November 2015




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Jun. 8th, 2015


eddie narrative

Who: Eddie
When: somewhat recently
Where: Fairytale door
What: Eddie swapping his powers
Warning: ghosties!

What’s upset you? City gone to ruin? That’s out of your hands! Even the ugliest of your mind, and I've seen your ugly mind sweetie, can't save that place. )

Jan. 21st, 2015


Reginarrative (lololololol): Enchanted Forest ----> Gotham City

Who: Regina Mills
Where: Enchanted Forest -----> Gotham City
What: Regina goes exploring
When: Nowish
Warnings: Nah

Oh the places you'll go! )

Dec. 2nd, 2014


quicklog: st. john and liam

Who: John and Liam
What: a meeting in the woods
Where: Tales world, near the Nightmare Before Christmas Doors in the woods
When: nowish
Warnings/Rating: TBD.

Traveling was on the menu. )

Nov. 11th, 2014


Hotel: 'Betty S'/Liam R

[The hotel was quiet when he stepped through, empty and silent, but he supposed he preferred it that way. No one to bump into, no one that might ask questions that he couldn't/wouldn't answer. People around here seemed to have a hard time taking 'no' for an answer as of late, and he just didn't have the energy to deal with that.

He was dressed simply in a dark suit, hair slicked back, wings carefully concealed beneath the well-cut suit. He had no idea what Betty looked like when she wasn't at one of the parties, so he parked himself against a wall just down the hall from the Marvel door and he waited.]

Oct. 19th, 2014


selina k, bats & birds, muerte, eddie n

[All of this is handwritten in her messy, girlish hand.]

[locked to selina k.]


[locked to batfam+]

Mandatory check-in. I'm living with a squat, old witch who insists on making me learn how to cook frog stew. Now your turn.

[locked to muerte.]

[She's not sure if this will go through, but she can't help but try. Pen press then eventually:] Hi.

[locked to eddie n.]

[She's been gone most of the day with Agnes. Eventually, midway through the afternoon he gets this locked to him.]


nashtons - sleepy hollow (pt 2)

WHO The Nashtons.
WHAT Meeting in Sleepy Hollow. (Pt 2 of 2)
WHEN After this, and before this
WHERE Tales, Sleepy Hollow.
WARNING ghosties. sads? so much sads.
His powers were a riddle to him that he had to keep close in case she just didn’t understand. )


nashtons - sleepy hollow (pt 1)

WHO The Nashtons.
WHAT Meeting in Sleepy Hollow. (Pt 1 of 2)
WHEN After this, and before this
WHERE Tales, Sleepy Hollow.
WARNING ghosties. sads? so much sads.
She tried not to be angry with herself, but it came easily now. Even more easily than it had before. Blame was so simple to her, especially when it came to throwing it on herself. )

Oct. 11th, 2014


eddie/steph quicklog in tales

[Sleepy Hollow was located next to one of the most peaceful looking streams that Eddie had ever laid eyes on. The tiny wooden bridge was a famous part of the horseman lore, though perhaps not as impressive as the movies and cartoons and stories made it out to be. It was one of the first places Eddie took Stephanie in the chilled autumn morning and they had spent time there just sitting and thinking and listening to nature around them. For all the chattiness of Eddie and Stephanie, they had their fair share of quiet moments, as many couples do. Back in Gotham, it was usually in her office with Stephanie working on her mural and Eddie sitting in the back typing away on his computer. It was nice and it made Eddie feel like they connected one tiny thread back to what their marriage was supposed to be.

So, after seeing Stephanie rightly freak out at an immature post about whoops a baby, he knew she'd go straight here to be alone. Alone being the main word, but Eddie wasn't going to let her drown herself in hurt and guilt. Dressed impossibly flamboyant as per the usual, he wandered along the edge of the stream until he saw her sitting on one of the rocks.] So, this is where my blonde bat's been hiding. [He said softly as he approached and reached for her.]

Sep. 29th, 2014


eddie/steph quicklog in tales door/halloween town

[The world inside of the Halloween Tree was not a very nice looking place. Even to someone from Gotham, the grey, winding streets and sharp towers looked downright depressing. If the town had been empty, it would have been the sort of graveyard you'd drive past at top speeds, but the people...creatures...monsters who lived there brought all the color Eddie needed. As of now, the green riddled man was the apprentice of two witches who were absolutely delighted that he could conjure ghosts for them. All kinds, they said. All shapes, sizes and oh look your eyes even glow when you get going! Eddie liked the attention, he liked learning and he even liked having lunch in the graveyard with some ghosts that had a good story or two to tell.]

[Eddie didn't quite look like Eddie here. He was more claymation than man with pale, pale skin, dark circles under his eyes and his hair in that perfect singular curl. He was dressed in a deep green suit with a pumpkin pin on his black tie. He wasn't nearly as impressive or imposing as Jack and truthfully he looked more alive than dead (mostly, the witches insisted, only mostly) and everywhere he walked, his shadow changed shapes. When Stephanie arrived, he was reading on a patch of dead grass, leaning up against a lone grave next to the giant witch's head where his teachers were making some poison or another to try on him when he wasn't looking. The air smelled of pumpkin, burnt leaves and sugar. His shadow was currently doing its best werewolf impression on the wall behind him. He looked up when Stephanie approached, dark eyes behind darker circles and he slowly got to his feet.] I think you'd like Christmas town much more. [He hadn't been, but he could guess. His shadow warped and started playing paddle ball.]


eddie goes exploring

Who: Eddie narrative
When: now!
Where: Gotham -> Miss Peregrine -> Tales
What: Eddie loses a friend, gains a power
Warning: none!

Eddie reached up to feel his old newsie cap and he screamed again for good measure. )

Sep. 1st, 2014


Narrative: Jack R

Who: Dr. Jack
What: Decisions
Where: Tales door
When: Current
Warnings/Rating: Nope, none

The inhabitants of the closest village were changing, and maybe it was time to return to a world populated with people again. )

Jul. 8th, 2014


Who: Ashleigh Donovan & Jack Roman
What: A little visit
Where: Jack's cabin
When: Recently
Warnings/Rating: TBD!

Telling her family had been one thing, but for some reason, Ashleigh was more nervous to tell Jack about what had happened. They were friends, of course, but she wasn't entirely sure about anything other than that. But considering it had been his place she had been on her way to when her world got tossed on its head, she felt he deserved a visit - in person - to explain things.

Matthew had been left with a friend back in Fabletown, someone who had watched over him time and time again since he was born, because even though she was eager to introduce her little boy to the people that she knew and loved, she was scared to do so as well. Her life had been something else for the three plus years since she had gotten locked out of the hotel, and she wasn't necessarily the same person as before. Tack on the addition of a squirrely little boy with more energy than he knew what to do with, and Ash was walking on pins and needles. She had gotten used to one way of things, and now it had gone back. Where did she fit into this world now?

So the Ashleigh Donovan that approached Jack's cabin was a little older than before, a little more mature. Her hair was loose around her shoulders, her arms bare in the sundress she wore, and just like she had attempted to do so so many years ago, there was a backpack over one shoulder with the fixings for a picnic within. A moment of hesitation and then she knocked, a step taken back to wait.

Jul. 4th, 2014


Narrative: Ashleigh Donovan

Who: Ashleigh Donovan
What: A time jump
Where: Tales Door
When: Recently!
Warnings/Rating: Nothing of note

When she walked through the door that led to the world that Jack lived, Ashleigh had every intention of surprising him. )

May. 19th, 2014


Log: Ashleigh D, Jack R, and Pinkie P

[After talking with Pinkie, Jack made sure not to include meat in any of their dishes, out of respect for the little pink haired pony. Instead, across the surface of the picnic table by his firepit were bowls filled with salad, cut vegetables, even homemade potato salad, as well as some cut and whole fruits. Of course no party was complete without cupcakes (mostly for Pinkie and Ashleigh, Jack wasn't a huge fan of the sugary deserts) and after a few minutes of waffling, Jack brought out glasses of water, though he left the milk in the cold box.

It'd been a long time since he'd had a dinner party and this wasn't quite like any of the ones he had before. This wasn't champagne and tuxes and chaffeurs to take someone from the party to home like he was used to with his father. But, even with them not here yet, he was finding himself enjoying this more. It was a good sign. A positive sign, and he called Spot away from the table where he was sniffing as he opened his cabin door to the hotel for his visitors.]

May. 7th, 2014


Ashleigh D, Eddie N

[Locked to Ashleigh D]

I got ponied.

[Locked to Eddie N]

We can meet at my office, but it's being renovated, so if you would prefer somewhere else, let me know. I've got another office I'm renting out temporarily, but it isn't much.


Tales: NYC: Helena and Snow

To run, to fly. )

Apr. 25th, 2014


Snow and Thor

Who: Thor and Snow
What: Thor comes to help Snow with a little problem.
Where: Fairy Tales door
When: Way backdated. After this
Warnings/Rating: Snow has fun. Shh, don't tell anyone.

The soft lift of her lips hadn't left her yet, and amusement still shown in her eyes despite her attempts to take on a more serious expression. )

Apr. 4th, 2014


Belle & the Beast

Who: Belle and the Beast
What: Introductions
Where: The Beast's Castle
When: Now?
Warnings/Rating: Safe, I have no doubt.

Curled in a patch of spring sunlight in the silent garden just inside the tall walls of his castle, the Beast was dreaming. The chill of winter remained in the air as it came down the slopes of the mountains, and the lingering cold twisted and condensed into tendrils of fog that curtained the crumbling castle at their foot, but that day sunlight managed to filter through the low-hanging gray clouds and linger on the frozen ground and dormant roses.

The Beast had found the patch of sunlight after a temper had uprooted him from his tower and sent him prowling about his small territory, looking for something to tear. He had not changed from his horrible amalgamation form in months, and he was beginning to realize that the phase of unpredictable changing was finished. Torn between relief that he would not suddenly come to himself again with his mouth full of feathers or his feet dangling from the rafters, and rage that his temporary human form was again lost to him, the Beast destroyed everything his claws could reach and then went looking for more.

Fortunately, the invisible servants knew when to make themselves scarce, and eventually he spent his rage, and found himself again lonely and tired in the old garden. His various mismatched parts ached, and the wolf's muzzle couldn't reach the striped horse's haunches, so he lay down and set the massive set of grubby gray wings over the bear's concave chest.

In his dream, the Beast was remembering when he was not the Beast at all. He was talking to his older brother, responsible golden bastard that he was, muttering in his sleep and twitching like a barn cat.

Mar. 22nd, 2014


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