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June 11th, 2015

[info]head in [info]rooms


[After receiving a few test results back on a very young, new member of his household.]

Where is Iris M? I know she has family here.

[info]sylvan in [info]rooms

Hell's Kitchen, Marvel, Clem & Matt

[Later, after being being medically cleared, Clementine made her way on home. She considered stopping and messaging Graham, but Graham and Shane were both on Evie's group lock about Jack, and she figured they knew she hadn't gone dying in any fires. Simple as it was, she was trying to steer clear as could be of whatever was brewing with Shane and Graham, letting them settle themselves and sort out whatever they were feeling for each other, and she figured she'd hear if they needed her. Now, Penny, Penny would be getting a call come morning, once there'd been some sleeping and resting.

But, for now, Clem dragged herself on up to her apartment, the old Gotham familiarity of it hitting her hard and fast when she shoved at the door. She needed to check on her own patient, who she'd abandoned to go inhale a whole lot of smoke.

She was still dressed in her FDNY greys, and she had some boots on her yellow-dot-socked feet. The bandage on her head was white, covering stitches and angled, and she smelled like smoke when she closed the door behind her. The couch beckoned real loud, but she wandered right on into the guest room, dropping her bag as she went, keen on checking on Matt. Her voice was hoarse, sandpaper rubbing over raw, and more air than sound.] Honey, you awake yet?

[info]deployed in [info]rooms

Quicklog: Penny and Louis: Sam's House - Ocean's 11

Who: Penny and Louis
Where: Sam's house - Ocean's 11
When: During the Stark Tower kerfuffle/nowish-ish
What: Chicken and Waffles? And who knows what else
Warnings: So much sex. I mean. So much. Like. These two are seriously about to get so naked together. Lulz. jk

It was a day... )

[info]alibi in [info]rooms

Louis D, Penny R, ETA: Batman

[A couple hours after this. Late.]

[Locked to Louis D]
You up?

[Locked to Penny R]
Hey, how's Teresa?

ETA: [Locked to Batman]
[During this.]

[............] You Iris' [......] ex?

[info]misterenigma in [info]rooms

eddie/muerte quicklog backdated to the day after magic times

[It was late morning/early afternoon and the city was wide awake. Eddie was getting used to the Marvel sun in a way that he never really thought he could. Gothamites always hissed at it, but what did Gotham have to offer lately? A broken city full of greys and browns that weren't nearly as fun as the city he had loved for so long. Eddie Nigma thought it was fair to say he didn't need to spend most of his time there anymore. He was a changed man (a deeply changed man) and adapting to new worlds was simple. Especially when one of them had a home and a woman he could come back to and care for.

He hadn't slept, spending all night with his mentors to make sure he could control his old (new) powers. Coming back without a good handle on them meant chaos for his new comic book shop and apartment. It meant ghosts floating through the walls and skeletons pushing at the floorboards. It wasn't easy, but by daylight he was in control enough to go home and sleep. Home and he liked the sound of that.

Dressed in a black suit with green pinstripes and smelling a bit like bog moss and cinnamon bark, he got to the front door of the shop and realized all too suddenly that he didn't have his keys. He searched the napsack full of his PJs and a few items to help him with his powers and sighed when he couldn't find it or his journal. The poor man didn't even have something to pick the locks with (which he found incredibly embarrassing) or a way to get Muerte to let him in. There was only one solution: climb the back alley catwalk, hop over the adjoining balconies and knock on the window.] Hovering. I need to learn how to hover. I don't even need to fly, just hover. [He murmured as he made his journey to the alley and up the catwalk rather quietly.

Indeed, he was pleased at how light footed he was after all these years of inactivity. Memories colored in a certain shade of green lit up his sleepy mind as he hopped from one balcony to the next until he reached their apartment. Ah, he still had. it. Eddie knocked on their window, trying very, very hard to wipe that proud smirk off his face.]

[info]soundofwings in [info]rooms

Marvel log, Muerte and Eddie

Who: Muerte and Eddie
What: Cuddle time and words? And some angst?
Where: Their apartment over the comic shop - Marvel
When: Shortly after she gives up being Deathly.
Warnings/Rating: Some residual sads?

It was the choice that needed to be made )

[info]theblondebat in [info]rooms

various locks.

[After getting Jason into a hospital in Gotham, after helping with some more clean-up in Marvel, she returns home for the time being. And lots of people get messages.]

[locked to barbara g.]

Hi. I'm back. I'm sorry. Are you okay?

[locked to jason t.]

How ya feeling, slugger? The food kill you yet?

[locked to destiny.]

You see. When I got back from that Marvel mess, I was gonna be cute and bake you something, but I have no idea where to leave it.

[locked to selina k.]

Hi, kitty cat. Make it out of there okay?

[locked to leo c.]

[A sketch of this, Batsignal, clear pops of color that this Gotham lacks, and all.] That's my Gotham. Well, the one where I grew up. My baby brother and I always said this city was too blue sometimes.

[locked to steve r.]

Let me know if you guys need anymore help over there, okay? I'm popping back in Gotham, but I can be back there in a second.

[locked to bruce w.]

Glad everything waited for us to leave for it to go to shit. So considerate like that.

[locked to eddie n.]

You better not be dea I'm sure you don't even wanna tal [In the end, nothing posted.]

[info]muchworse in [info]rooms

[Many and assorted messages...]

[It was a fair amount of time before he calmed down enough to be himself again. And to be very appreciative for a pants design that no longer left him completely naked upon changing back. It did leave him only half clothed and stuck... somewhere, but at least it was summer and he wasn't going to freeze. And he had his notebook.]

I am really hoping you're alright. He lost track of you.

[Separate messages to those that pop into his head: Sharon, Natasha, Bobbi, Pepper (and then he realizes they're all women, wtf Banner)]
Are you alright?


James? Are you alright? I remember you and planes and I want to make sure you weren't in one that I

[...a pen press.] Do I need to be a doctor, or can I ask something as not a doctor?

[info]onerule in [info]rooms

selina k., batfam., eddie n.

[From the hospital, where he looms.]

[locked to selina k.]

Are you still in Marvel?

[locked to the batfam]

I'm back in Gotham. Jason is in the hospital, but he'll be fine. [...] How many of you are in the city? Barbara, what progress have you made so far?

[locked to eddie n.]

Iris has a child. Do you remember?

[info]deployed in [info]rooms

Locks: Graham R, Clem M, Jake R

[Graham R/Clementine M]

Looks like we need to vacate real quick. I can go to a hotel in Vegas if y'all want me to keep watching Joy and the other door is still a mess, Graham you can come on with me there, so can Shane. I'm sure he'd just love rooming up with me. I can get him a place. I can do whatever makes the most sense. Or if it's fine we can all go back there together, or whatever y'all want. I can do whatever. Clementine, you're there, you'll know better than any of us what's going on in the damn city. So what am I doing and where am I going?

[Jake R]

You around? We gotta go, honey.

[info]strikethose in [info]rooms

[separate locks to sam a, jake r, shane a]

[locked to sam a]

How are you feeling?

[locked to jake r]

Hello, Jake. A word, if you have a moment.

[locked to shane a]

Hi Shane. Enjoying the camping?

[info]thelazarus in [info]rooms

[locked to selina k]

Too late to say sorry for being an asshole?