November 2015




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Dec. 26th, 2014


I suppose Merry Christmas is in order. Or happy Hanukkah for those who celebrate like myself.

Nov. 21st, 2014



[After observing the general chaos.]

It's the one time in my life when a light trench coat is more practical than a black one. And well after labor day. I'm reassured to know this place wasn't the most vivid acid flashback of my life, though.

Nov. 13th, 2014



[Filtered to Buffyverse]

All right, did everyone make it out of that place okay?

Oct. 23rd, 2014



[Filtered to Buffyverse]

Hi, everyone! Hopefully you're all still around here. Been quiet lately. Anyway. Buffy? Faith? Did you two find anything more out about this place?

I was wondering, well...what do we all want to do for Halloween? It's all a bit wonky because everyone here is from different places and timelines.

Sep. 30th, 2014


Filter Kevin Sydney

[Filter to Kevin Sydney]

Hi there. Okay, so, wow. Looks like you were right. We are all from different times or something somehow.

Anyway, guess I'm asking for your help, but it seems pretty weird still that you know all about us and we don't know much about you. Or have even met. If I told you that I'm from just after our fight with the mayor, what could you tell me about the others? Spike is saying something to me about someone named Kennedy. That name ring a bell to you?

Sep. 27th, 2014



[Filtered to Buffyverse]

Right. Uber research mode. Spike apparently does have a soul, apparently is from our "future" as crazy as that sounds. I think even I'm from before some of you, not sure there though. We all seem to remember different things.

I mean, Xander should really be here. He'd be all geeked out about this place. A chance to talk to the X-men? Yeah, that's right up Xander's ally sort of thing.

But, guys. If that's true, then this place can bring anyone here, I think. And that could be dangerous. Not that some aren't dangerous. Haven't really figured out what brought us here except for some hotel that's some sort of magical vortex where universes converge. Crazy, isn't it?

I really wish Giles were here. Or at least his books. Y'know, he was always pretty good at figuring these things out.

Sep. 22nd, 2014


Public, as Willow Rosenberg

I must say, getting a new laptop is a great, who would be the mysterious gift giver? Tell me it's not you, Xander, if you're around here.