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September 14th, 2015

[info]gnawed in [info]rooms

Peter P, Flash T, Jason T

[Locked to Peter P & Flash T]
So, that went super badly.

[Locked to Jason T]
[Obliviously.] Thanks, James Dean.

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Public as Lily F

[As Lily F. The handwriting is very shaky and comes slow, as if she is still trying to learn how the letters are formed.]


Victor, is this book your doing?

[info]recursion in [info]rooms

Public (minus Flash T)

[Public minus Flash T]

[ETA: After this and this.]

Campus security isn't picking up. Anyone else have any ideas for dealing with a weirdo stalker?

Misunderstanding. Carry on.

Can we please deal with the cow now?

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Everything has gotten so loud.

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Luke H

['Cause he doesn't know what else to do, fuzzy during this, and after this.]

[Locked to Luke H]
Need you to check in on that Donna girl posting, if you could, huh? I would, but I'm busy and I don't got the brainspace. She's talking bout a stalker or something. I'll owe you.

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[news: marvel]

[Periscopes and shaky youtube videos come in hot from a subway station late in the evening, just after the commuter rush. There were still good-sized crowds gathered on the platform when everything with with a screen in the vicinity flashed bright blue and started screeching at top volume. Every cell phone, every screen displaying track times, every tablet, every laptop. Any and all electronics were unresponsive while the hostile takeover was happening, including the station's CCTV cameras, meaning that there are only eyewitness accounts to testify to this terrifying disturbance.

When it ended, the power in the station went out. What videos there are show crowds of people running up the stairs and back onto the street, panicked under the scarlet glow of emergency lighting and the sound of sirens.

A number of people were injured in the stampede, but there were no deaths on the platform. The same goes for the trains that were near the station, which suddenly increased in speed for roughly the fifteen second period that the electronic disturbance was marked. There were thankfully no collisions, but some people were thrown when the cars jerked forward, and some fell during sudden stop a few moments later, as miles of track around the station all shut down at once.

The stalled subway cars led to train delays of many hours, well into the evening. As of early the following morning, authorities still have no explanation to offer. The most popular answer from conservative pundits? An act of mutant terrorism. The police insist they are still investigating, and ask the public not to rush to judgement, or to hasty action. They are collecting the devices of those who were in the station, but there doesn't seem to be any trace left behind by whatever caused this.

The sound was loud enough that it could be heard on the street. A few people, out of range of the disturbance, managed to record snatches. What little there is to decipher generally sounds like a loud burst of feedback. A few audio analysts swear they've found, in the layers of sound, a human scream.]

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Eddie, "Emily", Selina

[The rest of the Enigma and Graves crew: Eddie and Emily]
[After this and after no on else shows up for work.]

Are you both in Gotham?



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Soooo the place where I find the guys to buy the beer is gone. You gotta pick up, anyone out there?

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[After this. He calls from Wayne Manor, where he's currently hiding out with Bruce. Ring, ring!]