November 2015




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Sep. 14th, 2015



Everything has gotten so loud.

Sep. 13th, 2015


[locks to sam a, cris m, neil d]

[Time fuzz - after this. Shaky print.]

[sam a]

Sam. Why did you ask about Ian?

[cris m]

Did you see what Sam said? She took it down.

[neil d]

did you see what i just something is wrong with

How are you? How is Meredith?

Sep. 7th, 2015


quicklog, vegas hospital (ocean's eleven): neil & mere

[Neil wasn't drunk.

He was hungover, though. After parting ways with Sam he'd stopped off for a couple of bottles of whiskey and got himself a hotel room. Drank himself back into oblivion. All afternoon, all night, and in the morning he dumped the rest out and got some coffee. He showered twice. Brushed his teeth three times. But even with a change of clothes and his skin scrubbed raw the sickly sweet scent of booze clung, faintly, and his eyes were bloodshot, his face haggard. Stubble had started to show. But he knew he needed to see Mere regardless of how he looked, and despite his fear of taking care of her he did want to see her. Guilt roiled in his belly; he couldn't eat anything. He seemed to only be existing on liquids these days, and sleep? Sleep was passing out drunk, that was the only way he could manage it. He wondered if pills could, eventually, replace the booze when (if) he went back to A.A.

For now, he focused on putting one foot in front of the other. On going into the hospital without turning on heel and running the fuck away like the coward he was.

Up the elevator and down the hallways, Neil shuffled along until he found her room. Nobody stopped him, nobody said he couldn't go in, so he knocked lightly before pushing the door open.]


Neil D

[After seeing this.]

[Locked to Neil D]
We gotta talk.

Sep. 5th, 2015




The fire thing. That a New York thing, or a this-world-kind-of-nuts thing?

Sep. 2nd, 2015


public & locked

[Fuzzy timelines]

[Silent Hill Crew]

[The post comes a little strangely as she gets used to voice to text.]

Thank you for helping me. I'm sorry for getting you involved in that mess. Thank you. I don't think I can ever repay you. Any of you.


Change is never easy is it?

Aug. 31st, 2015


neil d/louis d

[During this.] Neil, how are you?



[Group Text]

Just checking in to make sure everyone's alive.



Who: Neil.
What: Falling off the wagon.
Where: Vegas, Ocean's Eleven.
When: Recently/Nowish.
Warnings/Rating: Sads. Alcohol. Yk.

In the end, Neil couldn't decide whether he'd won or lost. )

Aug. 29th, 2015


Louis D, Neil D, Joseph W, Helena W

[Locked to Louis D]
Shane's gone.

[Locked to Neil D]
How're you holding up? And skip the bullshit and go right to the truth, yeah?

[Locked to Joseph W]
Hey, baby.

[Locked to Hels]
Thanks for all the info, yeah? It saved our asses.

Aug. 21st, 2015


Lou D & Neil D

[During this.]

[Locked to Lou D & Neil D]
In the school
@ Entrance

Aug. 9th, 2015


Meredith J, Louis D & Neil D

[From her closet, extremely messy.]

[Locked to Meredith J]
hey. ok?

[Group: Lou & Neil D]
sorry yeah?

Aug. 8th, 2015


neil d

[Locked to Neil D]

(there's a delay in the post, chunks of it coming with minutes in between)

please hurry please hurry

Aug. 7th, 2015


Text: Penny R, ETA: Lou D & Neil D, Sam A

[During this.]

[Text: Penny R]
Need u to watch t and rodin. Sitter has spare key. Indefinite cover @ work pleas

ETA: [Locked to Lou D & Neil D]
[Just after this, after he tries calling back at least half a dozen times.]

sam s in the door we have to find it NOW uim here looking

[Desperation lock to Sam A]



I can't find the key.

I can't find the key to get out of here.

I've looked everywhere and I can't find the key!


Sam & Neil: Ocean's Eleven

Who: Sam and Neil
What: A Dive-In movie about a dude with a chainsaw (1/2)
Where: The Bellagio, Ocean's Eleven
When: Fuzzy timeline nowish
Warnings/Rating: Sam's language

There was a lot of stress. Meredith, MK, even Louis, so much to juggle, and he was actually looking forward to a night where he could let it all go. Temporarily. Even a few hours of normalcy was better than none at all. )

Aug. 6th, 2015



[During this.]

[locked to ash d. (+ louis d.)]

Hi, Ash. Do you have a minute?

Aug. 3rd, 2015


Louis D, & Aubrey R, Meredith J, Wren H, Delivery: Neil D, ETA: Neil D

[Locked to Louis D]
I would like to request your address. Somehow I still dk if the hotel will like, send you shit, if I just put your name on it.

[Locked to Aubrey R]
Girl, where do you even live these days?

[Locked to Meredith J]
So, I saw your public post. You and Neil are on a break or something? Also, hi, I'm Lin.

[Locked to Wren H]
Sup, bb?

[Delivery to Neil D]
[Sent to Neil's penthouse at the Venetian. Boxed up like it's from eBay, which, it is—is a beautiful, antique, classic lamp. There's no indication of who it's from outside of the seller. Packing peanuts, the lamp, and a hand-written thank-you note from the eBay shop. You're welcome, Neil.]

ETA: [Locked to Neil D]
Girl, holla @ me.

Aug. 1st, 2015


mk r

[locked to mk r.]

[...] Hi.




not good.

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