November 2015




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Dec. 9th, 2014


Public: as Dinah L

Who said the mob took off the holidays?

Nov. 7th, 2014


Public, Steph N, Bats+JLA-types + Green Arrow kids

[Not anon: who gives a crap about anon? Public]

Looking for Red. Find anything better on the menu eventually?

Blazer, hope it worked out in the end.

[Steph N]

So getting a load of someone else's shit, not exactly my idea of a party. You get on okay?

[Bats + JLA-types + Green Arrow kids]

Headcount of who's still in the land of the living?

Nov. 6th, 2014


Make it back in one piece?

Is it time for our usual booze and candy pow wow?

(posted anon)
Me, dressed in black. You, fashionably late.

Oct. 20th, 2014



Someone needs to bring me a beer and save me from eating the Halloween candy that was half-off at the store.

Oct. 5th, 2014


[Barbara Gordon

I need to drink a lot and some pre-warning on anything that's going to come up like Crane getting laid. If I bring chocolate, will you keep me company?

Oct. 2nd, 2014


batfam+/allies, dick g., iris m.

[locked to batfam+ & jl+: dinah lance, hal jordan, donna troy, cassie sandsmark]

This is more of a [...] heads up than anything else. Steve Rogers from Marvel has informed me that Rebecca Lyons, the girl who assisted Crane in the spread of his virus, has disappeared from custody. It seems to be the work of the hotel. She might return, but she might not. [Blink.] That's all.

[locked to dick g.]

Do you have a minute?

[locked to iris m.]

[Blink. Blink.] How are you?

Sep. 22nd, 2014


Eddie N

[Eddie N]

I hear you're the one with all the intel on the League.

Sep. 19th, 2014


Public - as Dinah L

I've got a situation here. What's the worst idea you've ever had and been stupid enough to follow through?

Sep. 8th, 2014


Quicklog: Dinah and Steph

Who: Dinah Lance & Steph Nashton
What: Mentor/mentee bonding. Otherwise known as drunk.
When: Recently
Warnings: There will be a bar, there will presumably be bad language.

[Gotham didn't clean up easy. It took time, and it would take a glazier to fix the mess of her front store window which was board and tape and a prayer no one would think peonies were worth a smash and grab again. She was lousy at cleaning and the peonies were for a wedding some poor girl had picked out the Florist Shop to handle. But the wail of sirens was practically atmospheric and she didn't have to think about flower arrangements until the absolute last minute.

She made her best bad decisions in bars like these. Floors a little sticky, maybe a couple balls missing from the pool tables, but the bartenders left you the hell alone and there were no frothy, slushy ice-drinks, just hard liquor and beer. Who the hell had let Stephanie grow up and get married, she didn't know, but it was the best kind of bad decision to drink to. No fishnets: it was a night off and she wore jeans that showed everything the fishnets would usually and supple black leather, soft as if it had been beaten to death. She was heels over floorboards and she ordered tequila and it burned its way down her throat, the good and warm hard heat, as the door swayed and smacked back into place again.]

Sep. 7th, 2014


various birds, the hubs, iris m.

[locked to dick g.]

Checking in.

[locked to jason t.]

How's it hanging?

[locked to damian w.]

You didn't respond last time, baby bird. I'm beginning to think I'm not your favorite anymore.

[locked to dinah l.]

Scared of this Gotham yet?

[locked to eddie n.]

I think Flounder might like aliens more than us. [A picture of the dogs on a walk. Matilda is sticking close to Steph, but Flounder is going right up to a blue alien with obvious curiosity.]


[locked to iris m.]

You doing okay there?

Sep. 6th, 2014


siren is sad ra's is gone

[Public AS SIREN]

My king is gone. The bunnies must feel so safe in their beds.

Sep. 4th, 2014


batfam+/JL+, selina k., steve r.


Ra's is in custody. I know we're all busy with clean up, but a long-term solution is needed. A normal prison is out of the question.

[locked to selina k.]


[locked to steve r.]

Ra's Al Ghul has been apprehended. Water and power are back on. You can let your people know.


Who: Oracle and Black Canary
What: Teaming up
When: Recently
Where: Wayne Tower

Now to see if they worked as well in this universe as in others. So far, so good. )

Aug. 29th, 2014



[In short, flicked-pencil lack of cursive:]

You take off one night and they switch out the lights. Anyone want to tell a girl what the hell happened to our city?