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Aug. 12th, 2014


[Public, anonymous]

[Careless smudges of food on the paper precede the message. Then, there is sketching. Little stick figures begin to collect and spread on the page in bundles.]

dear sestra. today i fold all the clothes for you and kill rat in basement who chews your house. i set trap in basement for him, little scraps of paper. rats like paper they think are written with important things. i leave him there to scare other rats. why do all numbers in green phone ring and ring and ring and ring

soon you come home. i make house for you. i fill basement while you are gone with rats.

[A print of red, red lips. A few more dark stick figures, heavily outlined, and a small postscript.]

i run out of lipsticks from your suitcase so bring more.

Aug. 6th, 2014


[Alexanders+, Bruce W, Hatter, Public (as anon)]

[The day after her release from the hospital. Not that that's common knowledge. The hospital actually did a decent job of keeping it quiet.]

I'm not certain who was there that night, but I know there was more than one person. So I wanted to say thank you to everyone. I really appreciate it. I don't know if I can ever repay the kindness, but I hope someday I can.

[Bruce W]
[...] Thank you.

[ETA #1, after this. Pressing hard enough to be fairly bold.] I took some things from the penthouse. I figured I should let you know.

I'm alright. No more red. I'm sorry I didn't answer you sooner.

[Public, Very Anonymously]
[Printed as neatly as possible, which is tricky due to one of the cuts that runs from the inside of her right wrist over the round base of her thumb. The printing looks different than the easier, looser letters she uses to write to those she knows.]

I've seen other people do this here before, though I'm not sure how well it works.
I need a job. I don't have a lot of job experience, and I [...] am not able to interact with the public.
Typing? Filing? I know it's a long-shot, but I thought I'd try.
I'm also going to need a place to live eventually

ETA #2:
[Comments may or may not be replied to after this.]

Aug. 4th, 2014



[Shortly after this. Three fingers of drippy, smudged scarlet across the page.]

Aug. 1st, 2014



Where is the little bird?

Jul. 20th, 2014


Who: Iris and Hatter
What: Hide and Seek (but not the game)
Where: Renaissance Italy -> Passages Hotel
When: After this and this.
Warnings/Rating: Angst likely, weirdness also likely, will update if needed

She was running. Maybe not physically, not in the heavy skirts of the dress she still wore, but she was running nonetheless )

Jul. 15th, 2014




Cut for length )

Jul. 7th, 2014


WHO: Mad Hatter and Cheshire Cat
WHERE: Wonderland
WHAT: A Wonderland meeting!
RATING: Zero idea. Nothing so far outside of madness.

Here kitty kitty kitty. )

Jun. 24th, 2014




i'm gonna make a hat so big i can sleep in it and then i'll live out of it and it'll be my hat-home

alice is this your eyeball or did i take someone's out

riddle man tell me a story

iris i miss you are you on the floor

kitty do you want the eyeball

Jun. 11th, 2014


public, Daniel W

Red, carmine, is the colour often left behind by borrowers of skin, serpent and pupae alike. The tissue dyerot of mordre lingers as sepsis, putrid sewage slurred within, behind, and it tastes? Of cinnamon, of the bloody heart of pomegranate gone sticky in palm, of a woman mad. To her I say, yes and no, maybe, perhaps and then. Next time, I suggest the post.

In post script: the canary ought mind the drop. The sun does rise in the west.

[Locked to Daniel W]
[He does not think he will get a response, but.]

Darling, did you enjoy yourself?

Jun. 9th, 2014


If you are missing one eyeball, I have it in my possession. However it's spea However, I am not quite sure I can return it to you properly.

I would also like to apologize to the [...] exuberant man I was to accompany to coffee. I should have mentioned that I have a tendency of getting lost.

Jun. 8th, 2014



[Shortly after this.]

Ghost once again.


[Public, as Hatter]

was that real or not because i don't know real or not also i was flying that was fun i died though not as fun hey hey hey WHERE IS MY HAT

kittttttty riddle man irissssssss was it real

May. 28th, 2014




i have a book full of riddles and they're all question marks

alice kitty riddle man irisssssss

i have hats for you special hats with hat-like qualities

May. 4th, 2014


Log: Hatter/Iris

Who: Hatter and Iris Morgenstern
What: They finally meet up in an interesting way
Where: Hotel + Equestria
When: Current
Warnings/Rating: Most likely fluffy, will change rating if necessary.

[Hatter loved that Wonderland was never predictable and that it changed but was the exact same. He got lost constantly in his own home, and that was comforting. But he was also having such an unexpected great time in this new world! Equestria, they said. It was bright. He thought Wonderland was bright, but the colors here were vibrant, they almost seemed unreal. If he didn't have grass under his hooves he'd think he got into the Fantasy tea again. The last time he ate three of his hats. This was more fun. He ran around until he got tired and then ran some more, kicking and enjoying the new body. Hatter never got to be different, not really. They were who they were, staples, in a shaky world.

Iris said she could get to the hotel, and in truth, he didn't have an idea of time. He was confused about time, everywhere, so he found the door he came in to get there, and he did little hoofs dances in front of it. Every once and awhile he would pull it open and say 'Irissssssss' into the abyss. If he left he might not be able to get his horsie back and he liked his horsie. Or he'd get confused and walk to the wrong door again, like Alice said, Alice tried to get him to Gotham. If Iris came here he wouldn't need to be in Gotham.]

Irissssssssssssssssss. [He said out into the hotel. He clomped his feet]

May. 1st, 2014



this isn't gotham

i'm a pony

kitty alice mousey iris riddle man i'm a pony!

cut for pony pic! )

Apr. 21st, 2014


Log: Alice/Hatter, cut to save f-list )

Apr. 17th, 2014


eddie looks for a head doc and gives zero fucks who knows it

[Public as Eddie N.]

Since my last shrink died in a supervillain accident, I'm looking for a new one. Preferably someone who used to be in Vegas and barely even knows what "Arkham" is.

Apr. 11th, 2014



[Coming out of the most recent drunken haze. Now with legal opium!]

Lin. You out yet?


public, iris m


party invitation

tea party

invited: you
from: hatter
dress code: no shoes
music: invisible
date: yesterday

[Locked to Iris M]

[A much less talented drawing of this. But it was attempted.]

Apr. 6th, 2014



[public, as hatter, very messy and written all over the page, no rhyme or reason]

need to find door

door with irises

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