually

ETA #2:
[Comments may or may not be replied to after this.]

Aug. 3rd, 2014



I've given this a lot of thought recently, but I'm fairly certain that if I had a sister, even if I were cross with her, I would not attempt to push her down the stairs.

It just seems rather rude.

Jul. 30th, 2014


Isaac F, Shane A

[Locked to Isaac F]
Honey, I'm going to need a little more time. Not a whole lot, but I'm not on my feet just yet.

[Locked to Shane A]
How's he doing?

Jul. 22nd, 2014


Clementine M

[Locked to Clem]

You still there, beautiful?

Jul. 21st, 2014


Who: Isaac Franklin
What: Recovery from TWD
Where: Gotham City
When: After the kick
Warnings/Rating: None to speak of

Consciousness came back to him slowly, nothing like waking up and feeling well-rested and comfortable. )

Jul. 15th, 2014



[Public: post Woodbury]

Where the hell is everyone else?

Jul. 2nd, 2014


TWD: Clem & Isaac

Who: Clem & Isaac
What: A reunion
Where: Isaac's place in Woodbury
When: Recently
Warnings/Rating: TBD

It wasn't so much an apartment as it was a room above one of the old office buildings in the quiet little town of Woodbury. Just enough room for a bed and and old rickety dresser, the bathroom a little cupboard of a room tucked into one corner with cold water and an old bar of soap that was slowly melting away into nothing. But it was quiet, it was private, and considering the circumstances, it was more than he was expecting.

He had heard, of course, when the group from the prison came into town, had even watched from the window their progress, and yeah, he had picked her out from that mangy group pretty damned easily. It had been a long time, but she was still Clementine, and he was still Isaac, and some things just didn't change real quick.

The door to the room was kicked open waiting for her, and he was in lounging on the bed, an old paperback in hand that he wasn't reading so much as just staring at the pages as he waited.

Jun. 30th, 2014


Clementine M

[Locked to Clementine M]

So, I've heard the parade has rolled in to town. Don't tell me you were avoiding saying hi to me. I'll be quite hurt if you are.

May. 30th, 2014


[public, Clem M]


This city-of-one thing, population: me, isn't as fun as it was yesterday.

Where's the door out of this place?

[Locked to Clementine M]

Supposedly there are doors out of this place, right? I'm about to double down on my search, sugar, because even though I like alone time as much as the others do, I'm quite tired of making conversation with myself.

May. 26th, 2014



[The Beast's letters are in Gothic letter print, transcribed onto paper.]

One of the kitchen servants is missing.



Given that I seem to be the only resident of this lovely little town, would it be too much to declare myself mayor?

May. 25th, 2014



I will pay someone literally one hundred million dollars* to bring a vial(s) of RGB polish in Violet, Minty, and/or Peacock (or China Glaze in Yellow Polka Dot Bikini ok), and like, 20 AA batteries to the hallway of the hotel. One hundred million dollars*, or one million bottles of Dr. Solomon's Cordial Balm of Gilead**. It cures everything. Even onanism.***
* after inflation; just kidding, I don't have that kind of money lol
** after inflation; just kidding, I don't have that kind of money lol
*** this product has not been tested by the OP bc he's not fucking masochistic

May. 16th, 2014



[As Isaac F]

Well, this is certainly interesting.

Would anyone like to tell me where New York City went to?