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August 2nd, 2015

[info]skinned in [info]rooms

Ben S

[Delivery: Ben S]

[Left on Ben's side of the bed, carefully wrapped in white tissue: a framed and matted print of a photograph taken when his family visited post-Valentine's wish. Parents, siblings, and Ben and Ronan in the middle of them all. Tucked into one corner is a white card printed with painstakingly neat handwriting:

happy anniversary,
- r

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narrative: dc, pamela isley

Who: Pamela Isley
What: Narrative of misadventures and backfiring powers.
Where: Gotham train station, Robinson Park, & a club
When: Tonight.
Warnings: None.

Gotham itches. )

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Luke H

[After this.]

Good day.

[info]hemlockandhoney in [info]rooms

[public from pamela i.]

I don't feel well. I don't feel right. Not at all. Is this supposed to happen?

[info]deteriorate in [info]rooms

Jean G

[Locked to Jean G]
Hi, Jean. How's Wanda?

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[As Harley Q.]

Hey, what's the big idea? I never wanted to be Dorothy, I always wanted to be the chick in the bubble. Somebody point me back to Kansas?

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Mina M

[Delivery to Mina M]

[The box comes on Sunday, slender and long and wrapped in an elegant lavender paper tied off with a yellow ribbon. Inside, a ribbon the color of the summer sun, satiny and smooth. A notecard rests just beneath the ribbon, folded in half, and written on the inside in green ink, a small note:]

To replace the one that I took.

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Sam A

[After finally seeing Seven's message to her and finding Liam's original message and everyone's reaction to it. As she's sitting quietly at home next to where Bean is sleeping, with Tommy keeping watch over both of them. It takes a lot of energy to think about reaching out, but...]

Is there anything you need that I can do for you?

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News: NYC (Marvel)

[The body's found by a teenage girl on a walk with her schnauzer Sunday afternoon. It's found near one of the canoe launches in Bayswater Park, lodged between several large rocks by the water's edge. Even though the body's found in the water, it's quite clear that the cause of death wasn't drowning. Blackened skin, hair burnt off, a grotesque sight that leaves the girl who found it shaken and crying.

The body is nude, female, the face frozen in grimace that speaks loudly of pain and how she died. No evidence or footprints are found at the scene upon first glance, and it's difficult to discern where the body was actually dumped and how long ago.

The park is taped off by late afternoon, emergency vehicles with their red and blue lights shining well into the evening hours.]

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Aubrey R

[Call to Aubrey R]

Ring, ring.

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Cerise S & Cris M

[She just calls this one on in, and she don't stick 'round long. But, ultimately, she reckons hitting the journals might be called for, seeing as Martin seemed real worried it was one of the folks on there doing the killing.]

[Group: Cerise S, Cris M]
Got another one of them girls. Queens this time. Figure it might take a spell for the local precincts to figure the M.O. for the same. No insult to NYPD, course.

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Log: Penny Dreadful

Who: Sherlock Holmes and Mrs. Irene Norton.
What: Tea. Verbal badinage.
When: Recently.
Where: A quality tea-room.

Expression and knowledge of self was what Mr. Holmes was missing. He was missing it in droves. )