November 2015



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September 11th, 2015

[info]mareas in [info]rooms

[Triage for the billionaire]

Who: Clem, Penny, Pepper, Bucky (+ not!dead Tony Stark)
What: Checking Tony's non-vital vitals
Where: Graham & Shane's old place
When: Recentish
Warnings/Rating: Don't think so

Clementine, she wasn't sure of any damn thing. )

[info]aneternity in [info]rooms

wren h., mikey c.

[text to wren h.]

Bonjour, ma petite danseuse.

eta: [locked to mikey c.]

Hi. It's Luke, Wren's husband? I wondered if you had a second.

[info]ropes in [info]rooms

cee narrative

Who: Cerise
What: Getting to work.
When: After this.
Warnings: Language?

People died. )

[info]ropes in [info]rooms

cris m.

[Locked to Cris M. after this.]
Can u talk?

[info]roomsanon in [info]rooms

DC Comics news: Gotham U/Agedown Plot start]

[It happens while they sleep (or while they do not), in those dreary moments where the deep black, smoggy sky begins to hint at shades of pink and orange. Just before another Gotham morning arrives, some residents suddenly find themselves not in their own beds or on rooftops peering over the city or surrounded by the glittering lights of money being gambled away, but in the dormitories of Gotham University. Each in their own room. And, regardless of how young or old they should be, they now all are incoming freshman, just beginning their first year at university. No one, really, remembers who they were before beyond the memories any 18 year old has. Gone are years and years, erased by the hotel’s need for balance. You see, one rogue too little to be any rogue at all, and the whole world goes off kilter. So, adjustments are necessary, and many, even those who might not call this city their home, pay the price.

Gotham filled to the brim with teenagers? Oh, this is bound to be interesting at the very least.]