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May 24th, 2014

[info]steles in [info]rooms

Peter P, Billy K, Mary Jane W

[Locked to Peter P]
[From her hidey hole in a dusty and unused Oscorp lab.] I think I have something, but it's going to take me a few weeks, Peter. Is he somewhere safe, and what do we tell Mr. Osborn?

[Locked to Billy K]
I missed your phone call, Billy.

[Locked to Mary Jane W]
Hey, Mary Jane.

[info]newhorizon in [info]rooms

spidey, lady spidey, c marvel

[Private to Carol D. and Jess D.]

I need help. You two busy?

[info]isalwaysangry in [info]rooms

Who: Bruce Banner
What: Narrative
Where: His lab
When: Recently
Warnings/Ratings: Brief suicide reference, nothing big

There was a reason he stayed isolated. )

[info]riddlethem in [info]rooms


[Private to Helena]

I just want to make sure that's actually you and not some weird cult trick.

[info]roomsanon in [info]rooms

[News: DC]

[Rumors begin to circulate midday about the city's architecture joining in the craziness that's been happening in Gotham lately. Several people report seeing a flying gargoyle in Gotham's skies. Those that got close enough swear it was a lion while others swear it was monstrous, but none of the eyewitnesses can recall ever seeing it on any of the buildings in Gotham. In lieu of other events, it doesn't make the evening news.]

[info]forthem in [info]rooms

log: eddie/steph - hospital visit.

WHO Eddie and Steph.
WHAT eddie comes to visit again.
WHEN This weekend, after their most recent phone call.
WHERE VA Hospital.
When it rained in Gotham, it poured. )

[info]goodofgotham in [info]rooms


[Locked to Batman]

The signal over here is rusty, I'm going to have to get it fixed. So I'll have to get your attention this way. You there?

[info]fornothing in [info]rooms

log: joey & ella, in a dream

Who: Joey & Ella
What: We found dreams in a zombieless place.
Where: Dreamland.
When: Now(complete).
Warnings: None, but some sads.

She ran until her lungs heaved, and hurt and her feet slapped at the ground, and the hallway expanded and contracted like a concertina, door after door that they flew through, pale-washed green walls and antiseptic smell and swinging doors until the last set they burst through, it wasn’t the hospital at all. )

[info]thinnies in [info]rooms

Clark K

[Locked to Clark K]
[After this and this.]

You're certain there is no war happening, magical or otherwise?

[info]clearmyledger in [info]rooms

Avengers+, Bucky B, Clint B, Steve R, Sharon & Peggy C, Jess D

[Bucky B]
I was right.

[Clint B]
... I have something to tell you. You're not going to like it.

[Steve R, Bucky B, Peggy C, Sharon C, Jess D]
We have a problem.
ETA Tomorrow, 0900. [Location] I have files to share.

I've returned.

[info]steles in [info]rooms

Jason T, Helena W

[Locked to Jason T]

[Locked to Helena W]

[info]atrophy in [info]rooms

Bucky B, Peggy C, Tony S, Sharon C

[Locked to Bucky B]
I met [...] the [...] Winter Soldier.

[Locked to Peggy C]
Peg? Tell me you're still here. I [...] need to talk to you.

[Locked to Tony S]
A You died here and came back before, right?

[Locked to Sharon C]
Can we talk about S.H.I.E.L.D. a moment?

[info]exo7 in [info]rooms

[Natasha R, Steve R]

[He's had his tablet for a while, but hasn't put a whole lot of time into looking at it. The messages come via text.]

[Natasha R]

Saw you the other day and then I didn't. Thought it was you at least. You pull a disappearing act on me?

Ps seen Steve?

[Steve R]

Thought we were road tripping. Been a week. Taking disappearing lessons from Natasha?

[info]described in [info]rooms

Clementine M

[A half bar of chocolate, carefully wrapped up in the foil it came in, is left on Clemetine's bunk. There's a scrap of paper folded beneath it.]

Maybe back home, this might have been questionable, but I found this in my backpack and wanted to share. Can't say it's the freshest, but it still tastes good.


[info]imnotlegolas in [info]rooms

Clint B/Loki

I just learned something fascinating that I think you'll find intriguing as well. It seems SHIELD was infiltrated and taken over secretly by HYDRA, a World War II organization thought to be gone when Rogers took out it's leader, Johann Schmidt aka Red Skull.

[info]curandera in [info]rooms

Tony S

[Locked to Tony S]

Tin man.

[info]gunsandlipstick in [info]rooms

log: peggy/steve.

[Over the past few weeks, Peggy Carter had been quite wrapped up with S.H.I.E.L.D. and its clean-up and investigation of a cluster of recent events. The alien invasion, the influx of new people through the door, the appearances of more people with strange abilities. All of it blipped on S.H.I.E.L.D.'s radar ostensibly, and she, in turn, tried her best to veer it to a positive light when necessary. Interest, of course, was piqued by the appearances of heroes from the other door, and she had no explanation for that. Files were kept regardless.

So, Peggy ws busy. She hadn't seen much of Steve; she had not even been in the tower that often. When she dived into work, she practically drowned in it. Work had always been there. Work would always be there, even if she had to fight tooth and nail for it.

But, Steve's message concerned her, as did Natasha's message soon after. So, just a little before seven o'clock, she crossed the residential floor of Stark Tower from her room towards Steve's flat. A sharp knock as the clock hit seven rang on his door. She was in something a little more relaxed than her pencil skirts -- loose slacks and a button-down white shirt and flat-heeled shoes on her feet -- and when Steve opened the door, her lips were in a concerned frown that flipped into a smile that said hello, noticeably lacking their usual red flair.]

[info]isalwaysangry in [info]rooms

tony s, jason t, selina k

[Locked to Tony Stark]

I need to talk to you about something, and I'd appreciate not arguing.

[Locked to Jason Todd]

Hey. You okay?

Added:[Locked to Selina Kyle]

Again, aware you don't have to respond since you're mad, but any chance you could handle this? Selina? Help? Cursor blink? Okay I'll handle it.

[info]detached in [info]rooms

Tony S

[Locked to Tony S]
[After this.]

Have you talked to Selina?

[info]laughingmagus in [info]rooms


[After this.]

I've got a fresh ciggie and a bottle of brandy, and I think I'm taking a night in with my new book. I'm not a man who likes reality television or reads the Sun, but you people are better than Brecht.