November 2015




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Feb. 23rd, 2015


Quicklog - DC: Babs & Lucy [Backdated, oops]

[It was an unusual thing, going from having a baby to having a teenager in a blink of an eye. Thankfully, though, Babs was quick on her feet. New universe, new timeline, a new dad, a new daughter was something she could roll with. After the shock wore off (and admittedly it was a nearly daily thing, walking in every morning to look for a baby Lucy and finding a much older Lucy in her stead) Babs took it in stride. It was nice having someone around the Clocktower, even someone who insisted that they get their nails done.

Still being around someone from the future (and she doubted it would ever stop sounding ridiculous) was giving her much to think about. She promised herself she wouldn’t press for answers. There were things better left unknown, she knew that. Had read enough and seen enough science (and fiction) to know that. But still Babs kept wondering, and as she stood in the kitchen, ready to make dinner, she spun on her heel and turned her attention back to her teenaged daughter.] Let me ask you something.

Feb. 17th, 2015



[Did someone say rich kid heaven? It's good to be the Mayor's son?]

Oh my God I totally just laid waste to these idiots from Metropolis in some kind of luxury sedan.

Feb. 16th, 2015


quicklog: hal and lucy

[She was pretty much vibrating with excitement. Literally. Her hands were shaking. When she arrived at Starbucks, early, she ordered what amounted to an Oreo latte, had them add three shots of espresso (and then a fourth for luck), and drank it inside of two or three minutes.

Sitting at a table that faced the door (but wasn't near the door because that would be weird), she jumped every time the damn thing opened. She knew she'd recognize Hal Jordan's face. Even if he was eighteen years younger than the last time she'd seen him. And wasn't that just the best thing ever. Hal. Jordan. She supposed the stomach twisting anxious sort of excitement she felt was the same kind of feeling most people felt when they met someone like, oh, Batman.

Which was dumb. Because she'd met Hal before.

Or maybe the feeling had something to do with all the weird around Gotham. She wasn't exactly a fan of the weird.

God, she hoped he'd pick something up with his ring and then smash it against something else.]

Feb. 15th, 2015


Public, Eddie N

Yeah, Happy Valentine's Day. Good job, Cupid.

[Eddie N]

I'm waiting to hear your crappy music in the Watchtower.



I must say, it feels quite nice to have my name on that office again.

Arkham Asylum. It's like home, in a way, and I'm just so very glad to be back once more.

And for all of those who are ailing in the city, do feel free to stop by.

Dr. Crane is once again seeing patients.


[public as lucy g]

Let's just say you drove your grandpa's car after he told you, maybe, that you shouldn't drive his limited edition Lamborghini. Because, maybe, you wanted to impress this guy, right? Because that's what people do.

And just say, maybe, maybe you might have scratched the paint. Maybe. Can you fix that with a Sharpie? Some nail polish? Or should I just go full psycho, drive the thing off the bridge, bail out, and let it sink to the bottom of the river?

Also, what happened to Gotham? I mean, Gotham has always been super weird, but why is Grandpa the mayor? Why is everyone hitting on me when I go out to get coffee? Don't get me wrong, I'm super hot, but usually this doesn't happen to me.