November 2015




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Oct. 31st, 2015



[During this.]

Um, did anyone find a ring? Heavy, gold, fairly hideous?

[He includes a sketch of the etching on the ring.]

Oct. 28th, 2015



I am the temporary owner of a ladies' bracelet, quite finely wrought, a gold alloy with three charms. Apply with a description for its return.


quicklog: robinson park; ivy, kitty, and eddie

Who: Pammy, Selina, and Eddie
What: Selina and Eddie are making a visit to Pam's kingdom.
Where: Robinson Park.
When: Not long after the destruction.
Warnings: None yet?

[As for as monuments of Gotham went, Robinson Park was doing better than others. It was still standing, so there was that. Several of the larger trees had toppled after having their ancient root structures fractured by the blast that radiated up from inside the Earth. So now those trees laid on their sides, and the roots stood tall, perpendicular, clotted with so much soil and the little squirming things that lived in the soil. These things were uncomfortable exposed to the air, and it made Ivy sad because she knew what that was like, being overexposed. She'd felt it in the city, she'd felt it surrounded by buildings and lights, granite crushing down upon even when it was just standing there. She hadn't liked feeling surrounded by things so strange and just wrong, like a fish out of water, and maybe that's how these little squirming bug things felt now that their homes were torn up and totaled.

Ivy still didn't know the nature of why this had happened. Earthquake, she assumed. Which seemed weird for this coast, but Gotham was weird anyway. Still, for the most part, Robinson park was in a good state. One of the massive trees that fell, it managed to completely blockade one of the park's main entrances. It wasn't impossible to crawl over, it would be the same as crawling over a barked-over taxi cab… but Ivy didn't really see what the worry about the park was anyway. Selina made it sound like things could get bad. In destruction like this, there would be looting, she knew. But there were no shops here, nothing to take. There were still many small animals living in the park, nowhere else to go for them, but most of the birds had abandoned the place entirely. There was grit and dust in the air everywhere in the city, but the air in the park itself seemed strangely clean. Supernaturally refreshing, a true oasis. Every breath of air was cool min on the throat, every smell tropical citrus.

On that fallen tree blocking the main entrance, Ivy sat. Cross-legged, studying the busted root structure with a contemplative, studious expression. She wore tired old lace, cream smudged with dirt and moss. It had probably been a pretty dress once, something a bridesmaid would have worn proudly in the 80s. As it was now? It looked like Ivy had been wearing the thing for weeks, there were all kinds of rips and tears, and it didn't look near warming enough for exposed nights in a park, but she didn't shiver.

She contemplated a caterpillar, held him up on the tip of her index finger. Her hair was a bit of a mess too, like it couldn't decide how red it wanted to be yet, so it settled on pieces of auburn in shafts of more demanding light.]

Oct. 26th, 2015


[Tony S]

Please tell me that this is just a backup reactor!

[Public, just in case. Anon.]

I'm looking for somebody who knows Tony Stark. [Struck through after not-dead Tony shows up.]

Oct. 21st, 2015



[After hearing about ten different stories about how the kings died. Eddie's still not done being amused by goons who call themselves royalty. When are they going to learn? Well, they can't now. They dead.]

I don't see what's so funny about all that. Where's the joke in killing two guys who sound like they own a pager store?

Oct. 5th, 2015


narrative: dc, pamela.

Who: Pammy.
What: Powers? Check. Crazy lady wandering Gotham in her PJs? Double check.
Where: Egyptian and then Gotham streets.
When: After tiny!plot ended.
Warnings: None.

Choking. )

Sep. 13th, 2015


Public as Aubrey R

So there's definitely no need for Frosh Week to become Frosh Month, right? Is the green body paint still super necessary?

Also, totally unrelated, but the ridiculous abundance of abandoned frat houses on campus have got to be begging for some kind of party. I mean, just an observation. Definitely not insinuating anything. (Nothing to see here, campus security.)

Sep. 12th, 2015



[Private to Bruce W.]
[Eddie can't help but feel a little disoriented, but he knows his billionaire roommate has to be here somewhere. His name around campus is Ed Nashton:]

No need to worry about how to invite me over to the mansion this weekend. I accept.


Robot battle grudge match. 9/15/15. NO DQ. Special Ref: Me. Winner gets Himouto jim jams.



[As Steph B.]

First weekend here, so where tf are the good parties at?

Aug. 26th, 2015


Poison Ivy

[Call to Ivy, at the loft]
[Fuzzy to before this.]


Aug. 2nd, 2015


[public from pamela i.]

I don't feel well. I don't feel right. Not at all. Is this supposed to happen?


narrative: dc, pamela isley

Who: Pamela Isley
What: Narrative of misadventures and backfiring powers.
Where: Gotham train station, Robinson Park, & a club
When: Tonight.
Warnings: None.

Gotham itches. )

Jan. 26th, 2015


Pamela I

[Locked to Ivy]

We really need to find you an outlet for your Harley related heartache.


[Bruce W, Jason T.]

Sooooo. Ivy's on her period.


What on earth, is Gotham not good enough for you now?

Jan. 1st, 2015


Harley Q.

Kitty might not be feeling so hot. You should take her some flowers.

Dec. 30th, 2014


harley q, jonathon c

[After this]

[Locked to Harley Q]
You sew all of those hideous jester outfits of yours, don't you?

[Locked to Jonathon C]
Its been awhile. I want to know if you're being a good witch or a bad witch.

Dec. 19th, 2014


Public: as Zatanna Z

[After reading just about everything that is unlocked.]

This is a different turn of cards, isn't it?

Dec. 18th, 2014


Greenhouse: Cat & Ivy

[Marvel left Selina itchy. Steve and Robert, Tony's obvious depression, and now a dead girl that Jason was surely all mixed up with, and she just wanted something that didn't feel like loss. Even Bruce she worried about, especially with the holidays coming up and things with Helena unresolved. She needed a break, and she hadn't had one in so very long.

And, she did owe Thorns a visit.

What better way to forget about everything non-rogue in her life? Visiting a Siren was just the thing, and it was quiet in Gotham. She didn't have to let her thoughts wander to the mobs, to saving a city that she was currently on the fence about. Oh, she knew it would pass. That feeling always passed. But just then? Just then it all felt pointless, and she knew that had to do with fear that had burrowed itself beneath her fur.

And fear? Fear was dangerous for a rogue. Even a second's hesitation could cost someone their life on Gotham's rooftops, and she didn't actually want to die. Well, maybe that was something at least.

And the greenhouse was where it always was, and wasn't that a little soothing? Slinky black, goggles up and her whip loose around her hips, she let herself in. Sway of hip as she walked between the plants, and she called out instead of looking.] Poisoning Gotham with mistletoe this year?

Dec. 4th, 2014


Bruce W, Selina K, Eddie N, Helena W, Red

[Locked to Bruce W]
hi, baby

[Locked to Selina K]

[Locked to Eddie N]
Eddie? you there?

[Locked to Helena W]
hi sugar, u holdin up ok?

[Locked to Pamela I]
Hey Red whatcha doin



I feel as though I should offer some condolences to those those that he is survived by.

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