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October 4th, 2015

[info]detached in [info]rooms

Narrative: Helena W

Who: Helena W
What: Where is a little bat hiding
Where: Harry Potter
When: Currentish
Warnings/Rating: General screwyness, Hels still being jacked

Memories )

[info]agoodman in [info]rooms

Narrative: Thor

Who: Thor
What: The anger of witches
Where: Asgard -> Yggdrasil -> Jotunheim -> Asgard
When: Currentish
Warnings/Rating: Nada

Of Norns and Witches )

[info]agoodman in [info]rooms

Avengers, Marta F

[After dealing with the ensuing questions from every advisor on Asgard that ended finally with her slamming Mjolnir down on the table and electrocuting half of them, thus proving who she was and effectively ending all conversations for today, she retires to her rooms.]


Are you all well?

[Marta F]

[...] Lady Marta?

[info]recursion in [info]rooms


[After Eddie's suggestion.]


Eddie told me to [Nope, really bad way to start. Think, think.] I know you don't know me, but I know Damian. I want need to help. He saved my life, and I'd be a horrible friend if I wasn't willing to do the same for him. I can't just sit here. I can't.

I've been talking to him. I think I may almost have him willing to meet with me. Maybe. I don't know. But I don't think he remembers me the way he would remember all of you. That puts me in a non-threatening position, as I can be seen as not trying to get him the help he needs.

Please let me do something, even if it's just hacking security cameras. I can't stand feeling so helpless.

[info]crimsonstar in [info]rooms

Locked to Donna C


Ni hao. How's the programming coming? Did you need me yet for the bargaining meeting we spoke about before? I can try to find someone too.

[info]simple_life in [info]rooms

Who: Ash
What: A narrative
Where: Ocean's Eleven -> Marvel
When: Recent
Warnings/Rating: None to speak of

Life had a way of sweeping a person away. )

[info]ex_perspecti86 in [info]rooms


Has anyone seen Neil? Or talked to him?

[info]luckythirteen in [info]rooms

Sharonarrative time

Who: Sharon Carter and some NPC Bullshit
Where: Some Bullshit Highway in Canada.
When: Oh now or some bullshit like that
Warnings: BULLSHIT - And then death - And then hiking?

Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit. )

[info]riskthefall in [info]rooms

Dickie Narrative - Then a phone call

Who: Dickie - Phone call to Babs
Where: His house in Gotham City
When: Nowish
What: Being a kid was weird - his kid being a bigger kid was weirder
Warnings: Nah

Stuuuuuufffffff )

[Phone Call - Babs G]

Ring ring!

[info]sintokill in [info]rooms

Comm: Clint B; Natasha R

[Comm: Clint B, Natasha R]

I can't believe we're the grown ups.

I mean. Just stop and think about that for a minute. Let that sink in.

Natasha will literally run everyone into the ground with glee, Clint will charge everyone for the pleasure, and I'll spend the money on massage chairs for the quinjet I just acquired.

You guys. Some people should be allowed to have power. And some people are us.

The only other person besides the three of us collectively that shouldn't have ultimate power are either one of us on our own - or like....Logan.

Also. Where are we on the massage chairs? Yes? Definitely Yes? Mother Fucking Yes?