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Nov. 14th, 2014


i am the night


You care so much about the precious mobsters who are ruining this city? [A GPS location where a top Falcone family member is hanging from a construction crane.] I broke every bone in his body. If you want him to live, you better save him now.

Nov. 13th, 2014



[Filtered to Buffyverse]

All right, did everyone make it out of that place okay?

Nov. 12th, 2014



[Public, after this.]

I feel so much safer now that we're nearly killing drone goons who don't have a say in anything, and whose injuries will only make the mob bosses kill them as a result. What's next? The mob's working girls? I'll sleep so much better at night.

Nov. 5th, 2014



Yo, thanks for the cigs, guy at the beginning. I had the gold lighter.

Still trying to decide if I should pawn this shit or what.

Oct. 23rd, 2014



[Filtered to Buffyverse]

Hi, everyone! Hopefully you're all still around here. Been quiet lately. Anyway. Buffy? Faith? Did you two find anything more out about this place?

I was wondering, well...what do we all want to do for Halloween? It's all a bit wonky because everyone here is from different places and timelines.

Oct. 4th, 2014


[Public, as John B.]

[Several cursor blinks. John is not great at the whole small talk thing.] So. Door travel? How does that work?

[Jim G./John B.]


Oct. 2nd, 2014


quicklog: buffy/faith, sunnydale high → hotel

[The library felt empty without Giles.

Buffy had heard talk about a sub librarian, someone to fill in, but no one had filled the position yet. She was hoping no one would. Every day she kept expecting some new Watcher to show up, too, but that hadn't happened either. No Wesley, no Giles, no Xander. Willow was here, which she was totally grateful for. And Angel, but she was a tangle of conflicting emotions where he was concerned. Faith? Uber complicated, in an entirely different way. Throw in Spike having a soul and she was missing the good old days. Life had never been normal, but it had never been this either.

But meeting up with Faith to explore this hotel... thing was guaranteed to be a distraction. That was something, and she was confident enough in her ability to handle herself around the other girl. School was out, the halls were empty, and she waited for her fellow Slayer in the library, since that seemed to be their unofficial meeting point. She swung her booted feet while she sat, armed with her trusty stake tucked away inside her jacket, and wondered (for the millionth time) how Faith and the Mayor could possibly be connected.]

Sep. 27th, 2014



[Filtered to Buffyverse]

Right. Uber research mode. Spike apparently does have a soul, apparently is from our "future" as crazy as that sounds. I think even I'm from before some of you, not sure there though. We all seem to remember different things.

I mean, Xander should really be here. He'd be all geeked out about this place. A chance to talk to the X-men? Yeah, that's right up Xander's ally sort of thing.

But, guys. If that's true, then this place can bring anyone here, I think. And that could be dangerous. Not that some aren't dangerous. Haven't really figured out what brought us here except for some hotel that's some sort of magical vortex where universes converge. Crazy, isn't it?

I really wish Giles were here. Or at least his books. Y'know, he was always pretty good at figuring these things out.

Sep. 22nd, 2014


Public, as Willow Rosenberg

I must say, getting a new laptop is a great, who would be the mysterious gift giver? Tell me it's not you, Xander, if you're around here.



[As Jonathan K]
[Someone's using their mama's name.]

Favourite door that you've visited?

Sep. 19th, 2014


Public as Faith L

[Drawn absently on the middle of a page, the pencil led mixing with red flakes and a little bit of dust.]