November 2015




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Oct. 8th, 2015


[Quicklog: Hotel → Gotham]

[Getting out of the Morgan wasn't as easy as Gwen expected, and that could be blamed entirely on the injured state of her shin. She cursed (literally and loudly) her lack of webs, and she cursed the fact that her suit wasn't anywhere she could find. She had a vague recollection of taking her bag to Gotham, but she must have left it at Wayne Manor, because she didn't have it with her. While ultimately convenient (since she was headed there, anyway), the lack of webs made her spider thing kind of super useless. Okay, okay, so it was mostly super useless anyway, since she'd been reset to zero when she was "born," but she was pretty sure she could manage to get from one building to the other without the use of her injured leg, if she only had the webs. But she didn't have them, and she totally had to improvise.

And improvising, in this case, meant waiting for Jason to create a distraction (she hoped that was Jason that sent the HYDRA agents running), and then run for it as fast as she could manage (which wasn't super fast).

By the time she made it into the hotel hallway, there was blood in her shoe, and there were tears on her face, but she'd sustained no new injuries. She didn't even sit down, because she was kind of worried she wouldn't get back up if she did, so she leaned against the wall and tried to catch her breath. She tried to convince herself that everything would be fine. HYDRA would lose interest in her, and she could go back home. Not that it felt very much like home without Peter and Flash, but at least Harry was going to visit her in Gotham. It wouldn't be so bad, and she was determined that the situation should be a temporary one. She'd managed without Flash before, and she'd lived through a lot of Peters, and it would be fine - even if it felt like the world was ending.]

Sep. 4th, 2015


Dracula, Joker

[Locked to Dracula]
[With less than her normally perfect penmanship, after this.] I believed I'd remedied the situation.

[Locked to "Griffin"]
[From "Ballerina"] Are you yet here?

Aug. 17th, 2015


Gotham: Vanessa, Mina, Dracula, Victor

Who: Vanessa, Mina, "Alexei," and Victor
What: An Expedition that Sir Malcolm would not be proud of
Where: Hotel → Gotham
When: Fuzzy to when completed
Warnings/Rating: Unless someone gets ate, nope!

There were no windows in the inn's hallways, and the door which she intended to lead the explorers through was a place covered in smog and dark clouds. )


[Tony S, Selina K, added: Sharon C]

[During other messages. From a random room in the hotel.]

[Tony S.]
[His handwriting is messier than usual. And quick.] Is the response going to be any different if I say I'd like to check on you too? Or is this a complete shut out that we're dealing with here?

[Selina K]
[Still with the messy handwriting. Almost worse than in his message to Tony.] I don't know what's going on.

[Sharon C]
[Added after this.]

Aug. 12th, 2015


Passages: Bruce B and Matt M

[The hotel as meeting place. Bruce hadn't thought of it before, always considering the hotel some sort of liminal transition instead of a place in and of itself. But like any hotel, there were plenty of rooms. If the fact that not all of them led to other worlds was a surprise to him, he thought he could be forgiven. Not having been adventurous enough to explore past his own and Selina's. But with the revelation that some of the rooms were simply rooms, he wondered if they could provide a place to stay that didn't feel like squatting in Tony's Gotham lab.

But that was a thought for another time, as he wandered through the halls to find a room close to the door he considered his own, since Matt had stated that he wasn't very mobile. Bruce didn't want to make him travel far.

The room he eventually found was on the same floor, only a few doors away, and he left it open as he waited for the other man.]

Aug. 7th, 2015


Text: Penny R, ETA: Lou D & Neil D, Sam A

[During this.]

[Text: Penny R]
Need u to watch t and rodin. Sitter has spare key. Indefinite cover @ work pleas

ETA: [Locked to Lou D & Neil D]
[Just after this, after he tries calling back at least half a dozen times.]

sam s in the door we have to find it NOW uim here looking

[Desperation lock to Sam A]

Aug. 1st, 2015


Gatsby: Clementine & Irene

Who: Clementine and Irene
What: A touch of modern cinema
Where: Hotel → Gatbsy
When: Nowish
Warnings/Rating: Probably safe

Clementine, she reckoned red for Irene's color, and the dress was folded real pretty in tissue and flung over Clementine's arm as she waited in the hallway for the other woman.

Clementine, she wore green, hair held by a silvery band across her forehead, and she'd told Irene clear how to get on out of her door; she figured a big old time gap wouldn't be enough to keep that woman pinned. Could be Clementine should be fussing about this whole damn thing, meeting a woman she'd bedded down with at a hotel party, a woman that just happened to be a man at the time of said bedding down. But the hotel had turned Clementine into a homicidal Alice in Wonderland once, and it had turned her into something like the haint of her sister, and she figured giving a woman a penis was relatively easy by comparison. She wasn't fussed or fretting. She wasn't a thing but happy to get away for a day.

Truth was, there was some things troubling the blonde waiting in the hallway, but they weren't real big or looming. Things with Jake were bad, but she'd already decided that was his daddy's to deal with. Shane and Graham were all paired off, and the smarting of that was fading nice. Matthew was going to live, even if the man was frustrating as briars in socks. James wasn't never going to speak a full sentence, but the man wasn't bad as Shane, not when it came to grunting and expecting folks to understand him. And Declan and her, they seemed to be in some familial truce involving a boat. Most important, she'd gotten to see Joy and hold her close.

All things considered, life wasn't real awful.

Jul. 30th, 2015


Hotel: The angriest reunion ever

[Every part of her ached. The nightmare had every overture of a homecoming, an extended visit, welcome back to hell etched into the longer than usual hours it lasted. And for a while, it was enough to forget about what was waiting outside the door. Flash knew, Flash had told Gwen, that was how Gwen knew. One of them had told Bruce, that was how Bruce knew. Why Bruce knew was a question she didn't have an answer to and one she wasn't looking for at the moment while hope still existed that maybe the rest of that family didn't know.

Not hers, no, they hadn't been her family even when she had claimed them, not really. But the gray children still screamed at her in Damian's voice as they burned through the thin cotton of her hoodie and tank top to leave aching sores and the Needler's still reminded her of one fast moving acrobat. Only thinking of them that way had distracted her enough to get caught in a group of them, with one long blade slicing from her shoulder blade to flank before she'd turned and broken open its skull with the ax she found.

It fucking hurt. Maybe it was a freaking welcome back gift because after that, the walls returned to dull gray, the nightmare eased, and with her own blood mixing into the stains of Silent hill, she started to dig herself out. A quick message to Gwen. Nightmare ended. Looking for a way out now. Don't come. No reason anyone else needed to get trapped in here if it could be avoided. (And why anyone else would come was still beyond her. She wasn't the girl Luke went chasing after, or the one Flash had.)

The stairs out of the basement took longer than she expected they would, the cut along her back declaring itself loudly with every step and soaking through to her jeans. At the top, she stripped out of her hoodie and left it there, littering the ground, uncaring. Every door she came to, she checked. The stores, the apartments, no dice. At the Fens, she grabbed a new one, her hands shaking as she zipped it up to her throat. Her hair, stained with ash and gore from half a dozen monsters, a few strands singed from grasping children hung limply down her back. The door was needed sooner, rather than later, exhaustion and the steady leak of blood spurring her on. Out the door and then - somewhere she could get patched up.

No thoughts past than the immediate relief of symptoms. She lingered in the store for a moment, something teasing at the edges of her awareness. Another monster? She breathed in deep, held it, no sound. Nothing. Something else. Quiet as she could, she crept to the back of the store to the dressing rooms. She nudged the first door open. Nothing.

But the second door was the Right One, the jackpot, the Holy Grail, Goldilock's Just Right 'cause she shoved her shoulder into it and stumbled out into the hotel, biting back her howl as she fell onto her wounded side. An immediate curl and roll onto the side that wasn't laid open-] Fuck.

Jun. 30th, 2015


narrative: mk is fucked.

WHO MK Robinson
WHAT A narrative: A real inconvenience.
WHERE Marvel: NYC, then Passages.
WARNING cursing, mild mentions of past substance abuse.
Really, she has no one. )

Jun. 28th, 2015


A narrative and a delivery

Who: Alexander
What: Writing a letter
Where: Penny Dreadful -> Passages
When: Current
Warnings/Rating: Nah

Memories )

Jun. 23rd, 2015


Quicklog: Selina & Stephanie

[As promised, the kitty cat was waiting outside Marvel disgustingly early. Track pants and a snug shirt in grey, sensible boots, and a pack on her back, she looked entirely harmless. No suit, her whip an afterthought low on her hips, along with the thigh holster lower against the back-striped black of her pants, and her hair tugged back and away from her face. Coffee in gloveless hands, and she didn't bother lying to herself about this little excursion. Oh, she was trying to help Stephanie, but she was trying to help herself just as badly.

She hadn't felt this adrift since she'd ended up captaining a pirate ship. But she'd changed since then, and going off alone to take on the Seven Seas? It just wasn't going to cut it this time.

Sure, things with Babs had made her relationship with the little bats tense, but Selina was fairly confident that enough sweat and endurance? And she and Stephanie could get back to fine.

So, there she was, sipping her coffee, leaning against the dusty hallway wall, and wondering how irresponsible this was. Oh, she didn't mind that it was irresponsible. She didn't even mind the associated risks. She'd ended up in zombies and walked out, and she'd walk out of wherever she ended up that morning. That was just Gotham confidence, burrowed so far beneath her skin that nothing would ever be able to dig it out. Gotham? Gotham was survival, no matter how badly Bruce Wayne wanted to turn it into some colorless mockery of Metropolis.]

Jun. 20th, 2015


in-person, hotel: graham & shane.

[Fuzzy timelines, post-this]

[The tent out by the lake wasn't permanent, and Graham knew that. Only lasted as long as it did because of the nazis or whoever the hell, sending Joy and Penny and Jake, and somebody else's little girl too, out to the same place. The days were hot and lazy but when it was time to go he was expecting it, yeah? Didn't surprise him none. He'd decided to move in with Penny, settle into the half of the house she wasn't using; the baby needed stable. A real house, a daddy who could provide, take care of her, and he was ready now.

Thing was, he didn't know what Shane planned on doing. He wanted him to come, so he figured he'd come right out and ask, instead of assuming. In the hotel, between the other door and Marvel, he leaned against the doorframe.] So, you coming?

Jun. 10th, 2015


Evelyn T

[Locked to Evelyn T]

I once did you a favor, and I wondered if you might do me one in turn.

May. 10th, 2015


Narrative: Dick Grayson - Run, Hide, or Die

Who: Dick Grayson
Where: Lost - Hotel Lobby
What: Getting out of the beach door - Bringing Dickie back from limbo.
When: Yesterday
Warnings: Death - DON'T PANIC ITS OKAY.

You have only three choices: run, hide... or die. )

Apr. 26th, 2015


Jane F

Lady Jane, would you meet me in the hotel?

Apr. 10th, 2015


Quicklog: Gwen and Dick and Pad Thai

Who: Gwen and Dickie
Where: The Hotel's Manky Dining Room
When: Wednesday Night - Jeannie is late as usual
What: Gotham City Pad Thai and chillin?

He wasn't lying. The dining room was manky. Really, really manky. )

Apr. 2nd, 2015


Narrative: Alexander M

Who: Alexander
What: Moving
Where: Great Gatsby -> Hotel -> Penny Dreadful(s)
When: Currentish
Warnings/Rating: Nope

They were both possibilities of the unknowable future. )

Mar. 22nd, 2015


Two crazily colored hair girls search Passages for a beach

[Beaches were not Gotham, or the party city, or even Gatsby. They weren't Vegas, all bright lights and sand and the chi-ching of slot machines that Theo never let her play, or the flashy glitz of brand new club going dresses that he hated her wearing. Beaches were a lot like home, clear water, sand, fish swimming in the sea, and sharks. Beloved sharks.

And in this case, they also meant a brand new friend. Kitane had no idea what Jules looked like, or who she was really waiting for, but waiting she was in the hotel of the lobby. Her suitcase (on wheels, of course) was huge, stuffed full of bathing suits and clothes for when they weren't on the beach, and a couple of sweaters in case it was cold, as she knew it sometimes did when the wind blew in off the water. It was also nearly as big as she was, definitely shorter, but bigger, and if she was lying it on its side, she probably could have curled up inside it with room to fit two pillows and a change of clothes.

The dogs and the cat were not with her, but left at Aubrey's for safekeeping. Stark wouldn't like the heat and Viserion wouldn't like the water (but he would love the fish) and maybe if it was okay, she'd end up bringing the cat whenever she popped through again.

And see Aubrey.

Or not see Aubrey, if he was still drinking. Frowning, black hair streaked with green fell over her face as she glanced at her phone. Nothing. From him. Nothing from anyone. She should contact Mingmei when she got there. That decided, she slid her phone back into the rear pocket of her black, skinny jeans.]

Mar. 10th, 2015


[Hotel Update]

[By Tuesday night, the hotel hallways are littered (decorated?) with flyers for a wrestling show happening in Marvel at a school gymnasium on Saturday. The format looks like any indie wrestling promotion. Really crappy graphics, awkward pictures of muscled dudes and chicks and all kinds of social media at the bottom. The wrestling company is called BUTTON MASHERS with "The Brawling Bards" fighting "The 8-Bits" for the tag team titles along with a heavy weight title match as the main event. The whole thing is totally kid friendly. The poster is decorated with pixelated wrestlers and game controllers. There's a note on the bottom that fans showing up in cosplay get a discount and there'll be a raffle for a local kids charity. The flyers vanish after Saturday.]
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Mar. 6th, 2015


spidey kids (mj/pete/gwen/flash) in silent hill quick log (violence/gore warning)

[The last time Flash remembered being really happy was the months leading up to his high school graduation. It wasn't that his life turned to shit after, no a job with the Thunderbolts and being trusted with one of the most dangerous aliens in the universe was an honor and a privilege. But, being an adult is responsibility. It's worrying about money, food, if you're good enough, if you've done enough. Being an adult is regret, guilt, pessimism and feeling small. Being a teenager? At least for Flash Thompson? Was happiness. He had confidence, he didn't live with his asshole dad anymore, he was going to graduate with the help of the best friend he'd ever have. High School was bliss, was a warm feeling around his shoulders. And, for disrespecting Silent Hill as much as he did, the town decided to just give it to him.

What looked like a rowdy high school hallway to him, was actually a complete nightmare. He was wandering around the old school house like a crazy person locked away in an insane asylum. He brofisted shambling monsters of sewn together flesh. He talked to people who weren't even there. The gun he had was still on his hip and his backpack of nearly depleted supplies was still on his back. The girl running this place must have really thought this was funny, because it let him walk around safely idiotic like this for hours.

Finally a bell rang. It was LOUD and SHRILL and it sounded like an alarm more than a school bell. Flash's clouded eyes looked up at it and he started walking to math class, which was just down the hall from him. He opened the creaking old door splattered with blood. The classroom looked like a monster had ripped through it. Blood on the walls, broken desks thrown around the room. Someone had written "LOOK INSIDE AND YOU WILL FIND" over and over and over again until there wasn't any room left. Flash saw math problems he didn't understand and he sighed as the teacher (a shambling corpse with long, thick nails and no face) started scraping at the chalkboard.]

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