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Nov. 6th, 2014


Scott M/Allison A

[Scott M]

Are you okay, Scott?

Oct. 10th, 2014


allison a, kira y

[Locked to Allison and Kira]

It's over. I got rid of the nogitsune, and Stiles is back with me. [...] But I turned him into a werewolf.

Aug. 31st, 2014


Scott McCall

[Scott M]

I still can't get out, but things are getting better. The lights are back on, the army is here. I'm going to get out as soon as I can.

Aug. 24th, 2014



[After watching this.] If they decide to bring Sentinels to this place, I'm seriously considering door hopping.

[Teen Wolf]

Hey, uh. I found something that belongs to you guys. Want to pick him up?

Aug. 11th, 2014


[After this and getting the note in the weapons cage]

[Text to Allison Argent]


[Text to Kira Yukimura]

I talked to Stiles. The real Stiles.

Aug. 10th, 2014



[Private to Allison A.]

I don't know if this is the door you want to run away to. Aren't teen wolves exciting enough?


Who: Allison Argent
Where: Teen Wolf, Hotel Lobby, First Available Door (DC Comics - hey at least there's no plague)
When: Tonight
What: Allison comes back after a few months absence and doesn't like what she remembers

She had to get out of there )

Jul. 21st, 2014


LOCKED: Allison Argent.

Hey. I heard about Lydia.

Jul. 11th, 2014


Who: Allison and Scott
What: Hanging out, possible door hopping, you know, the usual
Where: Scott's house
When: Recently
Warnings: None right now

Another joke? Well, if you insist. There are two fish in a tank, one fish turns to the other fish and says 'Huh, do you know how to drive this thing?' )

Jul. 2nd, 2014


Locked: Kira/Allison

[Locked to Kira]

So when you said I was injured....

Jun. 25th, 2014


locked to allison a.

I'm reminded of that song by the late, great American funk band, War. Why can't we be friends?

Jun. 16th, 2014


Who: Allison Argent and Peter Parker (is there an award for most random canon pair up?)
What: Dream Sharing! (aka Allison has a thing for quippy dudes and Peter has a bad habit of finding the girls with the best hair)
Where: Allison's brain
When: Recent-ish
Warnings: None that I can think of unless this dream goes to a really weird place.

Beautiful dreamer, wake unto me, starlight and dewdrops are awaiting thee (lol) )

Jun. 9th, 2014


[Lydia M]

Did I have another dream?

[After panic]

[Scott M]

Have you seen Lydia? - Also are you okay? Did anything weird happen to you?

May. 22nd, 2014


[Locked Entry to Kira Yukimura]

Hey, Kira. It's uh, Allison. But I think it says that - anyway. Do you have a minute?

[Text message to Scott McCall]

Hey, Scott. What's going on? Seriously? What's going on?

May. 17th, 2014


Allison A

[Locked to Allison A]
[On her way out the door, after this, and sometime after this.]

You need to tell Scott that your not!nightmares are getting worse, okay? Promise me, promise me, or I'll wear something completely out-of-date and hideous to your eventual wedding.


Teen Wolf: Allison Argent Narrative

Who: Allison Argent
Where: Her storage unit then the woods.
When: Timeline fuzzy - just assume this happens often enough in the middle of the night
What: Hauntings and hiking and reading? Not necessarily in that order. And also deer death.

Well I woke up to the sound of silence and cries were cutting like knives in a fist fight )

May. 4th, 2014


Log: Open to Teen Wolf minus Stiles

[Scott sent out a locked post to everyone from his door except for Stiles, asking them to come to his house immediately, that it was an emergency. He couldn't answer the messages after that, too busy trying to wrap his head around what was happening. He went through the motions of picking up his house, although it wasn't too bad off, outside of having his and Stiles clothes and clutter in the living room. Except now Stiles was gone, replaced with something he didn't recognize. He didn't want to tell them all separately, just in case, at this point he was nervous about everyone. The door to the house was unlocked so people could walk in.

Scott himself was waiting for them, still a little shaky from everything that happened before. He hadn't known whether to include Jackson and Peter on the list, since they were all on shaky grounds, but at this point it seemed necessary to have all hands on deck. Especially since he had no way of knowing if Stiles was going to target them. He didn't look good, mostly from worry, paler than usual and he hadn't gotten sleep in a long time. He waited for the others to arrive.]

Apr. 30th, 2014


[Teen Wolf lock]

Police report came back. They had my car checked over and yup. Someone cut my brakes.

If it was one of you, heads are going to roll, I guarantee it.

Apr. 28th, 2014


[ public ]

I guess at this point I should just be able to roll with whatever happens in Beacon Hills.

Apr. 26th, 2014


Allison Argent

[Locked to Allison]
I just left Jackson in the middle of the street. Tell me it's okay to have left Jackson in the middle of the street. I mean ~of course~ it's okay, but tell me anyway.

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