December 2015





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February 24th, 2015

[info]gloam in [info]rooms

Flash T, Peter P

[During this.]

[Locked to Flash T]
Don't ignore me, Flash Thompson. I know you have to stop to rest at some point. Do you need help? Do you need supplies? Do I need to scream at you for going off without telling me, or should I save that for later?

[Locked to Peter P]
Hey, bug boy. Got a minute?

[info]redhooded in [info]rooms

[public, as Red]

This isn't what I asked for!

[info]felinesque in [info]rooms

narrative: black cat.

WHO Felicia Hardy.
WHAT Cat on the prowl.
WHEN Monday Night.
WHERE Manhattan, Marvel.
WARNING thievery~
She had other, more productive ways of scratching her itch and curing that tedium, too.  )

[info]felinesque in [info]rooms

news: new york city, marvel.

[Early Tuesday morning, a seemingly random string of jewelry store burglaries are reported to corresponding precincts across the city. Nothing is thought of it at first, nothing more than petty crime, until footage is reviewed, and a woman of the same description is spotted at all the crime scenes. Gray hair, black around the eyes, skintight suit, she's described as a knockout by various news sources. The internet explodes with theories and pervy fantasies and a mix of haters and fans. The Black Cat, as she's so aptly named, is on the tongue of most of the city as the day progresses.]

[info]hauntedsoul in [info]rooms

jake r., jack c.

[fuzzy timelines.]

[locked to jake r.]

i know you don't want to talk to me none. you'll probably see this and ignore it, but listen, i just want to make sure you're okay. went looking but i ain't found you, guess that's clear. [...] just want you to know that things are gonna get better now. you'll see.

anyway. hope you're someplace safe. love you.

[locked to jack c.]

you hear from my boy any?

[info]propatria in [info]rooms

[locked to bruce b]

[Fuzzy timeline. The message is sent anonymously, though only in the sense that the name attached to the message has been carefully blacked out with pencil.]

Dr. Banner.