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Sep. 21st, 2015



[As a result of Emily going Deathly, reality shifts for "Ed" Nashton. His hands go transparent and then the game controller that he was holding suddenly drops to the floor. If she's Death, then he's got to be dead. And if he's dead? Then he's a full on ghost. He does his best to communicate with his electronics:]

W͖͕͍̪͉̟ͅe̴̮͇̤̹̫l̞͖͙͢l̵̦̰̟͔ͅ,͕̝͜ ͇s̘h҉̠̬͉͎͉̗i͙̰̘̲̜̳t͈̼̤͔̗͟.͍͇͈

Sep. 15th, 2015



[After retrieving the poor cow and securing her safe in his dorm room with appropriate food and far away from the disturbing devices of bored college students and their knives (though he leaves the knife taped to the wall...):]

That is not funny.

Sep. 13th, 2015


eddie/bruce look for the batcave!

[While Bruce had a nerd-fantasy future mapped out for him on the journals, Edd had a feeling he wasn't so lucky. The word rogue stuck with him like a thistle. A silly, old fashioned word that had never meant anything to him in his whole life until someone accused him of it. And in this Gotham Steph had painted with vigilante bats and "colorful" villains, he couldn't help but worry that he'd be on the weird side of things. He never grew up in this awesome manor and he never felt a deep desire to help everyone in the city. Kids like him? Were too busy trying to survive. The more he thought about his childhood, the more it felt like a super villain origin story.

But, Bruce was his best friend and if they found a Batcave and a costume below this ancient house? Maybe that would set Ed's life on a new track. Maybe he could prove all of them wrong. So, he came over to Bruce's giant manor with two backpacks full of video games and consoles like they were just going to have a nerd weekend. His sixth sense pricked at the back of his neck as he approached the manor; ghosts of every possible generation swirling around inside like the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland. Some of the voices were loud, others so soft that a thought could drown them out. It was kind of a ghost hunter's dream, but Ed knew this was not the time for that kind of thing.

He walked up the stairs to the manor, felt really silly about knocking on the massive doors, but did it anyway.]

Sep. 12th, 2015


[Look out world....Mar'i Grayson in the hizzy.]

My dad is two months younger than me. I'm taking the car. Who wants in?


[public as Conner K.]

Hey GU freshmen, there's a leak from the guys' showers seeping out into the hallway. Might want to put your stuff up on a chair or something.


One shower head is bent flat to halt the flow of water. Until it is entirely replaced, the stall is out of order. Conner takes his mattress outside to dry on the stairs.]



[Private to Bruce W.]
[Eddie can't help but feel a little disoriented, but he knows his billionaire roommate has to be here somewhere. His name around campus is Ed Nashton:]

No need to worry about how to invite me over to the mansion this weekend. I accept.


Robot battle grudge match. 9/15/15. NO DQ. Special Ref: Me. Winner gets Himouto jim jams.



[As Steph B.]

First weekend here, so where tf are the good parties at?

Sep. 10th, 2015



Who: Bruce.
What: Narrative: making plans.
Where: Gotham.
When: Nowish, pre-bb plot.
Warnings/Rating: Nah.

Bruce does stuff. )

Sep. 9th, 2015


Bruce W, Selina K, ETA: Dick G, Barbara G, Tony S

[During this.]

[Locked to Bruce W]
That idiot clone is talking of coming to Gotham, to help.

[And after some consideration...]

[Locked to Selina K]
What happened to Tony?

ETA: [Locked to Dick G]

ETA 2.0: [Locked to Barbara G]
Is Montoya still stabled at the manor?

ETA 3.0: [Locked to Tony S]
[After Selina's... comment, he decides to try this. Because.]


Sep. 7th, 2015



[Bruce W.]
[Delivered to Bruce after a particularly boring board meeting. A super cool toy.]


A seance is a good idea for a date, right?

[Donna C.]

I need help with something necromancy related. Won't you accompany me to Halloween Town?


You know, DC Comics don't sell in this Marvel Universe. No love for grit and darkness, it seems.

Sep. 5th, 2015


Gwen S, Bruce W, Seven M, Marta F, Ronan X

[After the conversation with Sam and spotting the return of Tim and Kara. As Hels.]

[Bruce W]

Are you looking for Iris' kid?

[Gwen S]

[She starts, stops, and deletes several times. Eventually there's just the blinking cursor.]

[Seven M & Marta F, separately]

How are things over there?

[Ronan X]

They found out, but it worked out really well for a few months.



[His cursor is, conveniently, a blinking little bat insignia.] I didn't sign up for this.

Aug. 31st, 2015



[Public as Barbara G.]

I don't care what anyone says, early Halloween decorations are the best.

[Stephanie B.]

Are you still in the cape and cowl?

[Batman & Robin]

There's a couple officers in Gotham that are willing to work with you two. Only you two. [A list of about five on the level officers. None of them especially high ranking.] I've been in contact with them as Barbara Gordon and have let them know that they can count on you for assistance. You should ask the same of them, to build trust.

As you can see, most of them have been demoted or taken off jobs because they're not working for any mobs, so we're still a long way from putting a bat signal up. [...] My dad was like one of these officers when he was younger and he made a difference. It's a start, even if it's a small one.

Aug. 24th, 2015



[As "Superboy." Yep, really.]

This is how the Justice League keeps tabs on us now?

Aug. 19th, 2015


death, selina k., helena w.

[After this, back at the Manor.]

[locked to emily g.]

[He considers 'Death', but decides to use what came up last time.] Hello.

[locked to selina k.]

[Oblivious to Marvel happenings.] Was it worth it?

[locked to helena w.]

[Stubbornly ignoring the 'do not contact me' thing.] How are you feeling?

Aug. 11th, 2015


bat/cat/riddle on a train

[The riddle that popped up in green text on the Batcomputer was a very, very simple one. Almost as if there was no real heart behind it. The text read: "This whistleblower is just loco for your cars!" With a little research as to what Wayne Corp was up to, it wouldn't take the Dark Knight long to figure out the riddle was about the train carrying his two beautiful, futuristic, sexy automobiles. One in black and one in yellow. Both on their way to be shown off at some fancy gala that was really just an excuse for rich people to get drunk and screw each other's wives.

The message to Selina was simple. It was a time and place where she needed to be on the train. It was best to be all aboard while the train was outside of Gotham so they'd have enough time to safely jump off said locomotive. Eddie didn't know or care how Selina was going to get inside. He figured she had some kind of cat burglar way to do it. Eddie? Eddie was feeling lazy. Eddie could have used a helicopter and jumped for the thrills, he could have found a way as a crew member. Instead? He just teleported from the underworld.

A little after midnight, a black and purple hole tore open out of thin air like a blooming bruise right in the container car. There were two guards, both heavily armed, who freaked at the unnatural sight. Once they recovered, they raised their guns at the man clad in green and pink.] Tsk, tsk. Shame on you, firing a gun in a metal box like this? How stupid could you be? Ahem. [Riddler held his finger up.] Riddle me this. What bone has a sense of humor? [The guns turned into skeleton arms and the guards screamed.]


jason t.

[locked to jason t.]

[Cursor blink, as he thinks about how to start. Eventually:] You moved out.

Aug. 10th, 2015


babs contacts the bat fam

[Dick G.]


[Bruce W.]

double h I'm back. Hi.

[Jason T.]

You know, for someone who yelled at me for hanging up gangsters by their toes...



[Stephanie B.]

Miss me?


Possum club reactivate?

Aug. 5th, 2015


quicklog -- steph/bruce: dive bar.

[The bar was a divey little joint that housed mostly barflies who had barely moved off their stools in ten years and thirty-somethings that craved a quiet place with sticky floors and a cheap whiskey and coke on a warm summer’s night. The bathrooms smelled like piss and regrets, and the booths were in a state of disrepair that the red duct tape could barely fix. Marty, the bartender nearing on sixty and missing a tooth or two, was handy with a draft and generous with the salty pretzels that soaked up the plethora of booze he sold to his customers. He was the Mayor of Church Street, which was a sketchy little stretch of Gotham not too far from where the corners of Old Gotham turned into the gentrification of mobsters and millennials, yet still had the character of a seedier, edgier block.

Stephanie sat towards the back of the dimly lit bar, near the jukebox that hummed some ditty about a woman named Jolene. Back when she lived close to here, she’d come here now and then. Usually with her husband, sometimes not, mostly for cheap margaritas before they stumbled home to fool around. Marty had given her a cursory eye when she’d come in solo, and a screwed up mouth told him all he needed to know about the other half of the expected couple. Ah, well. He’d seen that plenty of times before. So, he’d just let her order her drink -- tequila and soda because she was not fucking around tonight -- and settle into that secluded, worn table.

She was waiting for Bruce Wayne, and she knew that no one was going to bother either of them in the back of that dirty bar. Even if he was Bruce Wayne and even if someone recognized either of them. It was one of the things she liked about this place -- people minded their goddamn business. She had no fear that she and her surrogate father could commiserate in peace over the litany of problems that fell into their laps over the last couple of months. So, she sat, blonde hair pulled back, white tank and a mess of chains around her neck, and she sipped from her tumbler, looking just as tired as she felt. Fingers drumming on the surface and swirling the drips of condensation left on cheap wood in alternating fashion as she waited slightly impatiently for the oldest Wayne’s arrival.]

Aug. 3rd, 2015


Penny R, MK R, ...Batman

[Time fuzz, to just before the Liam thing.]

[Locked to Penny R]
I tell you I got Sam's dog for a while? Rodin. You're gonna hafta show me round the dog park, huh?

[Locked to MK R]
Hey, how you doing over there?

[Locked to Batman]
Any word on the kid?

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