November 2015




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Oct. 17th, 2015


[Penny Dreadful(s): Mina, Vanessa and Victor.]

[Mina hungered.

She'd lost track of time since he'd gone. Him, Master, keeper of secrets, her past, her present. She'd lost track of time since he'd gone, and she was newly awoken and newly awake, and she'd no idea how to hunt in this place. Her memories of feeding were something from before her eyes were opened, and she recalled them through fog and confusion. She'd given her word. Not here, and she would not hunt here, and she'd promised. But she'd lost track of time since he'd come, since he'd gone, and the house had been closed, and the basement quiet. No one home, and she hungered.

There was no before, and there was no after. She was a thing of a moment, of the present, and she was no longer two parts, schism, but she was lost, adrift, and perhaps she should not have offered to go to the church. But Victor was there, and Mina was so terribly alone, and he was a kind voice in her mind. He was words writ, spines cracked and pages that crackled when turned by her cold fingers.

She'd lost track of time since he'd gone, the Master, but she'd found his books and read them like things nearly recalled. Warm, like blankets, and her fingers upon pages with words indented deep, and she thought she could read the letters with her eyes closed. It was memory, and she understood it not, but it kept her warm. But she'd lost track of time, and he was gone.

She cared naught for Vanessa's predicament. The night of the seance was a thing couched in mourning, and loss came after on quiet feet. Tonight, she entered the old church where God stood silent, and she was a thing dressed in rumpled silk. Mauve, and her hair loose and tangled blonde along her spine. No gloves, and her boots worn through at the soles. Pale, pale, pale as the dead in the graveyard.

And Mina, she hungered.]

Oct. 14th, 2015



[He means to write only to Mina, but our good doctor is medically dosed and distracted by talk of death. So public it is.]

What a strange thing man is; and what a stranger thing woman.

Rest your worries, she is safe.

Sep. 27th, 2015


Penny Dreadful(s) - Mina and Brona

Who: Mina and "Lily"
What: A run-in & seeking Vanessa
Where: Banning Clinic, London
When: Nowish
Warnings/Rating: Unlikely, unless they kill someone

Diversion complete, she returned to her progress, nearing that brick and stone bastion of mental health. For, surely, hysteria was true concern when it came to the health of women. )

Sep. 20th, 2015


Victor F & Dracula

[Locked to Victor F & "Alexei"]
[The post comes three days into watching Vanessa pace and mutter in her room at the Malcolm Estate. It's early morning, sun not even full in the sky, but the door to Vanessa's room stands open, and Mina is not within the house.]

Vanessa's wandered. I've looked near to the house, but there is no sign of her. She was rambling rather madly. I rang for tea, thinking it would soothe her, but she was gone by the time I returned to her room. The front hall door was ajar, and there is no sign of her within.

Sep. 14th, 2015


Public as Lily F

[As Lily F. The handwriting is very shaky and comes slow, as if she is still trying to learn how the letters are formed.]


Victor, is this book your doing?

Sep. 4th, 2015


Dracula, Joker

[Locked to Dracula]
[With less than her normally perfect penmanship, after this.] I believed I'd remedied the situation.

[Locked to "Griffin"]
[From "Ballerina"] Are you yet here?

Sep. 2nd, 2015



[Upon return to his home, there is an unexpected development in the realm of interior decoration. Becoming quite distraught, Victor medically prescribes himself ampules of morphine until his being is reduced to drool and dithers. Hours later, from beneath the medicine's spell, Victor continues work on the sketch he'd started several days before. It grows on the journal page until elegant strokes master the whole of it, penciled and public.]

Aug. 30th, 2015


Gotham: Vanessa, Mina, Dracula, Victor

Who: "Alexei," Vanessa, Victor, Mina
What: Exploration, part deux
Where: Gotham Cemetary: 1 and 2
When: Immediately after this hallway interlude
Warnings/Rating: Likely none

I almost wish we were butterflies and liv'd but three summer days - )

Aug. 27th, 2015



Desire at the end

            was a malady, a madness? __ or. both.

Aug. 22nd, 2015


[Log: Penny Dreadful]

Who: Daniel Webster and Mina Harker
What: Noms.
Where: London, Penny Dreadful.
When: Now.
Warnings/Rating: Mild.

She disliked him greatly, this man who preferred the spine of a book to her weight upon his lap. )

Aug. 17th, 2015


Gotham: Vanessa, Mina, Dracula, Victor

Who: Vanessa, Mina, "Alexei," and Victor
What: An Expedition that Sir Malcolm would not be proud of
Where: Hotel → Gotham
When: Fuzzy to when completed
Warnings/Rating: Unless someone gets ate, nope!

There were no windows in the inn's hallways, and the door which she intended to lead the explorers through was a place covered in smog and dark clouds. )

Aug. 3rd, 2015


Public, Vanessa Ives, Dracula

I seek the sender of the ribbon.

[Locked to Vanessa I]
Dearest Vanessa.

[Locked to Dracula]
[Upon waking somewhere windowless, yet elegantly appointed. It's late evening, and her mind has settled during the day's slumber.]

Dancing music, music sad,
Both together, sane and mad...

Am I prisoner here?

Aug. 2nd, 2015


Mina M

[Delivery to Mina M]

[The box comes on Sunday, slender and long and wrapped in an elegant lavender paper tied off with a yellow ribbon. Inside, a ribbon the color of the summer sun, satiny and smooth. A notecard rests just beneath the ribbon, folded in half, and written on the inside in green ink, a small note:]

To replace the one that I took.

Jul. 29th, 2015


Victor F, Letters to the Editor

[Locked to Victor F]
"I had a dream, which was not at all a dream."

[A publication]
With regard to A.I.'s letter -- dated Monday. )

Jul. 27th, 2015



The worlds beyond this one are stranger than I ever could have imagined. There is something to be said about the comforts of home and its familiar environment, isn't there?


Public, Locked: Steve R

Fucking Netflix, man. I need to get up off this couch.


[Steve R]

Clint isn't around.

Jul. 23rd, 2015



[Mina M. it locks to "Ballerina"]
[As Griffin.]

Pretty dancer, hello!

[Jules B.]
[His name appears as a smudged "joKer"]

Will you come back?

Jul. 6th, 2015


mina m.

[locked to mina m.]

"Awake, arise, or be forever fall'n."



[Following this.]

You'd think with the obvious attempts for attention, you'd come out of your hole, clown, instead of hiding behind a grin carved on a dead man's face.

Jul. 3rd, 2015


[locked to mina m]


Mina, it has been some time since you were home. Need I send a search party for you?

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