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Oct. 12th, 2015



My therapist keeps telling me that I can't be afraid to go outside, that I have to get comfortable with this. But it is so much easier to stay where I know where everything is. Being out there? It's overwhelming. All the sounds, the commotion. I lose track of where I am, and asking for help is hard when you don't know who you're talking to.

Oct. 5th, 2015


narrative: marvel

Who: Ashleigh Donovan
What: A return
Where: Ocean's Eleven | Marvel: Brooklyn
When: Recent
Warnings/Rating: None to speak of

Time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping... )

Oct. 4th, 2015


Who: Ash
What: A narrative
Where: Ocean's Eleven -> Marvel
When: Recent
Warnings/Rating: None to speak of

Life had a way of sweeping a person away. )

Sep. 18th, 2015


Ocean's Eleven, PT: Meredith, Sam, Cris

[The hospital Meredith got moved to was more like a resort than hospital, at least it felt that way to Sam. It was a recovery and therapy place, yeah? But still full nursing and doctors or whatever, private rooms, and it looked like some place for vacation, and Sam figured Neil's guilt was bankrolling the thing hard.

Sam had been at Cris' a few days now, and she was clean. A pair of recently stolen, too-loose and cut-hem jeans, along with a long-sleeved green shirt stolen from Teresita's room, hair tied low, and Sam looked ok. She was starting to jones like crazy, though, and an early morning perusal of Cris' place revealed no money that wasn't in a fat, pink piggybank, and she wasn't that low YET. But, yeah, she needed something fast, or she was going to break that fucking pig. She knew it. Maybe she could find something cheap to sell, but she'd ask around first. She'd already pocketed a spoon for when she scored, and her belly hurt like it was eating itself through. She was jittery as a result, yeah? Like a string pulled too tight.

Maybe it wasn't the best day to go visiting or whatever.

But here they were, walking down the marble halls and passing gift shops and indoor swimming pools. Open doors revealed rooms that looked like hotel suites, and Sam was hella aware that she and Cris looked like maybe they'd ended up in the wrong place. That, or they were someone's poor relations or whatever, but they definitely didn't look like they belonged in this place. Sam edged away from the walls, like they were too clean for her to brush up against, and she motioned down the hall, to where the woman at the nursing station had told them Meredith's room was.

She'd asked, too, nosy, if Neil was there, and the nurse assured her Meredith was alone again, and she said it like she wasn't approving or something. There was a story there, yeah? But Sam, she wasn't asking.]

Sep. 7th, 2015


quicklog, vegas hospital (ocean's eleven): neil & mere

[Neil wasn't drunk.

He was hungover, though. After parting ways with Sam he'd stopped off for a couple of bottles of whiskey and got himself a hotel room. Drank himself back into oblivion. All afternoon, all night, and in the morning he dumped the rest out and got some coffee. He showered twice. Brushed his teeth three times. But even with a change of clothes and his skin scrubbed raw the sickly sweet scent of booze clung, faintly, and his eyes were bloodshot, his face haggard. Stubble had started to show. But he knew he needed to see Mere regardless of how he looked, and despite his fear of taking care of her he did want to see her. Guilt roiled in his belly; he couldn't eat anything. He seemed to only be existing on liquids these days, and sleep? Sleep was passing out drunk, that was the only way he could manage it. He wondered if pills could, eventually, replace the booze when (if) he went back to A.A.

For now, he focused on putting one foot in front of the other. On going into the hospital without turning on heel and running the fuck away like the coward he was.

Up the elevator and down the hallways, Neil shuffled along until he found her room. Nobody stopped him, nobody said he couldn't go in, so he knocked lightly before pushing the door open.]

Aug. 31st, 2015



Who: Neil.
What: Falling off the wagon.
Where: Vegas, Ocean's Eleven.
When: Recently/Nowish.
Warnings/Rating: Sads. Alcohol. Yk.

In the end, Neil couldn't decide whether he'd won or lost. )

Aug. 29th, 2015


Louis D, Neil D, Joseph W, Helena W

[Locked to Louis D]
Shane's gone.

[Locked to Neil D]
How're you holding up? And skip the bullshit and go right to the truth, yeah?

[Locked to Joseph W]
Hey, baby.

[Locked to Hels]
Thanks for all the info, yeah? It saved our asses.

Aug. 10th, 2015


eddie/muerte date

Who: Eddie, Muerte
Where: Ocean's Eleven
When: backdated a little bit!
What: meeting, patching things up, being cute
Warnings: none!

The next compliment helped to distract her, more sincere than the carnival charm, though both made her blush. )

Aug. 9th, 2015


log: louis/daniel

Who: Louis and Daniel
What: Louis brings Daniel tea, snarking ensues.
Where: Sam's place in Vegas.
When: Backdated to when Daniel was recovering at Sam's, before Louis moved out.
Warnings/Rating: None.

He appreciated Louis’ timely appearance, which at least might provide some distraction. It wasn’t lobbing insults at Neil, but you couldn’t have everything. )

Aug. 8th, 2015


neil d

[Locked to Neil D]

(there's a delay in the post, chunks of it coming with minutes in between)

please hurry please hurry


Narrative: Oceans Eleven

Who: Jake R
What: Finding feet in Vegas.
When: Recently

Jake figured on there being something between his grandparents and something between the free-fall drop of believing none of it mattered )

Aug. 7th, 2015


Sam & Neil: Ocean's Eleven

Who: Sam and Neil
What: A Dive-In movie about a dude with a chainsaw (1/2)
Where: The Bellagio, Ocean's Eleven
When: Fuzzy timeline nowish
Warnings/Rating: Sam's language

There was a lot of stress. Meredith, MK, even Louis, so much to juggle, and he was actually looking forward to a night where he could let it all go. Temporarily. Even a few hours of normalcy was better than none at all. )

Jul. 11th, 2015



Who: Sam
What: Narrative: Home
Where: Fast and the Furious → Ocean's Eleven
When: Mid-this
Warnings/Rating: Language

She didn't need to hear all of it, yeah? )

Jul. 3rd, 2015


Ocean's Eleven - Sam and Daniel

Who: Sam and Daniel
What: Cleaning Daniel up
Where: Sam's place
When: Recently-nowish-fuzzy
Warnings/Rating: Language, some addiction themes

The first thing Daniel noticed about the place was the incredible proliferation of sunshine, the nearly blinding brightness that glimmered off the white window trim and the fluttering curtains, the door knob, and even made the charming little path and the shrubberies look tidier and greener respectively. )

Jul. 1st, 2015


Text: Neil D

[Text to Neil D]

(after this)

I can't do this anymore.

Jun. 11th, 2015


Quicklog: Penny and Louis: Sam's House - Ocean's 11

Who: Penny and Louis
Where: Sam's house - Ocean's 11
When: During the Stark Tower kerfuffle/nowish-ish
What: Chicken and Waffles? And who knows what else
Warnings: So much sex. I mean. So much. Like. These two are seriously about to get so naked together. Lulz. jk

It was a day... )

Jun. 8th, 2015


quicklog, umc: neil & mere

[After his conversation with Sam, Neil closed his home and focused on getting to the hospital. His head was spinning, words and words, Neil and Louis and Mere, snippets of this and that, images of what must have happened in the bar flashing through his mind. Every time he felt like he was close to making progress, to taking that step toward action, something else happened. Silent Hill. The double date. Dreams. And now, this. Apologies, apologies, apologies, and he just wanted this all to stop. He wanted everyone to be able to sort out their lives without tearing each other apart.

Before, this would be the point where threw up his hands and had a drink. But Neil refused to be that man, he refused to give up. To give in. Still... it was tempting.

He arrived at the hospital and went straight to the ER, telling the nurse at the desk there that he was here for Meredith, Meredith Janssen. She told him to have a seat and disappeared through a set of doors, but Neil didn't sit. He stood. He waited.]


Narrative: Meredith

Who: Meredith
What: Thinking in the ER
Where: University Medical Center
When: Recently
Warnings/Rating: Nada

Maybe she did have a tendency to run when things didn't go her way, when she was scared or uncomfortable or just unhappy. )

Jun. 5th, 2015


Penny R, Cris M, Meredith J

[She doesn't go to see Shane and Graham. These posts comes about an hour after she leaves this meeting, unaware of any Marvel insanity. A little sloppy.]

[Locked to Penny R]
Hey. You're Cris' old partner or whatever? I couldn't find any other Penny's on here.

[Locked to Cris M]
It says I missed a call.

[In-person: Meredith/Sam]
[True to her word, Sam left the bar she'd been drinking in, some hole in the fucking wall that nowhere near the bright lights of the strip, and she wandered a few steps until she found another bar, one that had speckled cream cups alongside the shot glasses. Coffee, yeah? She wasn't drunk, but she'd forgotten to take the tourniquet off her arm before wandering in, and her ditch was droplets of blood.

In a now-filthy tank and boxers, she bellied up to the bar, red boots untied and white socks to her shins. She still had Neil's glasses on her head, using them as a headband, and she leaned heavy on the tacky wood without looking at her day-drink companions.] Coffee. Black.

May. 31st, 2015


Ocean's Eleven: Narrative

Who: Meredith Janssen
What: Narrative
Where: Ocean's Eleven
When: After returning back to the Venetian

I believe the last thing I told Loren was that you'd get someone killed someday. But I wasn't any better, so I've no judging. Just hope we've all mellowed beyond serial killers and rapists. )

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