November 2015




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Jun. 16th, 2015




Is there a door here that's more like the outside world? Need a break from aliens and gangsters.



I'm beginning to think that 5am yoga might be a little too early for me.

Jun. 11th, 2015


various locks.

[After getting Jason into a hospital in Gotham, after helping with some more clean-up in Marvel, she returns home for the time being. And lots of people get messages.]

[locked to barbara g.]

Hi. I'm back. I'm sorry. Are you okay?

[locked to jason t.]

How ya feeling, slugger? The food kill you yet?

[locked to destiny.]

You see. When I got back from that Marvel mess, I was gonna be cute and bake you something, but I have no idea where to leave it.

[locked to selina k.]

Hi, kitty cat. Make it out of there okay?

[locked to leo c.]

[A sketch of this, Batsignal, clear pops of color that this Gotham lacks, and all.] That's my Gotham. Well, the one where I grew up. My baby brother and I always said this city was too blue sometimes.

[locked to steve r.]

Let me know if you guys need anymore help over there, okay? I'm popping back in Gotham, but I can be back there in a second.

[locked to bruce w.]

Glad everything waited for us to leave for it to go to shit. So considerate like that.

[locked to eddie n.]

You better not be dea I'm sure you don't even wanna tal [In the end, nothing posted.]

Jun. 10th, 2015


tmnt siblings

[locked to the carrolls]

[While waiting to be seen in the ER. Big bro is concerned.]

soooo leo lets not visit here for a while ok? donnie where are you???

Jun. 5th, 2015


Leo C

[Leo C]

You don't happen to have a show on Tuesday, do you?

Jun. 1st, 2015




I met a man today who said he was locked up in Arkham before hell opened up. He knows fairies, met them when he was a child and learned how to draw circles for them. He told me half of his fairy friends died in Arkham, the others barely escaped with their wings attached. Then he reached into his pocket to show me one of them. There wasn't anything there, of course, but I pretended to say hello anyway.

May. 26th, 2015



I went to sleep in Seattle. GPS shows I am now here in New York City?

Is this normal?


public, leo c.

[Not trying to be anon at all.]

batlady?? lady!bat?? [...] chick who happened to be batman who was afraid of flying??

[locked to leo c.]

[After seeing a couple of posts on the network.]

you ok???

May. 12th, 2015




I never see a bat signal in the sky. There's barely any blimps, either.

[Private to Oswald C.]
[He makes sure not to private it to "Penguin."]

Hi, I was wondering if you had any openings for music acts at the Iceberg Lounge. I went there last night and I really like the feel of it. I played piano over at Gionni's Restaurant a few nights ago, but I can do more modern stuff, too.

May. 11th, 2015


Death, Stephanie, Leo


How is Marvel?

[Stephanie B.]
[As Destin R.]

Did you enjoy space?

[Leo C.]
[Also as Destin]

Opening at the Lounge on 49th. Saturday, 7 pm.

May. 9th, 2015



uuuuuhhh so i can't get out of this place?