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Nov. 26th, 2014


[group lock to alexanders, russ c, lin a, cris m, preston r]

I don't know who has plans this Thanksgiving, but I intend to find an open restaurant and drink. Anyone who would like to join me in not cooking is welcome to do so.

[ETA: Locked to Iris M]

Iris, we're having an informal Thanksgiving celebration at a restaurant here. You're welcome to come, if you're interested.

Nov. 5th, 2014



[Locked to Alexanders/Donovans, Clementine M, Graham R, Amelia T]

Sep. 20th, 2014


Partial Public: Locked to Friends

[Two in the morning, the post comes through. It's locked, rather vaguely, to 'friends', which should hopefully do the job, and ends up covering any person friendly to him, including strangers. Handwrting looser than usual.]

why am I still awake?

Sep. 12th, 2014



do the fucking aliens and plagues ever reach Jersey?

Sep. 8th, 2014



[Locked to Alexanders, plus Louis D, Russ & Ford C, sans Iris M]
Mug's gone. she said she needed to get out, yeah? but she's fine. don't fucking go looking for her.

Aug. 24th, 2014


Ring, ring.

Where are you? I hear everyone's meeting at Russ' place but didn't see your name.

Aug. 23rd, 2014


Public, Marina S, Ford C, Sam A, Louis A/Joey A, Tats anon, Tess A


the mobs ain't gonna keep this shit down?

[Marina S]

yeah bring the kid by. it ain't safe alone.

[Ford C]

stay inside.

[Sam A]

you got that real ugly brother nearby?

[Louis A/Joey A]

you two seen this shit?

[Tats anon]

still in Gotham?

[Tess A]

hey. you in Gotham? get your ass to [address.] Sam and me will pick you up.

Aug. 15th, 2014


shane a, sam a, zombieland ladies

[Locked to Shane Alexander]

[A smaller and slightly rougher version of this]

[Text to Sam Alexander]

- I'd like to ask you something if you have a moment.

[Locked to the women who were in Zombieland]

I was wondering if any of you were interested in having a drink. I don't know about anyone else, but I could definitely use a drink.

Aug. 6th, 2014


Tess A

[Locked to Tess A]

[After the mess of shit earlier.]

Is it always like that?


[Group lock]

[Group lock to Bruce Wayne, + Alexanders/ - Iris]
Dear Batman,

So, we stole some shit before we left your digs, yeah? Iris "vouched for us," but we're trashy, so, yeah, not her bad. It's like that scorpion and the frog thing, yeah? But we have a bunch of zombie ppl with us, and we just don't have any $.

Your In Laws & their life of crime

PS. Also, cool to know you're probably not a rapey fuck. Mad props!


[Alexanders+, Bruce W, Hatter, Public (as anon)]

[The day after her release from the hospital. Not that that's common knowledge. The hospital actually did a decent job of keeping it quiet.]

I'm not certain who was there that night, but I know there was more than one person. So I wanted to say thank you to everyone. I really appreciate it. I don't know if I can ever repay the kindness, but I hope someday I can.

[Bruce W]
[...] Thank you.

[ETA #1, after this. Pressing hard enough to be fairly bold.] I took some things from the penthouse. I figured I should let you know.

I'm alright. No more red. I'm sorry I didn't answer you sooner.

[Public, Very Anonymously]
[Printed as neatly as possible, which is tricky due to one of the cuts that runs from the inside of her right wrist over the round base of her thumb. The printing looks different than the easier, looser letters she uses to write to those she knows.]

I've seen other people do this here before, though I'm not sure how well it works.
I need a job. I don't have a lot of job experience, and I [...] am not able to interact with the public.
Typing? Filing? I know it's a long-shot, but I thought I'd try.
I'm also going to need a place to live eventually

ETA #2:
[Comments may or may not be replied to after this.]

Jul. 20th, 2014


[Wayne Tower: Alexanders]

[Sam got to the penthouse first, and the place was the kind of swank that made Neil's digs in Aria look fucking provincial. She was worried about seeing her ppl, but it shouldn't be so bad, yeah? None of them had seen her aged up but Lou, so the others would just think she was a little younger. But whatever, because Tessy hadn't freaked, and so maybe no one else would either.

She'd wandered through the place, counted all half-dozen guest rooms, and wondered why the fuck her insane sister had a mattress in the master bedroom closet. But whatever, because the place was awesome. She'd found a pendant in the master bedroom, some thing that probably cost like a 100k, and she was wearing it with a wifebeater and corduroy overalls in olive green. The gap from her teeth was missing, and it looked like she might have gotten a busted nose during her years in Arkham, but she was sitting on the kitchen counter, drinking one of Iris' five million packets of tea and swinging bright yellow Docs like life was just amazing.

The place was full of sleeping zombie survivors now, and if she got through this shit, then she'd be able to face Neil.]


Alexanders +Russ, Neil, Damian

[Locked to the Alexanders +Russ]
So, I didn't show. I didn't want to go Daniel's like blue in England. Like srsly blue. Once I get my shit together, we need to get Lin and go fix his crap.

Yeah, also, bitches are probably getting evicted from sleeping on my floor in 10 days or something. I haven't paid rent in months, and I got the notice when I tried to when I bailed.

Ok, and if shit is eating ppl, find someplace safe to crash.

So, there's this like 100 story bldg called Wayne Tower. You can't fucking miss it, and I guess Iris is banging Batman, so we can use their sexpad, since they're kicking it in Italy. If there's a bar, we're not drinking everything on the first night.

Migrate your asses before you get eaten. The place probably has hella space, so leave the master for Iris and her sugardaddy.

[Locked to Damian W]
We haven't talked in like a billion fucking years, and I know you're probably busy with the cannibal, but can I get you to make like one phone call for me? It's important, or I wouldn't bother you.

[Call to Neil D]
[From the Penthouse. Ring.]

Jul. 10th, 2014


public, donovans, alexanders


Need a job. In Gotham.

[Group Lock to all Alexanders(+Iris) and (in a rare extension of caring) all Donovans too.]

We all in one piece?

Jul. 4th, 2014


Tess A

[Locked to Tess A]

Hey, boo. I'm crashing some nuptials with Linny in Gotham. Come dance, yeah?

Jul. 3rd, 2014


Group log: DC Wedding

Who: Invited friends & family!
What: Eddie and Steph Wedding
Where: Garden, Old Gotham
When: Saturday
Warnings/Rating: Please place names/locations/warnings in subject lines. Dibs wherever appropriate.

The newlyweds arrived a little later than expected, claiming to need to grab their matching sneakers from home. )


[Alexander/Donovan family: minus Sam and Neil]

Sam's fine. door hopping, back next weekend.

[Ford C]

I'm gonna be at the garage late. you need anything, I'll bring it back after work.

Jun. 18th, 2014



[Public, as Callum A]

Am I the only one who's a little wary about a magic key and a magic phone?


sam a, tess a, louis d

[After leaving Ella's.]

[LOCKED to Louis D]
Where am I meeting you? If you still want to swing by and get me.

[LOCKED to Tess A]
Heard you got out of there too.

[LOCKED to Sam A]
Alright, I headed out from Ella's. Should be around in a bit, kid.

Jun. 9th, 2014


public, alexanders

Thanks for the silk dress, whoever you are, but if you could tell me whose blood I'm wearing or if it’s mi and why, that would be fucking great.

Anyone know an old timey doc?

I'm not in the prison anymore but I don't know where I am. Or when I am. Throat hurts like a bitch though.

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