November 2015




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Mar. 18th, 2015



Are there any other doors that I ought to be wary of?

Mar. 13th, 2015


Public (Minus Ross family+)

[Public except: Clementine Murphy, Penny & Graham Ross and Shane Alexander as is now statutory.]

[It is ballpoint pen rather than artist pencil and it is done into the pages of the journal in the absence of any paper but the damp, wet heat of the downstairs is ventured into long enough to produce a sketch that shows up with careful, laborious strokes of pen over paper.]

Mar. 10th, 2015


sam a, meredith j.

[Locked to Sam A.]
Samantha Alexander.

[Locked to Meredith J.]
Meredith Janssen.

Feb. 19th, 2015



[The post comes through scattered, letters missing, making it nearly impossible to understand.]

I keep hearing [...]. Some[...] door.

[...]ttery is dyi[...]

I can't find the door out of [...].

Is an[...] there?

Feb. 17th, 2015


PUBLIC from Loren C.

There is a door where one crosses a bridge into the fog. Population seems to be zero. Has anyone been here?


Loren C

[Locked to Loren C]

I have a problem. I have a problem and I didn't know who else to go to. Neil's busy and I didn't-

Can you help me?


Feb. 14th, 2015


Wish Granted: Loren C.

[It's less of a tracking device and more like a game of hot and cold. Inside of a wooden box is a Phylactery necklace filled with Micah's blood. It's a pendent that has a gold circle surrounding a moving vial of blood. When Loren holds it up like a compass, the red spins and then glows in the direction Micah is in. If Micah isn't in the door? It'll pulse until taken into the hotel, where it'll point towards the door he's in. Since it's made with hotel magic, it works everywhere and is very, very reliable. Even if Micah may or may not look like himself. A note in the box details this information for Loren.

The gold has an inscription on it: Blessed are the peacekeepers, the champions of the just.

Loren's wish has been granted.]

Feb. 11th, 2015


[so very public]


Is anyone else having second thoughts about what they've wished for?

Feb. 2nd, 2015


Loren C

[Private to Loren C.]

Greetings, Flesh Spectre.

Jan. 25th, 2015


Loren C

[Locked to Loren C]

[Quite simple as can be. Just a link to a playlist. Consider it a modern-day romantic's mixtape, cariad.]

Jan. 20th, 2015



[Loren C./The Master]

Undoubtedly this is not a need for your level of skill, however you're the closest I have.

[Luke H.]

Tell me what is happening.

[Pepper P.]

I wonder if you might be available for lunch.

Jan. 16th, 2015


micah c.

[LOCKED to Micah C during his conversation with Sam.]

It would be in your own interest to respond to me right now.


Daniel W, Benjamin A, Loren C, Cris M

[They move her from the hospital to the Ocean's Eleven group home quietly on Friday morning. The place is safe and unpublished, with twenty residents and very extensive security measures in place.]

[Locked to Daniel W]
Hey, baby. Turn into Count Chocula yet or whatever?

[Locked to Benjamin A]
Did you keep Daniel entertained for me?

[Locked to Loren C]
Shit got kind of fucked up.

[Text to Cris M]
Abuela told my shrink about you.

Jan. 12th, 2015


log: gotham russian tea room; loren & jules

Who: Loren & Jules
What: A reunion.
Where: A Russian teahouse in Gotham
When: Recently.
Warnings: TBD

The place was extravagant, even in the day time. Most of the ourists came from breakfast or brunch, and by now, most customers were dwindling out because it was getting later and colder. The threat of cold only really bothered the tourists anyway, and this was one of the most touristy joints in town, so soon enough the opulent place was close to vacant.

Ordering in Russian made the server smile and nod, and the booth that they gave him was in one of the far corners, without even a request. Maybe it was the suit and tie, the Prussian ice of his eyes, but they gave it to him, and Loren sat. He liked the booth, it didn't corner him and it have him a very good view of the front entrance. The waitress, the blonde-side of auburn and very young walked up to ask him what he'd like to drink. Loren ordered tea, and when the girl turned away with a nod, he thought of Hannah. But only for a moment before he smoothed his tie and waited.


Ocean's Eleven: Meredith & Loren

Who: Loren & Meredith
What: A little get-together
Where: The penthouse at the Venetian | Ocean's Eleven
When: Recent
Warnings/Rating: TBD, likely none.

She had invited Loren over on a whim, without really thinking about what she was doing. Neil had been away, dealing with issues regarding his ex and his family. She really wasn't sure of the details, but she didn't fault him for needing to be there. Meredith had always considered herself a rather independent sort of person, the type that didn't need to know the whereabouts of people 24/7, and this was no exception. If something was wrong, she trusted him to say something. Until then, she'd not worry.

But that didn't help the growing loneliness that came from being in a place that wasn't really home. Sure, the penthouse was comfortable and definitely their's, but this Las Vegas wasn't quite the one she had left. The friends she had made weren't here, and it left her a little lost as to what to do, whom to call, when she had free-time. She considered calling Louis to check in with him, but instead had contacted Loren, asking him over for lunch. Dinner. Something. Anything to break up the loneliness in that penthouse.

The penthouse was, in a word, gorgeous. Luxurious and full of warmth, she felt at home within its walls, comfortable in a way that felt so natural. She wasn't really sure what her and Loren might do when he got there, whether she would cook or if they would order in, but she supposed she would leave that decision to when he actually got there. So she pittered around and straightened this and that, and waited for the doorman to announce Loren's arrival.

Jan. 11th, 2015


Loren C, Blake T

[Locked to Loren C]
[Without any real expectation.] Love?

[Locked to Blake T]
I'm answering your advertisement.


Evie S/Wren H, Louis D, Loren C

[Evie S/Wren H]

I saw something from Evie. Are you okay? Both of you.

[Louis D]


[Loren C]

Did you go?

Jan. 2nd, 2015



Another year gone by. Feels like they slip by faster and faster every year.

Dec. 30th, 2014


quicklog: sam & loren & maybe additions

Who: Loren & Sam
What: Hospital visits
Where: Oceans 11 Door
When: Nowish?
Warnings: TBD

[This door was familiar in the way that too many years in Vegas had been familiar. Winters still got cold, even in the desert, and Loren bundled up in clean suit for the occassion, blue on blue. Slate and navy. Vegas wasn't the kind of place that he wanted to visit ever again, there were too many twisted memories there, too many buried bodies, burnt bodies, too many casualties in the name of vendetta. But this door wasn't his Vegas, and he'd long ago stopped worrying about people recognizing him or looking for him. When the world thought that you were dead, that gave a man a lot of leeway.

The hospital was easy to find, the hotel gave Loren a door that was only a few blocks down from the hospital, and that made things easier than fishing for a cab in streets he didn't trust. Inside the hospital, he approached the front desk and asked after Sam, gave her social security number, her middle name. Loren had the kind of face that was almost always still, but there was a permanent sadness to his blue eyes that didn't have to be feigned. It apparently made nurses feel bad for him, and the lady frowned as she typed in the details on her keyboard

The nurse apologized then, saying that at this point in Sam's assessment, family was only allowed to visit. Loren smiled, warm but not too warm, a warmth that was sad like worry could be cured if he tried hard enough. It was for the sake of the desk nurse, Loren wasn't worried about Sam. He'd spoken to her, she was alive, that seemed like good news. She wasn't in surgery or trauma, and that meant that if he was close enough, he could visit her.] She's my fiance. [He explained the believable. The nurse, predictably sighed and apologized and motioned him for the correct hall.

They even gave him a little sticky badge that said visitor. He hadn't been expecting the guards at Sam's door, and Loren gave pause before them, having already sized them up on his walk across bleached tile.] Name? [One of the men asked while holding out his hand like he expected a wallet to confirm such things were all legal and documented.]

Loren. [It was calmly stated, no smile for them. These guards were no small time security, and Loren wondered where they had come from because they sure as hell didn't seem like cops. One had a thick neck, and Loren contemplated the kind of pressure it would take to snap it, just in the strange way that a mind can wander to contemplate space and time, sometimes Loren wondered about different methods of unjustified murder. He had issues, he'd accepted them. Then the man handed Loren's wallet back and gestured him into the hospital room where Sam was. She'd apparently requested him and gone through all of the chennels with Goon 1 and Goon 2. There was a glace between the two guards that Loren caught on his way inside. Maybe it was Loren's posture or his smooth stride or just the fact that he looked like the kind of guy who was ready to stare down a gun barrel with a slow blink. If the men were imagiative enough, maybe they thought he was some kind of investigator. But Sam had requested him, and here he was, no problem.]

Hey. [His voice broke the silence, unsure if she'd fallen asleep since their phonecall.]

Dec. 29th, 2014


Loren C

[Once Neil leaves, and during a brief period of waking. Her journal is gone, and she's only marginally lucid. She can't remember Cris' number, or Lou's, or Russ.' She knows where she is, but she doesn't even remember that Daniel and Lin are in the same place. But Loren's number, the one he gave her for emergencies, is scrawled on her hand, and she gets a nurse to hand her the phone.]

[Call to Loren C]

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