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Feb. 18th, 2015


[quicklog: micah c, neil d, cris m, louis d]

Who: Micah, Neil, Cris, and Louis
What: Confronting Micah.
Where: Something Wicked This Way Comes door.
When: Today.
Warnings/Rating: TBD, most likely violence.

This wasn't the end. Louis knew that. )

Feb. 15th, 2015


Wish Granted: Louis D [affecting - you guessed it - Micah C]

[At precisely 12:01 on Valentine's Day, a thin band of metal appears without fanfare on Micah C's left ankle. It lays flat against the skin and fits him perfectly, just tight enough to render removal impossible. There are no apparent seams or joints to be manipulated with tools, and attempts to remove the device by magical means are equally ineffective. Contained within the metal casing of the bracelet is a computerized tracking device that constantly pings a one-way signal.

At the same time, a small and unobtrusive icon appears on the home screen of Louis' phone. It is a simple black 'M' in block letter form against a white square background, and when pressed opens a spartan app that has clearly been designed for function over aesthetic appeal. There is just one feature: a highly-detailed map with a red, blinking light that indicates the current whereabouts of Micah Callaghan. There is no trickery, despite any efforts on the hotel's part to the contrary - it is the one and only Micah Callaghan that Louis intended with his wish, and the location updates in real time. Listed below the map are any relevant addresses, cross streets, GPS coordinates, and even information about Micah's current inhabited door.

The app will continue to beam Micah's location (accurate to within half a dozen yards, and unaffected by any distance between the two men) for a period of two weeks, after which the bracelet and app will vanish simultaneously.

Watch your back, Micah.]



[Before learning about the tree-thing.]

Well, anonymous Valentine person, I have to say you did well. I'm quite fond of the changes, even if they weren't quite what I was expecting. I must say, this certainly gives a new perspective on things.

And Sam, wherever you are, I do hope your day is treating you well. It looks like you got lucky this year.

Feb. 14th, 2015


Wish Granted for Neil D. (Micah C.)

[A new element joins the whirlwind around Micah Callaghan. We took quite deliberate charge of this wish, and executed it in absolutely exacting detail; of course, the effect is diminished by how many other wishes are at work here, and even this much will can only have so much longevity in a place like the hotel, which wears on intention like water on stone. Also, one can only help so much when certain wishers don’t laugh at our puns.

Nightfall is a time for evil men to do evil deeds, so nightfall is when it starts. Treedom. There’s no real harm, and no real pain, but the victim of the curse can feel it happening. Limbs nearest the ground begin to warp and spread, a painless and disturbing sensation of flesh stretching with growing speed.

Next there’s a seizing of muscles, the inability to move, excruciatingly abrupt--but again without pain. Suddenly, no movement is possible.

The senses go next. Touch first, then sight, and the others one by one. Terrifying, certainly, but not harm, in the strictest sense of the word.

Lastly, conscious thought slows to a horrific crawl. The simple understanding that something is wrong could take hours.

No rest is possible for a tree growing all night; if there is no soil and no water, he is starving and thirsty; if there is fire, he can fear; and always there’s a longing for light and morning--which eventually, of course, will come. And at sunrise, it all goes away again: breathing skin and bright mind once more.

Until nightfall, when it starts again.

The wish grantor sends a little twig sharpened into a point, a paper heart speared along its length, and nothing else.]


Wish: Micah C [With a little bit of "Sam"]

[It's 0001 and Micah finally gets his wish. This Cupid, being the type to believe that you can't possess an individual without their consent to do so, opts very a very literal translation of 'possess.' Micah's bones shift, his hair goes long and dark, his genitals recede, and his breasts (or perhaps hers) grow until he inhabits a mirror perfect image of Sam Alexander. What has he won? Well, her (body) of course. What have 'they' lost? Perhaps only the satisfaction of finding him now. If Cupid could have had his way, they would have, but making sure that a real, living girl doesn't end up with Micah is the best he can do.

As for Sam Alexander, she's wherever she was before, unharmed, untouched, and undisturbed in her own skin. How long will Micah possess the body of her doppleganger? Cupid doesn't bother to specify.

Happy Valentine's Day, Micah.]

Feb. 11th, 2015


[so very public]


Is anyone else having second thoughts about what they've wished for?

Feb. 8th, 2015


narrative: micah callaghan

Who: Micah
What: Acquiring some protection
Where: Gotham City
When: Recently!
Warnings/Rating: Eh, nothing really.

He saw now that it was time to take this entire situation a bit more seriously. )

Feb. 6th, 2015



I do wish there was a way to 'opt out' of this Valentine's madness.

Feb. 4th, 2015


Neil D, Cris M

[Group Lock]

So are we setting traps now?

Feb. 3rd, 2015


Quicklog: Louis & Micah | Gotham City

Who: Louis & Micah
What: A meeting
Where: Gotham City: The Monarch Theater
When: After this
Warnings/Rating: None to speak of

His mother had told him many years ago that if things seemed too good to be true, they likely were. Logically, he knew this to be the fact, and that he should be wary, but some sort of baser need had him wanting to believe that she wasn't setting him up in a trap for the others. That combination of wanting to believe her and also being wary had him arriving to the theater as soon as he could, clothes in dark things with his ever-present cane in one hand. There were people milling about, a show having just let out, but it wasn't as easy to blend in as he would have liked given the cane. But still he tried, sticking to the exterior of the building where the shadows gathered. He wanted to see her, first, to see her before he approached her. He was also keeping an eye out for any of the others. Louis. Neil. Cris (even if his knowledge of Cris' appearance was limited to those photographs he had taken of Louis).

But he didn't see any of them, not even Sam, so he pressed back against the wall and he waited.


Micah C

Insert witty greeting here.

Feb. 2nd, 2015


[phone call: micah c]

[The number is the burner phone, and it rings late.]

Jan. 29th, 2015



Random question.

Should I spend the extra for Tupperware, or is generic just as good?

Jan. 28th, 2015



Is anyone familiar with Bioshock?

[And then.]
[After Sam comments, this is deleted.]
I want to speak with the woman my husband is leaving me for.

Jan. 27th, 2015



[Public, simply as "Michael"]

I'm looking for a Maria.

Jan. 26th, 2015


Micah C, Delivery & Call: Elena M

[Locked to Micah C]
[The number to a burner phone, as promised.]

[To be served to Elena M at her Brooklyn apartment]
[Delivered in person (not by Cris) to Elena are the following: Summons With Notice, Affidavit of Defendant, Notice of Automatic Orders, Notice Concerning Continuation of Health Care Coverage, and Child Support Standards Chart. The Uncontested Divorce packet names the grounds of the divorce as "Irretrievable Breakdown in Relationship."]

[Call to Elena M]
[After the papers are served, ring!]

Jan. 25th, 2015



what day is it?

Jan. 23rd, 2015


[Sam A]

[Locked to Sam A]

So his name is Cris?

Jan. 22nd, 2015


[Locked to friends of Sam A]


I was doing some shopping earlier, and I believe I may have seen Sam running down the street. She looked upset, and I was just wondering if anyone was checking on her? I would, but, I don't think that I should.

Just thought I would let someone know.

Jan. 18th, 2015


[public, Sam A]


I don't believe I'll ever care much for hospitals.

[Locked to Sam A]

Did they actually use you as bait?

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