November 2015




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Nov. 2nd, 2015


posted public.

So a magical antidepressant feather turned up in my stuff. I figure somebody might need it back.

Oct. 27th, 2015



[Anonymously.] Someone missing a bo stick?


destiny ; batfam+

[She returns home, blinking right back into her apartment where her pets have been fed and looked after, and that postcard is still waiting for her. Gotham, she can tell even now, is in shreds. To the journals she goes.]

[locked to destiny]

[Assuming:] Thanks for looking after them.

[locked to batfam+]

[A long cursor blink, and then:] Hi. I'm guessing I missed a lot.

Oct. 25th, 2015


quicklog: gotham general hospital, red robin & superboy

Who: Red Robin & Superboy
What: After the rescue work
Where: Hospital rooftop.
When: Late, late at night.
Warnings: None likely.

[It had been a long day. A long night. Every spittle, slow drip bit of time all in between was blood, bodies, broken bones, screaming, dirt, and rubble. This was just like Cataclysm all over again, and it felt as overwhelming as it had the first time a massive earthquake demolished Gotham. Tim didn't do helpless well, his mode became kind of robotic as he scavenged for the living with the help of of Superboy, who hurried the survivors to hospitals both in Gotham and around the surrounding cities. He performed CPR on dozens of people, he pried rubble and granite loose from trapped bodies until blood ran from the tears in his black gloves. He told each and every person that it was going to be alright, but he wasn't sure that he believed it. In the times in between, the spare ones when he was able to draw a breath and think for a second about anything outside of an adrenalized moment, he thought about Stephanie. He thought about his stepmom. He thought about how tired he was of losing people. Every. Damn. Time. This is what Gotham had become for Tim, a mass grave.

It was late when most of the rescue work was finished or under control. His comm had gone fuzzy, busted due to his altercation with Damian when Tim had taken a hard kick to the head. Facial contusions beneath that domino mask? Highly likely. Concussion? Potential. Largest concern? The rumbling in his stomach. Tim's face hurt, and his body hurt, his freaking heart hurt as he stood on the roof of Gotham General Hospital and watched so much of the city burn. It would take days to put out the fires completely. He was out of touch with everyone with his comm down, and he didn't know what to think while he looked out over the skyline. Even when he'd packed up to France for all those years, he'd never felt so alone.]

Oct. 9th, 2015



[Dick, Steph, Tim, Donna, Superboy, Jason.]

[Gravely, even if she's clearly trying to sound conversational:] Everyone say hi to our new computer helper, Donna. She's at my rig, so if you need intel, ask her. Donna? We'll come up with a cool superhero name for you later.

I'm at the location Damian sent me. I have Joker's body. Death by strangulation, no doubt Damian's work. [...] The entrance to the underground tunnel has been opened and since there's fresh prints and disturbed dust, I think it was recent. I think he went down there. [...] Who's here? Who can help out?

Oct. 1st, 2015


tiny justice lock

[Vigilante Group lock]
[Jason, Dick, Tim, Stephanie (and then after some thought) Superboy]

I know what happened to Damian. I need help finding him. Do we all have comms?

Sep. 30th, 2015



So are we going to go find a psycho's bombs, or just sit around talking about them? Because campus security doesn't seem too excited to turn bomb squad.

Sep. 15th, 2015



Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay.................





Too late.

No take backs.

Sep. 14th, 2015




Soooo the place where I find the guys to buy the beer is gone. You gotta pick up, anyone out there?

Sep. 12th, 2015


[public as Conner K.]

Hey GU freshmen, there's a leak from the guys' showers seeping out into the hallway. Might want to put your stuff up on a chair or something.


One shower head is bent flat to halt the flow of water. Until it is entirely replaced, the stall is out of order. Conner takes his mattress outside to dry on the stairs.]



[Private to Bruce W.]
[Eddie can't help but feel a little disoriented, but he knows his billionaire roommate has to be here somewhere. His name around campus is Ed Nashton:]

No need to worry about how to invite me over to the mansion this weekend. I accept.


Robot battle grudge match. 9/15/15. NO DQ. Special Ref: Me. Winner gets Himouto jim jams.



[As Steph B.]

First weekend here, so where tf are the good parties at?

Sep. 9th, 2015


stephanie b.

I know you're here.

Sep. 7th, 2015



[Bruce W.]
[Delivered to Bruce after a particularly boring board meeting. A super cool toy.]


A seance is a good idea for a date, right?

[Donna C.]

I need help with something necromancy related. Won't you accompany me to Halloween Town?


You know, DC Comics don't sell in this Marvel Universe. No love for grit and darkness, it seems.

Sep. 5th, 2015



[His cursor is, conveniently, a blinking little bat insignia.] I didn't sign up for this.

Aug. 11th, 2014


[DC Heroes]

[Locked to the DC Superheroes (Batfam + and JL)]

My name is Natasha Romanoff. I'm one of the Avengers and I met some of you previously. I know Captain Rogers has been in contact with you regarding the current epidemic here in Marvel, but I haven't heard from him recently so I don't know if he's already provided you with what I'm about to. New information has been provided by the CDC that I thought best to share with you in case you can assist in the creation of some sort of antiserum/antidote.

Screen shot of the news articles

Aug. 8th, 2014


batfam+, steve r., jl., eddie n.

[batfam+ lock]

There is something happening in the Marvel door. I'm not sure of specifics yet, but due to Crane's presence there and his fondness for toxins, I think he might be responsible. So far there's been an increase in violent behaviour, this will likely escalate. Therefore, until further notice, I think it's best if no one enters the Marvel door, and no one from there comes here. The last thing we need is for this thing to spread like the plague.

[A pause.] As well, I'm sure you're all aware that Ra's is back in Gotham. Keep an eye out for anything suspicious.

[locked to steve r.]

In light of recent events, I think it would be wise to stop traffic to and from the Marvel door. I'll speak to my people, can you speak to yours?


[locked to the justice league.]

I have a favor to ask.

[locked to eddie n.]

Selina. Can you monitor her vitals?

Aug. 6th, 2014


Public, Tim D

Are there stables in Gotham? I'm thinking of getting a horse.

[Tim D]
So if you won't go with me to another door...will you go camping with me? We haven't been since our YJ days. I found this spot where the stars look amazing and there aren't any cities around for as far as you can see in any direction.

Aug. 5th, 2014


[Bruce W]

Captain America will be in the hotel lobby in 20 minutes, I can take him the suit. But if you'd rather, I can tell you where it is and you can take it.

[Locked - Eddie N, Damian W, Stephanie N, Barbara G, Tim D]

The suit is going back to Marvel.

[Locked to Jason T - after the meeting with Cap]

Got a minute?

Jul. 28th, 2014



Are there any other cities or doors out there who could use a superhero?

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