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Nov. 2nd, 2015


posted public.

So a magical antidepressant feather turned up in my stuff. I figure somebody might need it back.


log: eddie/muerte at the funeral home

Who: Eddie & Muerte
When: recently
Where: Muerte's old funeral home
What: helping along a lost soul~
Warnings: sads. talk of death. cute stuff too.

She tightened her fingers around his, waiting for that slip of his presence into absence, hung on while the tidal wave of herself and the damaged, lingering souls of Gotham washed over her. )

Oct. 28th, 2015


quicklog: robinson park; ivy, kitty, and eddie

Who: Pammy, Selina, and Eddie
What: Selina and Eddie are making a visit to Pam's kingdom.
Where: Robinson Park.
When: Not long after the destruction.
Warnings: None yet?

[As for as monuments of Gotham went, Robinson Park was doing better than others. It was still standing, so there was that. Several of the larger trees had toppled after having their ancient root structures fractured by the blast that radiated up from inside the Earth. So now those trees laid on their sides, and the roots stood tall, perpendicular, clotted with so much soil and the little squirming things that lived in the soil. These things were uncomfortable exposed to the air, and it made Ivy sad because she knew what that was like, being overexposed. She'd felt it in the city, she'd felt it surrounded by buildings and lights, granite crushing down upon even when it was just standing there. She hadn't liked feeling surrounded by things so strange and just wrong, like a fish out of water, and maybe that's how these little squirming bug things felt now that their homes were torn up and totaled.

Ivy still didn't know the nature of why this had happened. Earthquake, she assumed. Which seemed weird for this coast, but Gotham was weird anyway. Still, for the most part, Robinson park was in a good state. One of the massive trees that fell, it managed to completely blockade one of the park's main entrances. It wasn't impossible to crawl over, it would be the same as crawling over a barked-over taxi cab… but Ivy didn't really see what the worry about the park was anyway. Selina made it sound like things could get bad. In destruction like this, there would be looting, she knew. But there were no shops here, nothing to take. There were still many small animals living in the park, nowhere else to go for them, but most of the birds had abandoned the place entirely. There was grit and dust in the air everywhere in the city, but the air in the park itself seemed strangely clean. Supernaturally refreshing, a true oasis. Every breath of air was cool min on the throat, every smell tropical citrus.

On that fallen tree blocking the main entrance, Ivy sat. Cross-legged, studying the busted root structure with a contemplative, studious expression. She wore tired old lace, cream smudged with dirt and moss. It had probably been a pretty dress once, something a bridesmaid would have worn proudly in the 80s. As it was now? It looked like Ivy had been wearing the thing for weeks, there were all kinds of rips and tears, and it didn't look near warming enough for exposed nights in a park, but she didn't shiver.

She contemplated a caterpillar, held him up on the tip of her index finger. Her hair was a bit of a mess too, like it couldn't decide how red it wanted to be yet, so it settled on pieces of auburn in shafts of more demanding light.]

Oct. 26th, 2015



Someone missing themselves some green goop in a vial? It don't look FDA approved, whatever the damn thing is.



[Public, but anonymous.]

Is this where we're doing the lost and found?

Glowing buzzy green and turning gears that like to pinch fingers if you're not being careful. I'd really appreciate its return. Really a lot. Please.

Oct. 25th, 2015


Oh.So.Public. - LOST DOG

Oh.So.Public. LOST DOG - Image Heavy )

I also got some ring delivered. If it's yours describe it. But mostly. The dog. Please.

Oct. 21st, 2015



[After hearing about ten different stories about how the kings died. Eddie's still not done being amused by goons who call themselves royalty. When are they going to learn? Well, they can't now. They dead.]

I don't see what's so funny about all that. Where's the joke in killing two guys who sound like they own a pager store?

Oct. 15th, 2015



[Maybe written on the private luxury jet that's whisking her across the country, the absolute opposite of being in Gotham a couple of hours prior.]

[Eddie N]

Keep a hold of that generator and satellite. I'll be back in Gotham Sunday evening. I forgot I had some business meetings this weekend.

[Conner K]

Hey I didn't want to leave You let me know if I'm needed over there, okay? No one in Gotham knows how to ask for help. I'll find a door and pop back as quick as I can. Otherwise, I'll be back on Sunday. Keep me updated?


I'll be on QWERTY Live this Saturday, for those of you that keep up with video games. We're going to be talking about the evolution of FPS and then I'm going to destroy these boys in GoldenEye.

Oct. 14th, 2015




Something terrible happened.

[Donna C.]

Checking in.

[He tries Helena but it doesn't quite work.]

Hi. I have some bad news.


Eddie N

[Locked to Eddie N]
[Just after this - well, once she can get clear of the rubble. She's back in Gotham, helping with the orphans from Damian's last antic.]


Oct. 1st, 2015


[Enigma and Graves]

[After hearing the shouting coming from upstairs.]

[Text: Eddie N, Emily G, and Donna C]

Please tell me that's one of you upstairs.



[Private to Muerte]
[Groggy, hungover, worried about Gotham.]

Hey, I need you to step out of the door. Something's going on over there and I'm no help if I'm a ghost.

[Jason T.]

Bruce is gone. Can you tell me what's going on?

[Selina K.]
[Shouted from the floor of the apartment's office:]

You here?

[Donna C.]
[Later after texting Faol.]

Hey, are you okay?

Sep. 30th, 2015


Eddie N

[Locked to Ed Nigma]
[After hearing about the bombs that are going to make Gotham U go BOOM in a day.]

please tell me you abandoned that place full of idiots?

Sep. 21st, 2015


Textra Credit!

[It pops up as Anonymous. Someone got bored and wrote a little text adventure game with her fun new AI.]

Gotham U: Textra Credit
BoPro Interactive Fiction
Copyright © 2015 by BoPro, Inc. All rights reserved.
Release 3.14 (Beta) / Serial Number 981091701-D

You wake up to the sound of a cow nearby. The room is spinning very gently around your head. Or at least it would be if you could see it. Which you can't.

It is pitch black.

[The cursor blinks expectantly, awaiting instructions.]



[As a result of Emily going Deathly, reality shifts for "Ed" Nashton. His hands go transparent and then the game controller that he was holding suddenly drops to the floor. If she's Death, then he's got to be dead. And if he's dead? Then he's a full on ghost. He does his best to communicate with his electronics:]

W͖͕͍̪͉̟ͅe̴̮͇̤̹̫l̞͖͙͢l̵̦̰̟͔ͅ,͕̝͜ ͇s̘h҉̠̬͉͎͉̗i͙̰̘̲̜̳t͈̼̤͔̗͟.͍͇͈

Sep. 14th, 2015



[After this. He calls from Wayne Manor, where he's currently hiding out with Bruce. Ring, ring!]


Eddie, "Emily", Selina

[The rest of the Enigma and Graves crew: Eddie and Emily]
[After this and after no on else shows up for work.]

Are you both in Gotham?




Public (minus Flash T)

[Public minus Flash T]

[ETA: After this and this.]

Campus security isn't picking up. Anyone else have any ideas for dealing with a weirdo stalker?

Misunderstanding. Carry on.

Can we please deal with the cow now?

Sep. 13th, 2015


[Eddie N]

[Eddie N]
[He's been gone for more than a day. He hasn't come back to the apartment, not even to sleep. She knows he was going to Gotham, but he hadn't said he'd be gone for as long as he has been. And she hasn't heard from him at all. Not even a message to see how she's doing - to apologize for getting caught up in something. Plus, she's seeing some stuff on the journals that just doesn't look right.

As Muerte:]

You've got me worried. I [...] think I'm going to come over. I know I said I wasn't ready for different doors, but [...] I have to. I hope I'll see you soon. If I totally mess this up, [...] I'm sorry.

[She thinks about sending messages to Selina and Destiny, but in the end she doesn't. The post only stays for about 15 minutes, long enough for her to get out of the Marvel door and through the hotel. She hesitates for a rather long time before finally putting her hand on the DC doorknob and pushing in. As that happens, any messages to "Muerte" or "Death" simply fizzle for the time being. Ink sinks into the page and disappears, digital formats glitch out.]


eddie/bruce look for the batcave!

[While Bruce had a nerd-fantasy future mapped out for him on the journals, Edd had a feeling he wasn't so lucky. The word rogue stuck with him like a thistle. A silly, old fashioned word that had never meant anything to him in his whole life until someone accused him of it. And in this Gotham Steph had painted with vigilante bats and "colorful" villains, he couldn't help but worry that he'd be on the weird side of things. He never grew up in this awesome manor and he never felt a deep desire to help everyone in the city. Kids like him? Were too busy trying to survive. The more he thought about his childhood, the more it felt like a super villain origin story.

But, Bruce was his best friend and if they found a Batcave and a costume below this ancient house? Maybe that would set Ed's life on a new track. Maybe he could prove all of them wrong. So, he came over to Bruce's giant manor with two backpacks full of video games and consoles like they were just going to have a nerd weekend. His sixth sense pricked at the back of his neck as he approached the manor; ghosts of every possible generation swirling around inside like the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland. Some of the voices were loud, others so soft that a thought could drown them out. It was kind of a ghost hunter's dream, but Ed knew this was not the time for that kind of thing.

He walked up the stairs to the manor, felt really silly about knocking on the massive doors, but did it anyway.]

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