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May 28th, 2014

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[Diana P and Zatanna Z]

Ladies, I have a proposition for you. [Clark has no idea how that sounds, but Jeannie does and she's laughing hysterically]

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hotel, closed }

Who: Arizona Robbins & Lois Lane
What: First Meetings
Where: Passages Hotel
When: Late May
Warnings/Rating: TBD

Acceptance hadn't come easily for Arizona. )

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Neil D, Daniel W

[Locked to Neil D]
Hey, baby. So, Lou got jumped. He's ok. Russ picked him up and brought him to me, and he's sleeping or whatever.

[Locked to Daniel W]
Thanks for the tea, baby.

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selina k

A video left for Selina Kyle )

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log: bruce/steph

Who: Bruce & Steph
What: A visit.
Where: VA hospital.
When: Before Bruce takes off.
Warnings/Rating: TBD.

[In truth, Bruce didn't want to spend one more second in Gotham. He felt like he was drowning, a slow suffocation that stretched out over days and became agony, but he could do this one last thing before he left, before he began his journey to save himself-- and if he failed, if, he did want to see Stephanie one last time. There were some he couldn't face. Some he couldn't even tell he was leaving himself, and maybe that made him a coward, but he was so tired of self-deprecation; there wasn't any more of him left to hate.

He wore a black shirt, jeans, and he hadn't shaved in days. Hadn't slept, either, and overall he didn't look like the Bruce Wayne everyone knew anymore, but he liked that. Gone were the expensive suits and ties, gone was the wealthy playboy exterior-- he vowed to find a door where he wouldn't need them. He entered the hospital, found the psych ward, and politely asked to see Stephanie Brown. He was family, he said. It was a quiet request, no demand, and he knew his influence wouldn't do him any good here. This wasn't that kind of place. He didn't mind, though. He was here because he wanted to see her, and he wanted to not be turned away because she wanted to see him too. He only gave his name when asked, and he liked that the nurse barely even blinked.

She told him to sit, to wait, while she went to see if Stephanie was up for visitors, and he did so without question.]

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i have a book full of riddles and they're all question marks

alice kitty riddle man irisssssss

i have hats for you special hats with hat-like qualities

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Stark Basement Lab: Bruce/Tony

[It took finagling and using what little influence he had to get the blood, but Bruce had a good reputation in some of the free clinics and after the alien attack he lent a hand. It added up to him being able to get A+, but he wasn't happy about it. He had it in a small cooler and brought it down to the basement lab, correctly guessing that's where Tony would be. He had a knapsack in his other hand, since he'd been in the other door when Tony messaged him. His current life was packed up inside of that, the Chinatown locked for the time being with a few small security systems in place.

When he got out of the elevator he set the bag to the side and stuck with the cooler for now.] When they asked why I needed this, I said for my vampire friend. You can tell how much the world around us is changing that they seemed like they believed it. [That was his starting line, since he knew Jarvis would've already alerted Tony that he was coming down.]

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batfam, eddie n, cassie s

[Locked to Batfam Only minus Steph]

Guys, we need to talk.

I'm honestly not sure how to go about this, let's face it, we're not the most communicative of superhero groups. And I know everything's really in an intense state right now, so it's sort of easy for things to get lost in the shuffle or taken for granted. I was guilty of this too. I was talking to Steph and she's having a rough time. She said she feels really detached from us and worried we don't care anymore. I guess the rogues checked in with her before we did, so yikes. She was hurt that she had the engagement news to give and people didn't seem excited for her. I know it's weird for us because of Nigma, trust me I know, but he's going to marry her. She is happy with him. They want to have kids. I don't want her to feel like her family isn't going to be supportive. I figured maybe some congratulations and enthusiasm couldn't hurt? This whole PTSD makes her disconnect from people, and I think she really wants to connect.

I'm visiting her soon. I guess just regular calls and visits would be great, maybe video chats or some way to hook into our regular communicator? I'm not sure. I think it'd be good for her to feel like she's still one of us.

[Locked to Cassie Sandsmark]

How are you supposed to feel when your ex is getting married to someone who tried to kill you? It's not as weird as I thought?

[Locked to Eddie Nigma]

Hey. You busy?

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Stephanie Brown

[Stephanie B]
So how come I have to hear from Tim that there's a wedding I get to help plan?!