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Nov. 6th, 2014


Public, Assorted

[Individually locked to Darcy L, Jane F, Loki and Torunn]

Are you well?


I'm looking for the woman who spent all evening on a lumpy mattress.


Sharon C, Selina K, Gwen S, Avengers+

[Locked to Sharon C; from the bedroom]

[Locked to Selina K]
Tell me this event was better than the last.

[Locked to Gwen S]
That was a rough transition for you.

[Locked to Avengers+: Tony S, Bruce B, Thor, Bucky B, Natasha R, Jess D, Carol D, Sharon C, Peter P, Torunn, Wanda M, Billy K, Rocket]
Everyone make it out okay?

Sep. 24th, 2014


Call: Charles X, Preston R, Sharon C, Carol D, Avengers+/-, Bruce W

[After this.]

[Call to Charles X]

[Locked to Preston R]
Sorry about before. It [...] I had to [...] tend to things on short notice.

[Locked to Sharon C]
Home, Agent?

[Locked to Carol D]

[Locked to Avengers+: Banner, Stark, Thor, Romanoff, Barton, Drew, Danvers, Parker, Maximoff, Barnes, Carter, Torunn, & James]
I've been notified that Ms. Lyons, Crane's [...] accomplice, has gone [...] missing from federal custody. There is no footage or evidence of how she escaped, leading me to believe she didn't. That the hotel [...] was the cause. I'm working with the FBI, but there's no way to explain it to them. We may be expected to participate in or promote a manhunt.

[Locked to Bruce W]
Ms. Lyons is gone.

Aug. 31st, 2014



[Text to Torunn]
›› I'm bored
›› Come visit?
›› I'm still on doctor's orders to take it easy.

Aug. 30th, 2014


[Oh so public]

Why does everything smell like its been on fire? Did aliens attack again? Why aren't I in London? Did I teleport? Am I on a different planet that just looks like Earth? Jane is this your fault? I bet it is. You really need to make up your mind. New Mexico, London, Asgard, Hotel/Previously on Fire New York City Planet.

Soooooo what's happening on the magical social network?

Aug. 22nd, 2014



Will waking up to strange situations and places ever be something I get used to? Or is the real question if I want to get used to it?

Aug. 20th, 2014



I do not like how quiet the city seems.



Y'know, one of these days, when the world isn't in chaos yeah right, we need to just do something fun.

What's everyone's status?

[Jessica D., started and immediately deleted before she can actually send it]

I relapsed

[Any initial responses take about ten minutes to come as she's frantically hiding the bottle of Jack and whatever evidence of her having drank anything.]

Aug. 10th, 2014


Steve R/Natasha R, Torunn

[Steve R/Natasha R]
I know I'm quarantined there something I could do? I feel useless and I hate not being able to do anything to help.

I'm scared...

Aug. 9th, 2014


Loki, Avengers

[Locked to Loki]
[After this.]

Brother Loki?

[Avengers comm, transcribed to Avengers lock on journals]


Aug. 8th, 2014


Steve R, Natasha R, Torunn

[Steve R, Natasha R]
I was patrolling in Chinatown and I saw him.

Code Red Torunn. I'm 95% sure I just saw Ultron here in Chinatown.



[Locked to Torunn]


Aug. 7th, 2014


Bruce B & Tony S, Avengers+, ETA: Bucky B & Sam W, ETA: Gwen S, ETA: Peter P

[Locked to Bruce B & Tony S]
[He forwards the link of information sent to him by Selina. (Tony is included, because he thinks it'll be good for him to have something to do.)] I'm going to go try and gather whatever it is he left behind. Should I be looking for anything specific?

[Locked to Avengers+]
We might well have a man, named Crane, alias Scarecrow, from the DC door here with us. He's a sadist who deals in fear. He drugs people for fun, to terrify them. According to a credible source, "[w]hen he was testing things in your world, he doused a school with something to make the children fearless, just to see what they'd do. Then, he used a stronger version on us. He likes fear gas best. He has a particular fondness for straightjackets and cells and needles, all in conjunction, preferably."

I will attach a visual when I get one. [Pictures provided by Dick, five in total, of one Dr. Crane, attached.] I am in contact with people from the DC door about his presence here.

Note: We are not apprehending this man, as there's no evidence of a crime that is not circumstantial as of yet. But we are to be on the lookout for him. With the strangeness on the news today, I think that's the least we can do.

He has a few abandoned labs around, locations that should be watched or patrolled, just in case, as he's currently in the wind. There's is one laboratory each, in: Harlem, Chinatown, Bronx, and Midtown. Anyone up for it?

ETA: [Locked to Bucky B & Sam W]
[During this.]

You boys up for trailing Barton? The coordinates for the lab in Harlem I give him aren't going to be the correct ones. I'll be watching that one myself. We'll see if the misinformation permeates anywhere.

ETA 2.0: [Locked to Gwen S]
Ms. Stacy?

ETA 3.0: [Locked to Peter P]
[During this.]

Peter, can you make it to Stark Tower to meet Jack?

Jul. 27th, 2014


Avengers+, with some caveats

[After this.]

[Locked to Avengers+, sans Bruce B & Tony S, incl. Sharon C, Bucky B, Sam W, & Wanda M]
Situation update:

The urgent situation in DC that Dr. Banner had gone to assist with has taken a few unfortunate twists, though they have made some progress. Mr. Stacy, who was involved, has been injured. She's been brought back this side. She is currently stable, as far as I know, her prognosis is unknown. Dr. Banner continues to lend a hand and we are all to remain here and out of Gotham until he's back and/or the situation is fully resolved. I'm getting infrequent updates from parties involved and will relay them as they come. I've excluded Dr. Banner from this post, so as to allow him to continue focusing on the task at hand.

Tony is unchanged. I believe Ms. Potts has been named the interim director of his Board of Directors, acting from out of town.

We are still unsure as to what caused the blast at Stark Tower, but things continue to lean toward someone with a power targeting the Tower. We do not know why. Wanda is still looking into the matter, following the few leads she's gathered. We'll keep Barton on watch duty, if you don't mind, Clint. Carol, if you could assist. The two of you can work out what you need to. No specifics, so much as keeping your eyes peeled for suspicious behavior/persons near the Tower.

Wanda, do we know if the blast came from inside? If so, if Natasha and Sharon could work on gathering the security footage and names of people going into Stark Tower that evening, if available. If it came from outside, then footage might be helpful, but without a name, I don't know how much we'll learn, even if we do see anything.

Peter, Natasha, and Jessica: what did you discover, with regards to your mission with the person offering powers?

Peter, Bucky should be getting in touch with you privately soon.

Does anyone have any skills when it comes to engineering? Sam Wilson, whose name I'm sure you've seen around, has a suit he needs fixed. Can someone lend a hand? This is also a good time for an introduction. Sam, everybody. Everybody, Sam. Sam helped me in DC. He's a good man and a friend. If there's no one who can help, Sam, we can wait for Tony, or I can give it a shot. But I make no promises on how good it'll turn out.

Buck, if I could get an update from you privately.

Torunn and James, I don't know how busy Peter is—Peter?—but if he's occupied, it would be great if you could continue as you've been doing.

Thor, are you still off-world?

Ms. Drew, I realized I don't know [...] enough about your powers and skills.

Did I miss anything? Does anyone need anything? If anyone wants to step out, has other plans, &c., of course do so.

Jul. 16th, 2014


Avengers+, with some caveats, Selina K

[Locked to Avengers+, sans Bruce B & Tony S, incl. Sharon C, Bucky B, Sam W, & Wanda M]
Here's our current status, folks:

Natasha, Jessica, and Peter are all in the Harry Potter door on a mission with an unknown timeframe. They may require backup at a moment's notice.

Dr. Banner has gone to DC to help them with a problem. I do not want anyone else going to help, unless we are asked by members of the Batfamily themselves.

Tony's status is unchanged.

Thor, I need your status. Are you still at the hospital?

Wanda, after looking at Stark Tower, is there anything you can tell us, anything you've extrapolated about the event that caused the glass to break? Clint said he didn't find anything on his search from the past couple of days. Banner had some more to say here, but nothing conclusive. I'd like you to, if you could, see what you can find out about cause.

Torunn, James, in Peter's absence, if you could split patrols of the city, it would be appreciated. Try to remain inconspicuous.

Sharon, see if S.H.I.E.L.D. has information that could be of use to us, on similar phenomena, &c.

Carol, if Thor is gone from the hospital, if you could hang out around there, keep an eye out for anything strange, I'd be grateful. Even if he is there, with Banner gone, we could use another set of eyes.

Barton, stay near the Tower and keep a lookout.

Bucky, Sam, I need to speak with the both of you.

I'll continue helping with clean-up at the site.

Any updates, feel free to add them here, or I'm going to keep my comm on.

[Locked to Selina K]
Banner is in DC.

Jul. 14th, 2014


Log: James and Torunn

[James knew Torunn was worried about finding Liho. He was too. But he was also (hoping) sure that the cat was like his mother in that she was a survivor. Not only that but cats were said to be resourceful, right? Well...hopefully it was true. He was still wondering what exactly had done this and why. An attack/message to the Avengers seemed the most likely scenario after all. But was it an attack against them all or someone specific? Though he supposed if it had been someone specific the person or persons responsible would have just gone after them instead of all the Avengers. Unless that person had gone to the TWD door...which was possible, right? He shook himself. First things first. Find the cat. Then worry about the rest.]

Liho, c'mere kitty.

[He was doing his best to coax the cat out but had no idea if the cat would even listen to him or Torunn] Should we try getting her to come out of her hiding spot with food maybe?



To those who are still within New York, are you all alright and safe?

Jul. 7th, 2014



I would like to speak to the Godde Ororo Monroe, please.

Jun. 30th, 2014


Phone call; James R/Torunn

[Ring Ring!]

Jun. 26th, 2014



Doesn't time just fly when you have someone to spend it with? Five years would have felt like an eternity if I'd been alone.

Guess I'm just lucky. [A scribbled smiley face.]

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