November 2015




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Sep. 20th, 2015


Victor F & Dracula

[Locked to Victor F & "Alexei"]
[The post comes three days into watching Vanessa pace and mutter in her room at the Malcolm Estate. It's early morning, sun not even full in the sky, but the door to Vanessa's room stands open, and Mina is not within the house.]

Vanessa's wandered. I've looked near to the house, but there is no sign of her. She was rambling rather madly. I rang for tea, thinking it would soothe her, but she was gone by the time I returned to her room. The front hall door was ajar, and there is no sign of her within.

Sep. 4th, 2015


Dracula, Joker

[Locked to Dracula]
[With less than her normally perfect penmanship, after this.] I believed I'd remedied the situation.

[Locked to "Griffin"]
[From "Ballerina"] Are you yet here?

Sep. 2nd, 2015



[Upon return to his home, there is an unexpected development in the realm of interior decoration. Becoming quite distraught, Victor medically prescribes himself ampules of morphine until his being is reduced to drool and dithers. Hours later, from beneath the medicine's spell, Victor continues work on the sketch he'd started several days before. It grows on the journal page until elegant strokes master the whole of it, penciled and public.]

Aug. 30th, 2015


Gotham: Vanessa, Mina, Dracula, Victor

Who: "Alexei," Vanessa, Victor, Mina
What: Exploration, part deux
Where: Gotham Cemetary: 1 and 2
When: Immediately after this hallway interlude
Warnings/Rating: Likely none

I almost wish we were butterflies and liv'd but three summer days - )

Aug. 17th, 2015


Gotham: Vanessa, Mina, Dracula, Victor

Who: Vanessa, Mina, "Alexei," and Victor
What: An Expedition that Sir Malcolm would not be proud of
Where: Hotel → Gotham
When: Fuzzy to when completed
Warnings/Rating: Unless someone gets ate, nope!

There were no windows in the inn's hallways, and the door which she intended to lead the explorers through was a place covered in smog and dark clouds. )

Aug. 9th, 2015


[locked to 'alexei']

I would like to extend an invitation to you, if you are amenable to receiving one.

Aug. 3rd, 2015


Public, Vanessa Ives, Dracula

I seek the sender of the ribbon.

[Locked to Vanessa I]
Dearest Vanessa.

[Locked to Dracula]
[Upon waking somewhere windowless, yet elegantly appointed. It's late evening, and her mind has settled during the day's slumber.]

Dancing music, music sad,
Both together, sane and mad...

Am I prisoner here?

Jul. 6th, 2015


mina m.

[locked to mina m.]

"Awake, arise, or be forever fall'n."

Jun. 13th, 2015


log: vanessa i, dracula, mina m

Who: Vanessa Ives, Mina Murray, Dracula
What: Discovering a body.
Where: The house next door to the Murray's.
When: Immediately following the discovery of the body.
Warnings/Rating: None.

Vanessa did not fear the dead.  )

Jun. 8th, 2015


narrative: dracula, penny dreadful(s)

Who: Dracula
What: Narrative.
Where: Transylvania, Romania.
When: Recently.
Warnings/Rating: Hints of violence.

They could not take what was his. )

Jun. 7th, 2015


[public, locks to victor f, mina m]

[locked to victor f]

Sir, I hope your dreams carried you through without trouble. Any news of Mina's condition?

[locked to mina m]

How fares the gossip? Was the gathering well-received?

[public, anonymous]

I am interested to speak to anyone who knows something of the dead who are not dead.

Apr. 2nd, 2015


[Party log]

Who: Whoever wishes to attend!
What: Party at the Murray House
Where: Penny Dreadful(s)
When: Nowish
Warnings/Rating: Please place locations and warnings in subject headers. Feel free to "dibs" threads. Simultaneous threads per character are allowed.

The Murray House was situated at the end of the street in the affluent part of London. Imposing, it was a structure built by a man determined to leave his mark on the world in every possible way.

The door was answered by two footmen, and carriages were directed around the back. Men and women awaited announcement, all agog to see the disreputable women who inhabited the home. One fair and disgraced. The other dark and possessed. Or so the rumors said.

The lights were dim for the evening, as was the fashion for parties with darker themes. On silver platters, champagne and sweets were served, and there was a bar in the sitting room with stronger drinks and cigars for the gentlemen.

Beyond the grand entrance hall, the parlor was a room for the telling of fortunes. The woman at the table was not Miss Ives, but a hired woman from town, her fortunes daring and decadent. Low lights, and chairs around the table, the woman prophesied the strangest things for all to hear.

Theatricals were held in in the study, on a platform before Sir Malcom's impressive map. The performances were Grand Guignol in nature, with faux vampires feasting on innocent girls, pretend werewolves eating young lads, and much fake blood to go around in a room deliberately darkened and filled with the delighted screams of London's elite.

The grand staircase led to the upstairs halls, and the finely appointed rooms beyond, where none of the doors were barred for the evening. And surely the basement, with its darkness and random shackles, should have been locked for the evening, but it was not.

Mar. 19th, 2015


public from victor f.

[The handwriting is sharp, ink blotted, but exquisite.]

We have come to a place between heaven and hell. Between the living and the dead. A glorious place with everlasting rebirth, perhaps even salvation. Is there a price to pay for such a residence? As there is with all things?

Mar. 16th, 2015



[The book has been filling in with words for days now, too long for it to be a vision or a trick, too varied and strange to be anything less than important. The hand is spidery and long, with hardly a drop of ink out of place.]

Automatic writing in reverse. How charming. I've never had letters from spirits before.