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August 15th, 2015

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Marvel, Saranac Lake: Sylvie & Dec & Clem

[Clementine, she rented herself a big old truck in garish red for the drive out to Saranac Lake.

It was only a few hours out, but the bag sitting in the passenger's seat made it real clear that Clementine intended to stay a spell. Her work schedule was clear as crystal for the weekend, and she reckoned some time away might do some good. She was real tired of dead blonde girls, and she was real tired of folks going off and losing themselves in doors, and she was real tired of heroic menfolk that disappeared without a peep.

She'd already decided to move back on home, to her place in Hell's Kitchen. No point staying where Matt and Bucky were, not if Matt was moving around plenty. Clementine, she wasn't much worried about danger in her own apartment, not with the glass fixed and a real good alarm installed. She'd been antsy some since seeing Joy, wanting her own space back and something like centering. Her life wasn't on over in Queens, and her life wasn't Graham and Shane anymore. They had their own things sussed, and she wasn't real good at being an accessory to other folks' loving.

So, getting away some would be nice. It would give her time to think, and she hadn't seen Sylvie since they were all small, and she reckoned that might be nice too. Might be, because one never could tell with Murphys.

It was long-since dark by the time she pulled up in front of the cabin. She hauled her bag out and hitched it on her shoulder, and walked toward the door in snug denim and plaid.]

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Text: Gray/Aubrey

Hey. You there?

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[Narrative: Tony S.]

Who: Tony Stark
What: Cliffhangerrrrrrr
Where: His lab under the bay.
When: A few days ago.
Warnings/Rating: Safe. For you.

Anatomic diagrams worthy of Michelangelo boasted generators and circuit boards... )

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Steve R & Bruce B

[Locked to Steve R & Bruce B]
[She knows she shouldn't meddle, because it went super bad with Hels, but she kind of can't help herself.]

Mr. Rogers? Doctor Banner? I already told Ms. Potts, but Mr. Stark isn't responding to me, and Ms. Carter still isn't responding to me, but the journal isn't giving me a bounceback for either of them, so it isn't that they returned to their respective timelines.

I just thought the Avengers should know.