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May 26th, 2015

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[Plot: Dreams]

[At sunrise, it ends.

Dreamers are interrupted, and they are returned to wherever they were before the hotel herded them all into the bright rotunda. Dreamers retain memories and, sometimes, injuries. But one thing is clear to all of them: They were not sleeping. The feelings from the evening remain, the scents and the sensations. The walks home are recalled, remembered, and there is no avoiding the truth. These things truly happened.

There is no note on the journals, and nothing appears to explain the phenomenon. This time, the Dreamers must figure out the meaning for themselves.]

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quicklog: marvel taco shack muerte/eddie

[Chalk white bones were replaced by regular fleshy limbs, funeral suit replaced by jeans, nerdy t-shirt and a black blazer. He still smelled a little like a campfire, sugar and the rust of dried blood, which meant what he went through wasn't a dream. No, it was yet another little party thrown by Passages. He shook his fist up to the sky, cursing the hotel silently as passerby stared at him like he was crazy. He lowered his hand slowly and then looked down the street towards the comic book shop, squinting at the thought of going home (Crap, he needed to not call it that around Muerte. Mental note made!) and decided something else was needed. Margaritas and tacos. He smiled, remembering the time he had found a drunk Muerte with her dark hair tumbled over her shoulder as she could barely take him being so him. Usually the thought of someone not wanting all of this would make him want to get a goddamned lobotomy, but with Muerte it was different. She shushed him with an upturn of her lips and the smirk was a lot brighter than the coy ask for quiet.

So, he left her a message that simply said Taco Shack and made his way a few blocks down to it. Maybe it was way too early for tacos or margaritas, but their new favorite Mexican joint opened for omelettes and that was good enough for him. Even if they were inferior to Gotham omelettes.

When Muerte got there, he was in a back booth, feet up on a nearby chair as he drank coffee and read an actual, honest-to-god newspaper. The whole place was completely empty save him and the guy behind the counter (Marco). Music gently played from a radio on the counter and it wasn't enough to drown out the sizzle of bacon or the crinkle of newspaper. Eddie looked up as the door jingled open and he smiled gently at her. "Can you believe they still make these? Look, it's real paper." He said with amazement as he held up the newspaper like a relic.]

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public, leo c.

[Not trying to be anon at all.]

batlady?? lady!bat?? [...] chick who happened to be batman who was afraid of flying??

[locked to leo c.]

[After seeing a couple of posts on the network.]

you ok???

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Well, that was appropriately awkward.

And embarrassing.

Anyone in Marvel have a hole I can crawl into and hide for the near (and possibly distant) future?

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[Private to Selina K.]
[During reports of this.]

Hey, I think your green doctor friend is having some trouble.

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The one who was in the burning room with me.

Are you there?

[info]roomsdreams in [info]rooms

dreams: reveal

WHO: tied tight
WHAT: Reveals

It was out of his control )

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Marvel: News

[Early in the morning, New York City residents in and around Stark Tower report hearing what they describe as "a loud roar", followed by the tremors of a possible earthquake. Shortly thereafter, the reports switch to include broken glass and metal debris raining down to the street below the tower itself. A few calls to the police, from those people looking up at the right (or wrong) time, report something huge and green hurtling from one of the upper levels of the tower. Surprisingly, no other damage or injuries are reported within the city.]

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Donovans, Sam A, Cris M

[Donovan Lock]

Do me a favor and check in?

[Sam A]

How'd you fare, love?

[Cris M]

Good time or bad time?

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Tony S & Steve R, Bruce W

[Group lock: Tony S & Steve R]
Boys, I hear there's trouble?

[Locked to Bruce W]
Are you

[Nothing posted.]

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Evie S

[The note's left on the counter, come the morning after that dreaming nonsense. It's written real neat, and there's a real nice roll of hundreds pinning it down.]


Probably noticed, but Shane took off and Graham never did come when he said he would. Ain't got the slightest clue where Jack got to, and I'm a month behind on this place. Figured there'd be money coming in, but there ain't. Shane ain't inclined to stay where I'm at, and I'm done with these damn men and doing things to make it all fit some. Know this is real inconvenient for you and your girl, but you stay until they sell this place off cheap, and the money should help some after.

Graham'll probably stay with his cousin. Know there's room for you there. Always was, and I shouldn't have gone fussing with it any.

Clementine Murphy

[The keys are left with the note and the money, along with the realtor's card and showing schedule.]

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Cris M, Neil D

[Locked to Cris M]
I got doctor stuff today, but want to meet up after for a few minutes? If you're not busy or whatever.

[Locked to Neil D]
Don't even try it, yeah?

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[locked to batfam+]

I'm going to presume we all experienced something similar last night. Is everyone alright?

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dreams ; reveal

WHO The Magician's Daughter
WHAT A reveal.
WARNING Implied violence, dark thoughts.
She awoke with the blood still splattered across her cheek. )

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Who: Meredith Janssen
What: A narrative.
Where: The Venetian
When: After the dream
Warnings/Rating: None

It ended the same place where it began, back at the Venetian )

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Before chipmunk karaoke? Fucking bullshit.

[info]recursion in [info]rooms


I went to sleep in Seattle. GPS shows I am now here in New York City?

Is this normal?

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Peggy C, Sharon C, James B, Tony S, Flash T, Gwen S, Matt M, Natasha R, Avengers+

[After falling asleep in the middle of all of his previous conversations, and just after seeing Selina's post (and the news).]

[Locked to Peggy C]
Did you make it through okay?

[Locked to Sharon C]
Well. That was fun.

[Locked to James B]
Hey, how was it?

[Locked to Tony S]
I was going to ask you about your dream, but maybe I should save it.

[Locked to Flash T]
I'm sorry I lost you in that conversation. Are you doing alright?

[Locked to Gwen S]
How are you doing, Gwen?

[Locked to Matt M]
That was the hotel.

[Locked to Natasha R]
Doing okay, Nat?

[Locked to Avengers+: Tony S + Bruce B + Thor + Natasha R + Clint B + James B + Peggy C + Sharon C + Wanda M + Billy K + Peter P, ETA: Teddy A, Bobbi M]
I hope everyone made it out the other side alright. You might've heard about the Hulk. We're looking for him now.

[info]roomsdreams in [info]rooms

[Public, Anonymous]

If you met Death and he was kind of a dick, [...] my bad.

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Locks and Public!

[Steve R - After seeing the news]

I would have thought by now someone would have arranged a playdate for us. But it would seem everyone is a little shy, or there's some secret competition for best hair, or best legs, going on and everyone knew I'd be a shoe in so they decided to keep me at arms length. Sheisty Avengers that they are.

Hi, I'm Bobbi Morse, codename Mockingbird, Also Agent 19, also an Avenger and technically the "co-leader" of the West Coast Avengers, but we all know I'm actually in charge. Clint is just there to look grouchy.

Before arriving here in weird hotel land I was doing some hard time undercover within a HYDRA cell that was parked inside SHIELD, that's kind of my specialty, the undercover bit.

Abilities: numerous and awesome. Brains: PhD in Biology, but you don't have to call me Doctor. I'm a trained SHIELD agent, etc etc etc. Brawn: Hand to hand combat queen, I'm the tallest gymnast you'll ever meet (six feet tall barefoot, you should see me in my gogo boots), preferred weapons are Dolly and Liza which aren't your every day batons, but I'll show you what they can do later.

Super Powers: None. But....Enhancements - this is where it gets a little tricky, you might understand tricky better than most, being Captain America and all.

I got injured on a mission a few years back, so rather than, you know, letting nature take its course they injected me with an experimental serum which was a mixture of Super Soldier Serum (yes that stuff) and Infinity Serum (do they have that where you come from?).

Good news: injuries healed, no wrinkles (I'm older than I look - don't worry you still win the age and beauty contest), I can throw cars.

Bad news: we're not sure yet. None to speak of thus far. But I'm skeptical, there's always bad news. I'm keeping an eye on it. Blood tests etc. I didn't give the okay for this. Was not pleased. But I'm mostly over it, and hey, I can throw cars. Not as far as you can. But I'm working on it. Also enhanced agility, etc.

I can also tie a cherry stem in a knot with my tongue.

Why am I telling you all this? Because I want to help my friend who is currently big and green. We have a matinee schedule to stick to. And it's my turn to pick. I was going to take him to see Fury Road, but I'm thinking given the current situation we should stick to Dreamworks. Or something really boring. I'm sure Nicholas Sparks has a crapfest out. It's summer. OH! Tomorrowland looks good too.

So, if you need help, I'm around to help. If you need references, Nat, Clint, Sharon, Dr. B (when he's mellower), and all animals love me.

Oh! I used to be married to Clint. But don't hold that against me in the brains department. ;)

Other talents include talking a lot and karaoke.

[Clint B]

Hey, Sport.

[Natasha R]

OMG I had residual Nat jealousy in my not!Dream. It's been a while. Like years. Lets hug. Later because we seem to have a Hulk issue that I am butting my way into whether anyone likes it or not. But lets hug.

[Public - And not anon]

Where's my duet partner?

[info]jazzhands in [info]rooms

public, max m, daniel w, aubrey r


You were dead, I was drunk, I think we pawned the tab off on the grim reaper because I don't remember paying. Unless you're still dead... in which case, I'll keep the grim reaper jokes to myself.

[Individually locked to Max M, Daniel W, Aubrey R.]
Mandatory mental health check-in.

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Call: Teddy A

[As soon as he steps out into the daylight from the dark of the hotel.]


[info]goodforalaugh in [info]rooms

Gotham: News

[Gothamites regular television programming is interrupted by Breaking News. The Joker has been moved from Arkham Asylum to Gotham City General Hospital this morning for an unscheduled, emergency surgery. There is no official statement on the state of his injuries at first, but by the afternoon one station gets the inside scoop from an Arkham orderly. The Joker was discovered in his cell this morning with a screwdriver lodged in his chest. Although the criminal was unresponsive, a representative for the Gotham Police ensures that the clown will be under heavily armed guard until he is stable enough to return to Arkham. The entire hospital seems to be on edge. If this is an escape attempt, it is an elaborate one.]

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Hello world! Re-intro post Song Mingmei

Hello everyone! It's been a long time, shouldn't have left you, left you without a doubt...

maybe not that song!

But hello! It is good to be back in the United States and it's good to be back after a holiday, too. Looks like I missed some fun. I think there may be new faces out there for me to meet. Ni hao! I'm Song Mingmei, but Mingmei is just lovely.

Someone tell me that Kitane hasn't left again?

[info]mcrory in [info]rooms

Daniel W, public

[Locked to Daniel W]
So, I died. hbu?

[Locked after he gets a response.]

Dear Frankenstein's monster/Rick Grimes' vengeful soul in a meatsuit,

Please don't slit my throat ever again. That was a one-time deal.

Your friend in sin,
Lin, who is not, in fact, a priest (but maybe a poet lol), and really, really hates the fact that he was, even for one night

P.S. That was fucked up.
P.P.S. I'm not saying you're fucked up. Just that that was.
P.P.P.S. Though, tbf, I'm fucked up too and I totally let you slice my deep pamal arch and associated lumbricals just so I could hold your hand, so hey.

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[Sharon C., Sam A.]

[Sharon C.]

Are you alright, Sharon? I don't think I care for this hotel.

[Sam A.]

Hello. Did you have a dream, too?

[And after some thought. James B.]

James. I had a nightmare you fell.

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[info]likeaspider in [info]rooms

spidey kids, public

[locked to gwen s., flash t., mj w., harry o. (individually)]

So, this time it was weird dreams. You okay?


[Pfffft anon.]

Hey, lady in the cage I let out. You there?

[info]setbacks in [info]rooms

alexander m, clementine m

[Locked to Alexander M.]
Doing the big brother thing. Are you alright?

[Locked to Clementine M.]
Taking a couple days vacation time, getting out of the city.

[info]saltedand in [info]rooms

Tony S

[Shortly after the glass breaks]

Please tell me you came out of that ready to deal with the current situation. Because there is one.

[info]roomsdreams in [info]rooms


You were going to eat me. In a church.

[info]roomsdreams in [info]rooms

[narrative - reveal]

What: Waking up
When: Immediately post-plot
Warnings: None

What happens when nightmares wake? )

[info]infishnets in [info]rooms

Eddie N, Bruce W, Louis D

[Eddie N]

I've dream-walked. That wasn't that.

[Bruce W]

The magic here is something else.

[Louis D]

Louis. I hope you did not dream of what came before.

[info]roomsdreams in [info]rooms

Narrative - Reveal

Go on take the money and run )

[info]innumerable in [info]rooms

Clementine M, Graham R, Louis D + Sam A

[He was so supposed to be drunk. Fucking hotel.]

[Locked to Clementine M]
fuck you at, Peaches?

[Locked to Graham R]
you knock anyone up this time, asshole?

[Locked to Louis D + Sam A]
fucking count your limbs and tell me you're okay or whatever

[info]roomsdreams in [info]rooms

public, posted anon.

To the guy in the cave, thanks for the rabbit and all, but if I get rabies I'm gonna be fuckin pissed.

[info]handlewithcare in [info]rooms

Clementine M; Wren H/Luke H

[Clementine M]

I'm sorry that things didn't work out. I have to take the money you left, I normally don't do things like that. It was really nice what you tried to do, I know what it's like to try and fix fucking everything and not being able to. The world would be a whole lot better if people would just do what they were told.

Thank you for helping us.

[Wren H/Luke H]

We have to move.

[info]roomsdreams in [info]rooms

Reveal + Public

The theaters were long past, the act continued without pageantry for a ticket-price )



[info]hauntedsoul in [info]rooms

clem m., jake r., penny r., evie s.

[Before going to visit Shane.]

[locked to clem m.]

[Oblivious.] you get through it okay? and i'm going to see shane, just so you know.

[locked to jake r., penny r., evie s. (individually)]

you okay?

[info]roomsdreams in [info]rooms

narrative: reveal

What: Rise and shine
When: After the dreams
Warnings: None

It was almost funny how things came round full circle. )

[info]roomsdreams in [info]rooms

Public, Anon

If I snapped at you about little green men, I'm sorry. Thank you for your patience with me.

[info]author in [info]rooms

[public, trystan c]


The hotel never fails to disappoint, does it?

[Locked to Trystan C]

Come over?

[info]sybarite in [info]rooms

gwen s, mj w

[Locked to Gwen S.]
I need to talk to you.

[Locked to MJ W]
Is this some kind of [He erases, leaving a telltale smudge of graphite on the page.]

[info]roomsdreams in [info]rooms




[info]thelazarus in [info]rooms

[locks to dick g, gwen s, tony s]

[locked to dick g]

Hey, how'd you make out?

[locked to gwen s]

You okay?

[locked to tony s]

Have good dreams last night?

[info]alibi in [info]rooms

Louis D, Penny R, Luke H, Neil D

[From the bar, while he waits for Sam.]

[Locked to Louis D]
You get outta that basement, then this, huh? You need some luck, asere.

[Locked to Penny R]
That was messed up.

[Locked to Luke H]
Hey, [...] you and your people make it through the night good?

[Locked to Neil D]
You and me gotta talk. I'm gonna call you tomorrow or something, and you're gonna pick up, or I'm gonna come find you.

[info]alibi in [info]rooms

Doc, Marvel: Cris M/Penny R

Who: Cris Martin-Argüelles & Penny Ross
What: drinkin' & talkin'
Where: hole-in-the-wall bar in the Bronx
When: now
Warnings/Rating: language at least, some talk of assault

Still too much denim, too little fringe covering bellies convex with drink, too much drugstore lipstick smeared outside linea lips, and onea the last places in the world you could smoke inside. )

[info]agoodman in [info]rooms


[Only ansuz in what looks to be blood.]

[info]thecalibrations in [info]rooms



This is what I get for complaining about never going anywhere nice.