November 2015




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Oct. 1st, 2015



[After this. His handwriting is loopy & affectionate.]


Batman you did better than I could have ever dreamed!


Gotham U: Damian W

Who: Damian Wayne (& the Joker's gift)
What: some innocent fun :)
Where: Gotham U bell tower
When: not long after this
Warnings/Rating: mentions of homicide. Like I said, innocent fun!

It was nothing but a prank, the official emails reported. Nothing to be worried about. )

Sep. 29th, 2015


DC Comics Update

[Okay, so everyone knows the rule of three when it comes to telling a joke. The third prank? It's kind of a doozy. A few hours before dawn, the old Gotham U Clock Tower is lit up by two giant industrial spotlights below. They reveal that someone has painted green eyes and a big, red smile on the tower. 3, 2, 1 and then the surrounding speakers start to play a laugh track that loops endlessly.

But, the fun doesn't stop there! The clocktower's hands whirl and the Joker's voice plays over the loudspeaker as the laugh track continues:] Ahem, ahem. Attention students of Gotham University. Class is cancelled for the day so that everyone can enjoy extracurricular activities. Find all five bombs on campus by sundown or the whole place will be blown SSSSKKKKKYYYY HIIIIIGGGHHHH. Heheh! Have fun!

Sep. 21st, 2015


DC Door Update

[Everyone knows the prank where you fill a bunch of cups full of water and put them down a hall, right? Well, think that, except instead of water, the cups all have about three tablespoons of sickening green Joker Venom in them. The boys floor is covered from one side to the other with these cups on Sunday night. One dumb kid actually drinks the stuff and dies laughing. Slow, painful, howling laughter.]

Sep. 15th, 2015



[After retrieving the poor cow and securing her safe in his dorm room with appropriate food and far away from the disturbing devices of bored college students and their knives (though he leaves the knife taped to the wall...):]

That is not funny.

Sep. 13th, 2015


DC Door Update!

[What's a college campus without a good prank? Ever heard the one about a cow that can't go down stairs? In the dead of night, the cry of a nice moo-moo being lead upstairs of the dorm can be heard. By the time it's four stories up, whoever brought it up there can't be found, but there's a pretty big knife duct taped to the wall with graffiti that says "PUT ME OUT OF MY MOO-SERY."]

Sep. 4th, 2015


Dracula, Joker

[Locked to Dracula]
[With less than her normally perfect penmanship, after this.] I believed I'd remedied the situation.

[Locked to "Griffin"]
[From "Ballerina"] Are you yet here?


joker narrative

Who: Joker
What: mistaken for the red hood :0
Where: Gotham
When: recently
Warnings: pretty mild for Joker

The dead boy transformed! Quiet whispers into carnival madness. )

Jul. 23rd, 2015



[Mina M. it locks to "Ballerina"]
[As Griffin.]

Pretty dancer, hello!

[Jules B.]
[His name appears as a smudged "joKer"]

Will you come back?

Jul. 13th, 2015



[After this.]

I don't know, Joe. I think the smile thing is getting a little bit dated.

Jul. 6th, 2015



[Following this.]

You'd think with the obvious attempts for attention, you'd come out of your hole, clown, instead of hiding behind a grin carved on a dead man's face.

Jun. 29th, 2015


Gotham: Joker & Mina

Who: Joker & Mina
What: late night snacking
Where: Gotham's Robinson Park
When: Recentlyish
Warnings/Rating: Gore, death, blood vampire stuff, joker stuff

The dead boy had seen his face on the TV. )

Jun. 23rd, 2015



[Public and Anon]

Who's in charge of this dump? I've been dead for a WEEK and no one's shown up to wheelbarrow me outta here.

Jun. 22nd, 2015



Well, this is quaint.

Jun. 16th, 2015




I've never had allergies in my life until now. How the hell do people deal with the onslaught of tree bukkake?

Since I'm stuck inside and cranky, let's argue. Give me ANY viewpoint, and I'll tell you why you're wrong.

May. 15th, 2015


log: joker & dr. steph

Who: The Joker and Dr. Steph
What: The Joker's intake exam at Arkham.
Where: Arkham
When: Severely backdated.
Warnings: Violence, blood.

Steph pressed into one of the broken ribs that she suspected he had. Probably a little too hard. )

Apr. 1st, 2015


log: bats & joker

Who: The Bat & the Clown
What: The Bat gives chase, as bats do.
Where: Amusement Mile.
When: Immediately following this.
Warnings/Rating: TBD

It was predictable. He knew that, but it was inevitable, wasn't it? )

Mar. 21st, 2015


Ferris wheel: Cat & Clown (+ lurking Bat)

[As she'd told Eddie she would, the kitty cat reevaluated her plan. Oh, it had been spur of the moment. Anger as a result of the trails of dead cats that lined Gotham's streets like some morbidly furry arrow. And for what? She would've come without the theatrics, and sometimes she abhorred Joe's theatrics. This was nothing compared to turning the city into a chess board and using children with kitty-shaped bombs strapped to their chests as pieces, but it annoyed her almost as much.

Joe could have his chaos; she didn't care about his chaos. But kids and animals? Tsk.

And she hated that she had a cover to maintain. She was a Falcone darling these days, and she couldn't ruin that now, not when capo was so close that she could taste it. So, she had to sheathe her claws, and she had to bide her time. But this visit? This visit couldn't be avoided.

And, oh, she was a little bit insulted at everyone's opinions about her competence, and maybe she deserved that. But these days? these days she was feral, and that was the only way to get in good with her new little Family. She wasn't scared of Joe, and there weren't any dried tears on her cheeks,

She was dressed all in black, guns at her thighs and her whip around her waist. Claws and her goggles down, and she saw that turning ferris wheel from miles away. She was quiet, stealth, and this was her advantage. She was on the ferris wheel without anyone being the wiser. She wasn't even a shadow in the black; she wasn't there at all. Silent, and she was in the car above Joe's without even making it twitch, and then she leaned over the side, arms on the back of the seat, and the higher ground as she looked down at the clown.]

This better be good, Joe.

Mar. 19th, 2015


eddie n. jonathon c. oscwald c.

Well, boys. It is that time.


[Gotham News.]

[Not really news of any inportance. At first. Cans of cat food, salmon and giblets, fancy feast, turkey dinner... hundreds of cans begin to turn up in the alleyways and on the street coners of Gotham. The cans lead in one direction. Nobody thinks much of it until the next day, not until all of the stray alley cats turn up dead from cyanide poisoning. Poor kitties, a whole trail of them, tabbies and a spotted and black bad lucks leading the way to the Gotham fairgrounds.]

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