November 2015




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Mar. 31st, 2015


Log, TWD, farmhouse: Clementine M, Graham R, & Shane A

Who: Clementine Murphy, Graham Ross, & Shane Alexander
What: drinkin' moonshine at the end of the world
Where: The Walking Dead, an abandoned farmhouse
When: just after this
Warnings/Rating: TBD, but warning for language and generic zombie gore.

It was a fucking jackpot. )

Mar. 11th, 2015


quicklog, TWD: graham + clem + shane

Who: Graham, Clem. (With Shane later)
What: Graham to the rescue~
Where: TWD.
When: Nowish.
Warnings/Rating: Probs violence, cursing, etc.

Under the cut. )

Feb. 23rd, 2015


The Walking Dead: Shane & Clementine

Who: Clementine & Shane & a chorus of walkers
What: Getting out of the prison (maybe)
Where: TWD
When: Nowish
Warnings/Rating: Violence, gore, dead things. Oh, and Shane curses a lot.

Another night terrified, quaking with it, and being alone in this place was different than being with folks. Another morning came, and Clementine figured she was done for. Real cracked lips, she'd stopped counting on days without water, but she figured it at nearing three. Sleeping was something that wasn't happening regular neither. She was in the cell Graham and Shane had shared a year earlier, and she had the sheets off the bunks; she had them sheets strung up across the cell bars, tied high when she was trying to hide from Lore. Now, they blocked out the dead, but she could hear them plenty well. All crowded in like sinners in church on Sundays, and they rattled the bars as they rammed into them over and over, like getting at the meal inside was most important.

She'd tried some things to get them away, but none of them had worked real good. She'd tossed some of Shane's rations out at them, since lacking water meant she could only eat them dry. They'd scrambled some when she'd tossed the things out past the blankets, but they'd come on back quick enough, and she hadn't bothered again. No point, and she realized, sun up and another day, that she was going to die in this damn place. All alone, and not a point in any of it. She'd learned a lesson, sure, but that lesson was worthless here, and she thought it was all real unfair.

Good thing about being tired as she was, time slipped sometimes, and she wasn't real sure how much was dreaming and how much wasn't. Like just then, she was curled on the top bunk, a shimmery micro mini and a pink v-neck, her heels in the middle of the cell. She was dozing, on and off, and there were at least a few dozen things outside that cell. The courtyard, last she'd seen of it, was wide open, and walkers wandered thoughtless, like they always did. Inside the cell, she muttered as she dozed, names of folks she didn't think she would ever see again - Shane. Graham. Jake. Joy. And like anyone thinking the end was near, she replayed things in her mind and wished she could do things over different.

Feb. 18th, 2015



Who: Clementine
What: The view from a cell
Where: The prison, TWD
When: Recentish
Warnings/Rating: Some undead folks is all

Just like she'd said, Clem had gone looking when the prison got all quiet after she'd used that watch that had come with her wishing.  )

Jan. 13th, 2015


quicklog: father and son in TWD

[Graham hadn't been real sure if he was seeing Jake's name in the journal for real, at first. For every lapse of sanity there was always some lucidity that stuck around. But no, it was his son, his son who didn't call him Dad and hadn't in years, the boy who hadn't been so angry once upon a time. Wished he could go back, like he always did. Except he couldn't, Jake wasn't seven anymore, he was grown and even Lore told him as much; it was hard for her, too, always was for mothers. Their babies would always be their babies. What mattered right now, she said, was finding their boy, and he agreed. He pushed aside thoughts of the baby girl out there, and Clem, who was out there too. Didn't matter a lick what Shane said; he'd only made things worse with her, and best that he keep his distance from here on out. He could see his daughter without making a mess of things again, he was real sure he could.

But that was later. This was now. Graham retraced his steps from the farmhouse to the road best he could, and he read over Jake's list to work out just where he was. He was on foot, no car, and it was just damn luck that he found one on the highway that wasn't all broken up or out of gas. Thing wouldn't take him far, but he didn't need it to. Just to his son. Lore fretted in the front seat as he drove, and when he passed a gas station he hoped real hard it was the right one.

Further he got, more dead folk there were. He went as fast as he could and up ahead, there, he was real sure he saw a truck.]

Jan. 11th, 2015


Who: Levi Ackerman (character introduction) and open to any through The Walking Dead door
Where: Woodbury, initially
When: Sunday evening, Levi's arrival to this strange place
Status: OPEN to anyone, but can be counted as a narrative otherwise
Warnings: Slight manga spoilers for Attack on Titan, and it is through the Walking Dead door...

One nightmare opened to another... )

Jan. 10th, 2015


narrative in zombieland.

Who: Graham Ross
What: Narrative: Living in TWD.
Where: TWD door.
When: Recently. Nowish.
Warnings/Rating: Hallucinations. Killing dead people.

In the morning, he moved on again. )

Jan. 6th, 2015


narrative: graham goes to zombies.

Who: Graham Ross
What: Narrative.
Where: Hotel →TWD
When: Todayish.
Warnings/Rating: Nah.

Hell, he felt alive. )

Oct. 13th, 2014


[Update: The Walking Dead]

[It takes days to find the way out.

Mary Jane and Peter get there first, after being spotted and chased by the farmhouse survivors who are unwilling to let them escape. It's brutal, and their battle leads them far astray from the rendezvous point. Eventually, they find a city and, with the remaining survivors still in desperate pursuit, they make it out.

Harry, Flash and Gwen take longer. They linger at the rendezvous point, unwilling to give up hope, and their supplies run out a few days in. By the time they find the door in a nearby town, they're dangerously dehydrated, starved, weak, and barely able to avoid the zombies that they can no longer shoot due to lack of ammunition.]

Sep. 29th, 2014


TWD: Spidey crew

[That first night set the tone. In the end, Flash agreed to Harry's suggestion that they search through the night, and Gwen suspected he only did so to avoid a fight that would waste precious moments of remaining daylight. But they were blind in the dark, no lights anywhere save their flashlights. It was hard to stay together while running from the undead that seemed to be even more prevalent in the darkness. They'd lost each other repeatedly through that long night, only to find each other again when a gunshot or scream guided their feet in the dark, and by morning they were far away from the safety of houses or highways. There was nowhere to take cover, and the forest was thick and humid. The Southeast, she figured, based on the topography she'd noted before darkness fell, and even that bit of science wasn't reassuring.

They did a better job of staying together after that, but it had been nearly a week of the same. They had a few rations left, and they needed to find a water supply to replenish their stores. But Flash remained in contact with Mary Jane, and they were close; Harry wouldn't want to stop now, and Gwen didn't even suggest it. She'd stopped suggesting anything three days earlier. Words felt as useless as science here.

They reached the edge of the farmland just before sunrise. A flickering candle was visible in a high farmhouse window ahead, down a dusty road that was a barbwire-lined obstacle course, a few flailing zombies impaled on the rusty metal.]

Sep. 21st, 2014


Hotel →TWD: Gwen, Flash, Harry, Peter (+ MJ)

[The door hadn't moved while she was standing there, waiting.

She was at the first door, first floor, and the hotel lobby was just there, within her line of vision. She was dressed practically in purple rainboots, jeans and a seafoam hoodie. She had a pack with her that included all the supplies Ms. Carter, Mr. Rogers and Doctor Banner had provided, both medical and nutritional. Her dad's old service revolver was at her hip, his old belt notched to accommodate her much smaller frame. She leaned against the crumbling wallpaper beside the door, and she willed the door not to move before the others arrived. If the door did jump, it would take hours for it to show up somewhere again, and she'd need to restart the process of combing the hallways in search of the physical markers that indicated the right door.

She was nervous, and she twisted a mauve beanie between her fingers while she tried to talk herself out of the sensation, as if some logic could somehow turn off the survival instinct in her brain. She was nervous about seeing this Peter for the first time, too, and she was nervous about Harry's deteriorating condition. She'd tried to factor the likelihood of Harry's accompanying them, but she gave up about an hour in; it all depended on the strength of his feelings for Mary Jane, and that was something she'd never felt comfortable asking. Flash was literally the only thing she wasn't worried about.

On the bright side, at least she wouldn't melt the hallway while she waited. Movement in the lobby caught her attention, and she pushed herself away from the wall and called out.] Over here!

Sep. 10th, 2014


narrative: mary jane stumbles into another door.

WHAT a narrative
WHEN recently
WHERE Hotel -> TWD
WARNING cursing?
So, she was done. Finished. Caputo. )

Jul. 27th, 2014


twd: log, bruce and selina

Who: Bruce & Selina
What: Surviving in zombie land. (2/2)
Where: TWD door.
When: Past couple weeks → nowish.
Warnings/Rating: Violence, dead things.

She wasn't expecting the brush of his fingers, and she looked down, as if she could see his hand through the fog. )


twd: log, bruce and selina

Who: Bruce & Selina
What: Surviving in zombie land. (1/2)
Where: TWD door.
When: Past couple weeks → nowish.
Warnings/Rating: Violence, dead things.

She noticed the dead things too late, once she'd already gotten their attention by making all that sound. )

Jul. 14th, 2014


[News: The Walking Dead, Hotel]

[Monday evening, once Captain Marvel's powers break the Door rules in the Walking Dead, and once the superheroes having fought their way through Woodbury and tossed open the doors to the holding cell that the ex-prison residents are in, the Door ejects the entire group of hotel residents within Woodbury into other Doors.

The Door itself remains, but it has moved, and will not allow itself to be found again. Additionally, the hotel itself shudders, and the tremor is felt in every single Door World, as if the hotel itself was angered at this intrusion. Going forward, powers and abilities and healing won't work correctly in Doors that residents do not call home.]

Jul. 13th, 2014


Narrative, kind of: Bat/Cat

Who: The Bat and the Cat
What: An unfortunate encounter (AKA, these poor bastards)
Where: Hotel → The Walking Dead
When: Nowish
Warnings/Rating: Emo

Oh no, no, he wasn't doing this again. He took a step back. Maybe he could leave before she noticed. )

Jul. 2nd, 2014


TWD: Clem & Isaac

Who: Clem & Isaac
What: A reunion
Where: Isaac's place in Woodbury
When: Recently
Warnings/Rating: TBD

It wasn't so much an apartment as it was a room above one of the old office buildings in the quiet little town of Woodbury. Just enough room for a bed and and old rickety dresser, the bathroom a little cupboard of a room tucked into one corner with cold water and an old bar of soap that was slowly melting away into nothing. But it was quiet, it was private, and considering the circumstances, it was more than he was expecting.

He had heard, of course, when the group from the prison came into town, had even watched from the window their progress, and yeah, he had picked her out from that mangy group pretty damned easily. It had been a long time, but she was still Clementine, and he was still Isaac, and some things just didn't change real quick.

The door to the room was kicked open waiting for her, and he was in lounging on the bed, an old paperback in hand that he wasn't reading so much as just staring at the pages as he waited.

Jun. 22nd, 2014


TWD, Woodbury: Clem/Graham

Who: Clem & Graham
What: Woodbury
Where: The apartment
When: In-progress
Warnings/Rating: None expected

After that prison cell in solitary, she reckoned Woodbury wasn't so bad, even if Graham and Shane were real put-out over having to hand over their weapons. But that made some sense to her way of thinking. There were families here, folks with kids, showers and roofs and something that felt like living had been before ending up in this hell with the dead folks walking. It wasn't surprising that these folks were real protective of it, and they didn't know the lot of them from a herd of dead things on the street. They'd come into town blazing, covered in blood and gore and armed to the teeth. She figured it was real nice they'd even been let stay, and she wasn't surprised a lick that the weapons couldn't come to the three-bedroom apartment that the Governor set them up with.

She showered first thing, washing off gore that was days old and letting the hot water run cold and not feeling even a little bit bad over it. Being in the prison hadn't broke her of all her habits, and she'd never worried a lick over hot water. The town's folks had sent over a pile of clothes that were clean, and she slipped on soft a-line skirt and baby-fine cami without protest, even if both items were plenty out of season. She took to drying her hair with a towel, and she peered into the bedroom she knew Graham was at. She'd seen him before she'd got in the shower, staring out the window all distrusting. "You think something's going to come in the window and kill us dead, sugar?"

Jun. 10th, 2014


[TWD: Prison break]

[Solitary was in the dead center of the prison.

From the East, C Block led into offices before turning into the cafeteria and, then, the infirmary. The cafeteria was teeming, a result of officers holing up in the nearby kitchen, a trapped food supply for the undead that had lasted months into the endemic.

From the West, an unfenced and gaping A Block led to B Block, where the undead had been feasting on the bloated corpses of prisoners and corrections officers until weeks earlier, when their supply had run out.

Solitary was in the center, a long row with two locked gates at either end, and a breach in the stones that led to the infested area near the prison's center yard. From there, a near-herd of dead had poured in, and they were currently ramming a door that bent inward and inward with each slam of bodies. And it was clear why they were frenzied; the entire space smelled of copper and fresh blood, and there was a layer of it leading into the door that they were battering.

C Block's courtyard had, at some point during an evening filled with hotel madness, been breached. One small corner, just a fence bent in when the watch was relaxed overnight as a result of bodies being swapped. Slowly, as the sun rose, the undead that paced outside the courtyard moved closer and closer to that maw, and they opened it wide, and they lurched toward the door that opened onto C Block's common area.]

May. 24th, 2014


Clementine M

[A half bar of chocolate, carefully wrapped up in the foil it came in, is left on Clemetine's bunk. There's a scrap of paper folded beneath it.]

Maybe back home, this might have been questionable, but I found this in my backpack and wanted to share. Can't say it's the freshest, but it still tastes good.


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