November 2015




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Jul. 20th, 2014



[Since his arrival, Bobby has all sorts of questions about this world and what it was like for mutants. Are the X-men here? The Brotherhood? The MRD? Is it even safe? Still, there weren't good ways to just ask any of it. Not without putting himself in danger. Instead, when he finally posts, scrawling across his tablet with a stylus and blue "ink," it's in a classical Drake manner:]

Hello, God? Are you there? It's me, Bobby.

[He doodles a snowman in the corner idly.]

Jul. 16th, 2014


Xavier's, Storm, Ra's, Helen M, Bruce B, Dick G, Erik L

[Xavier's Mansion]
I'm ordering pizza for tonight. What does everyone want?

Would it be possible to get more fighting training?

Still out there?

[Helen M & Bruce B]
How's it going?

[Dick G]
How're the legs? Does your brother still hate the idea of me?

[Erik L]
How are you?

Jul. 7th, 2014



I would like to speak to the Godde Ororo Monroe, please.



[Locked to mutants and those affected by the pulse but no Magneto]

My name is Ororo Munroe and I wish to offer a word of warning in regards to Eric Lensherr's post. He is known by another name as well. Magneto. The X-Men have fought him many times in his quest to make mutants the dominant species on Earth. While it's easy to agree with him, he often seeks violent means to achieve his goals and cares little if at all for human life.

I am not saying do not speak with him, but urge caution if you do so.



[Locked to mutants, both born and made through the pulse]

I have been waiting and watching, and I believe it is time to speak.

My name is Erik Lehnsherr, and I am a mutant. I have the ability to manipulate and control metal. I understand there were some people hit by a "pulse" that caused them to develop new abilities. Someone caused it, and knowing humans, they will be looking for you. Perhaps they've already found you, or tried to experiment on you. I've seen this before, and they will not stop.

Brothers and sisters, we don't need a cure, and there isn't one, nor should they be. We are capable of many great things, things that ordinary people cannot fathom. And they will hate and fear you for it.

I had a team before. We found and protected mutants, and prepared for the coming war, because there is one. It is only a matter of time. Join me if you wish to be a part of real action, not hiding and hoping for the best.

Jun. 26th, 2014


Who: Storm (and Open if anyone in the X-Mansion wants to tag in!)
What: Ororo's taking a break from classes
Where: X-Mansion!
When: Tonight
Status: Narrative unless someone tags in.
Rating: Low.

Behold the witty text of wittidom! )

Jun. 16th, 2014


[Cal H, X-men, Clementine M., Public.]

[Cal H.]

Hey, Cal, honey.

[X-men; all of them.]

I need a couple tips on how to train a telepath, hero people.


What's shaking, sweetie?


That party was about as fun as ping pong in space. On the other hand, great shoes.

Jun. 10th, 2014


Public, X-Mansion, and Erik, you drama queen.


This day has proven to be one of my most interesting, and given recent days...I think I'd leave it at this day has been interesting.

[X-Mansion Inhabitants]

[After this]

So, I think I have the basics from Ms. Dailey, who I thank for helping to keep everything around here organized. Some of you, I hear, know me, and some of you do not. I would like to meet all of you before too long, but understand if you'd rather keep to yourself.

I am Charles Xavier, and I hope that my home will continue to keep you comfortable. And I am here at your convenience.

Right then.

[Erik Lehnsherr]

[after this OF COURSE.]

As if the situation isn't already complicated enough, Erik?


Billy K, various ladies of Marvel, ETA: Erik L

[Locked to Billy K]

Were you at the event?

[Locked to Lady Avengers and Lady Mutants]

Were any of you there? Are you all right?

ETA: [Locked to Erik L]
[After this]


May. 29th, 2014


Pulse-d folk + mutants, Valerie K

[To the mutants]

[Mental: Tentative. It's by no means the mental shout from before but it has the same mental feel, like handwriting looking similar on the page. It's not invasive, a knock at the door rather than a foot in the gap and forcing way through. The feel of it is polite, a little bewildered.]

Are we stuck like this? [And then silence.]

[Valerie K]

[The cursor blinks for a minute or two. He starts typing. He deletes it.] Hello.

May. 16th, 2014


Public, as anonymous


Is there a way for people who weren't at the pulse to get powers?


X-Mansion; Ororo, any X-Mansion residents

[She had taken a few days to get settled into the mansion. It was just about exactly as she remembered. And she did love the fact that those who had been affected by genetic mutations had come here for sanctuary. After all, that was it's original purpose when the Professor had opened the doors to his school. She moved down the halls, heading to the kitchen to get something to drink and maybe a little something to eat. Night was falling and she was enjoying the feel of the cooler weather.

But she was hoping that those here would be willing to accept her help. At least the ones who wanted/needed it. She knew they didn't trust her. She couldn't blame them. She wouldn't trust a newcomer either. But she had made the offer to help and train those that wanted it. All she could do now was wait for someone to accept her offer.

She began wondering though if those here had discovered the subbasement. It was something she'd need to ask about and soon. After all, the Danger Room provided a great and (relatively) safe place for a new mutant to learn how to control their powers. Arriving at the kitchen, she moved to the refrigerator and began putting a simple cold cut sandwich together. Turning her head, she caught sight of a plant needing some watering and she smiled, lifting a hand. Her eyes grew white and a small cloud appeared over the plant and rained gently on the soil. When she felt the plant had had enough water she lowered her hand, letting the cloud vanish back to the air and she returned to getting herself her sandwich.]

May. 11th, 2014


Locked to those at Xavier's Mansion

I've been told that many of you here have recently gained abilities from some sort of pulse. My name is Ororo Munroe and I once taught at Xavier's school. I would like to extend my services in helping to teach you how to control your new powers if you wish.

May. 10th, 2014


Public; as Ororo M

Well I can say this is slightly one of the more stranger things to happen to me lately.