November 2015




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Jul. 25th, 2015


Dispatch: Marvel NY

[Around six thirty am, Saturday morning. Got to love the early starts.]

FDNY, this is dispatch. Who's open for a call?

Jul. 14th, 2015


Public, Max M, Sharon C, Luke H + Neil D


Welcome back to New York: man pissing up against the building at ten in the morning as a hi, welcome to the day warm fuzzy.

[Max M]

So who was on the end of your journal?

[Sharon C]


[Luke H + Neil D: separately]

Official status-check. I've got 24 hours off the clock, catch me up.

Jul. 4th, 2015


[Dispatch: police radio] - Marvel NY

[The voice is steady] I need SVU and Homicide at a scene ASAP. Stone, Martín-Argüelles, you're showing up free.

Jul. 2nd, 2015


Dispatch [Ella M]

[After this.]

[FDNY radio to dispatch]
First responder, Alley Pond Park in Queens. You need Homicide and SVU out here, dispatch. Victim's too far gone for us, but she ain't got a stitch on. Looks young, probably female, and we got some wallet near probably belongs to her. No ID, but Bronx precinct on a scorched voting card. No blood at the scene, wasn't killed here, I reckon.

Jun. 21st, 2015


Jack C, Ella D, Lin A, Luke H, Sharon C, Jeze C

[Individual locks, in search of bouncebacks: Jack C, Dylan M, Ella D, Lin A, Luke H, Sharon C, Thomas B]
Still here?

[Note delivered to Jeze C, via messenger boy]
My book showed again, the one I told you about.

Jun. 20th, 2015


Early Saturday: radio call (Marvel 911)

[The voice is dark with sleep, throatier]

Good morning, NYC. We got ourselves a 10-38 with a 10-70 this morning. Going to need you to get yourselves out to 632 East 9th Street.

Jun. 16th, 2015


[Thor, Hels W, Ella M, Seven M]

[She's home from the hospital and with time that allows her to backread the journal, which she hasn't done in a while. From her temporary room on the first floor of the house while she heals up a little more. So she sees that Ella is back, and she realizes she doesn't know very many other people. Helena is added even though she knows Seven probably already told her. On separate locks, but the same words.]

[Thor, Hels W, Ella M]
The baby is here. A little over a week now. It happened early but everything's fine now.

[Seven M.]
[...] There are bottles in the fridge.



[Public] Locked to the Donovans, Sam A, and Cris M after talking to Ella

Anyone want to adopt a 6-year-old for the summer?

Discounting that, a baby-sitter? Mama has to work and the little one prefers tearing his room apart, it seems.

Jun. 6th, 2015


Public + Group: Neil D, Marta F, Luke H, Dylan M, Max M, Joey A, Shane A


[As Ella M]

That hotel has the worst goddamn timing, like it plans around apocalypses.

[Group lock: Neil D, Marta F, Luke H, Dylan M, Max M, Joey A, Shane A]


Apr. 4th, 2015


Thomas B, Luke H, Jack C, Dylan M, Ella D

[Friday, Max's hotel room is empty, and the money from the flower shop sale has been deposited into a local bank account. She posts one thing at the annoying human beings that might report her missing if she doesn't notify them]

[Group: Locked to Thomas B, Luke H, Jack C, Dylan M, Ella D]
Enlisted. Basic training. Fort Jackson, South Carolina. Mourn.

[Nothing further.]

Apr. 2nd, 2015


Luke H/Thomas B, Dylan M

[Luke H/Thomas B]

So when were either of you planning to tell me my sister is now my younger sister?

How is Amanda? Where is Amanda?

[Dylan M]

Hey asshole.

Mar. 29th, 2015


Call: Max M

[To her cell-phone number. Presuming she still has it. Ring!]

Mar. 22nd, 2015


[locks to max m, jake r, clem m, ella d]

[max m]

People lived in the flower shop. I worked there because you asked me to. As did your sister. Whatever you think about her, she has a seven year old and now she doesn't have a job.

[ella d]

Do you have something else as a backup?

[jake r]

I'm sorry about the apartment. Things are difficult right now with my friend who owned the building, but I had no idea she would sell it.

[clem m]

My friend I mentioned to you just sold the building where I was living. Have you talked to Jake? Has he expressed any interest in any of the places you mentioned?

Mar. 4th, 2015


max m., thomas b., evie s., jack c., ella d., helena w (anon).

[locked to max m. & thomas b.]

Hey, so, Wren's doing a lot better. She's talking again. And I'm feeling better too. Can we come get the kids? Or you could bring them here. We just want them home, it's been long enough.

[locked to evie s.]

[...] I think I owe you an apology.

[locked to jack c.]


[locked to ella d.]

Thanks for helping with the kids.

[locked to anon (helena w).]

I don't think I ever thanked you for your help. So [...] thanks.

Feb. 28th, 2015


Sharon C, Max M, Public

[Sharon C]

That thing I wasn't going to tell you about? It happened. Clean sweep.

[Max M]

Hey, honey. How's the flower selling gig?


Just me, or is everyone in this city trying to jump each other at the moment?

Feb. 15th, 2015


Wish Granted: Evie S (affecting: Luke, Wren, Jack, Shane, Graham, Clementine, Max, and Ella)

[Cupid tries, really tries, to get this right. Over the next week Luke, Wren, Jack, Shane, Graham, Clementine, Max, and Ella all get a good day - nothing excessive like winning the $500 million lottery, but Cupid's sense of proportion is off. Whatever would make them happy, whatever they would find memorable, however they would classify a 'good' day is taken to epic levels. Happy becomes happiest, memorable becomes unforgettable, good becomes great.

And on their day, they receive a card with the word Enjoy written in neat, angular writing.]

Feb. 14th, 2015


Wish Granted Ella D (with a small side of Max M)

[It isn't until late morning that the evidence of Ella's wish arrives at both the home of Max M and the home of Ella D. The thin manila envelope is non descript, their names printed in very level, neat handwriting with the return address of a prestigious law firm visible through the window. Inside are the details of the Section 2503(c) trust. Included on the welcome letter is the name of the trustee (Max Main) and the beneficiary (Elizabeth Dean) as well as the current dollar amount in the fund. Cupid, in a zealous attempt to make sure that there was enough, overshot the amount needed by an extra zero and the trust totals in the millions. Ooops.]

Feb. 13th, 2015


Locked: Max Main/Sharon Carter

[Max M]

Hi there. Me again. :-D [uh oh]

[ETA: Locked: Ella D]

Hi, Ella. It's Sharon Carter. Do you have a minute?

Feb. 6th, 2015


Ella D


When you wish, what do you wish for?

Feb. 3rd, 2015


Elena M, Ella D

[Locked to Elena M]
[The location of the abandoned brewery.] Corvus will be there tonight, if you can swing by. I need to go out, so it'll help to have someone he knows there. He's calm, but you'll want to be cautious.

[Locked to Ella D]
Mind giving me a night off? I finally have Corvus situated, Brandon is still working on the kid. I just need a sleepover for Amanda and Luke's kids, if you can juggle it and have enough warm coats to get here.

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