November 2015




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Jul. 2nd, 2015


jurassic world: steph/selina.

[So, their vacation was being cut a little short. It wasn't really surprising. After all, Gotham tended to wake up without warning. Drowsy periods, and then spikes, and what a spike. Oh, the Families were no surprise. In fact, the kitty cat was only surprised they hadn't gone bigger, faster. The mobs were as Gotham as Joe and his facepaint, and they were as Gotham as the Bat and his cowl, and she didn't expect any of that to change, not in any real way. But Damian coming back? Now that was something, and she wasn't sure yet if she was glad he wasn't the Damian that hated her all the way down to his baby bird toes. And Eddie going after Ra's and collecting Iris' love-child? Now that was surprising too, because the kitty had been so sure Bruce would do it in honor of Iris' memory. But she was quickly learning that this Bat? Was very, very different from the one who'd left.

But Stephanie needed to get home, and that was something Selina was very, very sure about. If anyone could calm Damian? It was the little blonde bat. And these days? These days it was Stephanie that managed to best console a Bat that Selina barely knew.

And so, after days of running and hiding in the woods, filth and survival, the girls were back on a route to the docks, armed with knowledge and a ferocity that came with days of taking down very, very big things with very, very big teeth. It was early yet, morning sunlight, and they had a half-day's hike ahead of them. And hopefully there would be a door waiting.]

Jun. 23rd, 2015


Quicklog: Selina & Stephanie

[As promised, the kitty cat was waiting outside Marvel disgustingly early. Track pants and a snug shirt in grey, sensible boots, and a pack on her back, she looked entirely harmless. No suit, her whip an afterthought low on her hips, along with the thigh holster lower against the back-striped black of her pants, and her hair tugged back and away from her face. Coffee in gloveless hands, and she didn't bother lying to herself about this little excursion. Oh, she was trying to help Stephanie, but she was trying to help herself just as badly.

She hadn't felt this adrift since she'd ended up captaining a pirate ship. But she'd changed since then, and going off alone to take on the Seven Seas? It just wasn't going to cut it this time.

Sure, things with Babs had made her relationship with the little bats tense, but Selina was fairly confident that enough sweat and endurance? And she and Stephanie could get back to fine.

So, there she was, sipping her coffee, leaning against the dusty hallway wall, and wondering how irresponsible this was. Oh, she didn't mind that it was irresponsible. She didn't even mind the associated risks. She'd ended up in zombies and walked out, and she'd walk out of wherever she ended up that morning. That was just Gotham confidence, burrowed so far beneath her skin that nothing would ever be able to dig it out. Gotham? Gotham was survival, no matter how badly Bruce Wayne wanted to turn it into some colorless mockery of Metropolis.]

Feb. 4th, 2015


Jurassic Park: Gwen & Peter

Who: Gwen & Peter
What: Escapism, dino style
Where: Jurassic Park
When: Following this
Warnings/Rating: Rated E for Envy. D for dinos.

Gwen didn't wait for Peter. )